Ulua progress @ 1 month + 1 day: 101st post to blog

We have made some progress now on the Ulua.  Today marks one month and one day on the project clock, and this is the 101st post to the blog.  It’s been great fun!

Laying out the plywood to cut planks for the strongback.  This was after we realized there was no way we could use the table saw for this.

Appropriate listening on the iPod while building.


Captain Blood monitors progress from the rafters.

Char and Avery provide refreshments.

Self portrait, MySpace style, with Norseboat centerboard.

Boat building with wahine power.

Dry fitting the strongback parts.

Completed main rail of strong back.  Next step: building the legs, setting up and leveling and measuring the runout to see how we really did.  Then, fab the cleats, mold extensions, the molds themselves, mold setup, the stems…

The shape of things to come.  Bead-and-cove cedar strips from BC Wood Strips, ready for shipping in the long cardboard tube.  They should be here in a week or so.

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