Tuesday at Sea 28 April 1789 — Captain Bligh’s day gets off to a bad start


(…) Just before Sunrise Mr Christian & The Master at Arms & several officers came into my cabbin while I was fast asleep’ and seizing me tyed my hands with a Cord & threatened instant death if I made the least noise’ I however’ having a reverie’ called sufficiently loud to alarm the officers’ who found themselves equally secured by Centinels at their Doors – There were now three men at my Cabbin Door & four inside (a) – Mr Christian had a Cutlass & the others were armed with Musquets & Bayonets – I was now carried on Deck in my shirt’ in torture with a severe bandage round my wrists behind my back’ where I found no man to rescue to me. (…)

Captain Bligh’s logbook, now online

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  1. 1 Rick McNay

    found 2 books ,one is a Bligh notebook and one is a Bligh log book. Both are hard copy . I dont know what to do with them.

  2. 2 Prof Serge Tcherkezoff

    Could you say more: “found” 2 books: in a bookshop, in the wooden box from some family heritage, or?
    If published books, could you give the reference. If not (and I guess when you say “note book”), is it manuscript???

  3. 3 David

    The logbook is offline! 🙁

  1. 1 gcaptain.com

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