Girls Gone Grabblin’



Noodling, grabbling, call it what you will.  Fishing for catfish bare handed.  In Scotland and Northern England, it is called “guddling” [LINK].    Jacky teaches the D’s  to guddle or ‘tickle’  for trout in Arthur Ransome’s The Picts and the Martyrs.  What better pedigree for a sport could you ask?




Clip from Girls Gone Grabblin’ SFW

In the US, handcatching trout is illegle, not to mention much harder than it looks (I’ve tried).  Hard core good ol’ boys in Oklahoma and similar get down in rivers and pull out 100 lb cat fish.  Sometimes there is a beaver, snapping turtle, or cottonmouth in the hole instead of a fish, and sometimes the fisherman is trapped and drowns.  Seems sporting to me.  While mostly a guy-thing, girls can get into it as well, as the video attests.

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