Boats in Film (1)
The Talented Mr. Ripley

Once in a great while you will see an interesting boat in a movie.  The start of a continuing series.

In The Talented Mr. Ripley (links: book, movie), Tom Ripley is a poor ‘nobody’ who wishes he were the rich and handsome Dickie Greenleaf.  Dickie’s father lives on Park Avenue, and owns a boatyard.  Frankly, I’d be happy just having Dickie’s boat, seen here.   The setting is Italy in the early ’50s, the boat could be an S&S design, except perhaps for the smallish transom.  Can anyone tell me?

Tom spies Dickie’s boat from the beach, through binoculars.

Dickie and Marge swim from their mooring to the beach.ripley2.JPG

Two (too brief) scenes of daysailing.    



The big skiff with the little, unruly outboard (a Seagull, perchance?) in which Dickie meets his undeserved end.

9 Responses to “Boats in Film (1)
The Talented Mr. Ripley

  1. 1 christian

    Hi there, Knud Reimers build ships like this. Watch the link. The roof is not the same but maybe there are different models ( ). Also the Buchholz-Yard in Berlin build similar boats ( ). cheers chris

  2. 2 David

    Thanks Chirs for the pointers. Those are both beautiful, and affordible! It could be that the producers chartered a local European yacht for the film, though in the book it is implied that Dickie’s yacht comes from his father’s American yard.
    There is a similar wooden 40′ Hinckley for sale here in N. Cal for only $69,000 ( ). I saw her at a boat yard in Richmond, and she is also lovely, I wish I had the nerve to buy her!

  3. 3 TLH
  4. 4 RT

    The sailboat is a 39 ft Concordia Yawl Looks late 50″s early 60′s

  5. 5 J

    Where did you find the last pic of Dickie standing up in the little boat?


  6. 6 ed

    It’s not a yawl it’s a sloop.. and it looks smaller than 39 feet

    Having said that it looks alot like those Concordias perhaps the aft mast has been removed.

  7. 7 nik

    hi guy,
    i need to know which boat is that! i wan’t it! it’s wonderful. Please
    anyone know how much a boat like that
    i love that film

  8. 8 Charlie Wood

    The skiff where Dickie meets his end definitely had a 5hp British Seagull. I had the same engine and they all made that chuffing sound when they were shut off.

  9. 9 Steven Adams

    This is not a difficult boat to work out infact apart from looking at it’s design it also has a lot of info on it just online, it’s an SS 32.

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