Black Tot Day

rumtub.gifHats off all, and a moment of silence to commemorate a black, black day in nautical history.  For on this day in 1970 the Royal Navy stopped the 300-year-old practice of issuing noon spirts to crews around the world.   After “Black Tot Day” things just haven’t been the same.

Grog tub for mixing rum

Black Tot Day – July 31st, 1970, when the last “tot was drawn in the fleet around the globe; a rather touchy subject with the old and bold!”

 Half gill (2 oz) rum tot cup (replica)

2 Responses to “Black Tot Day”

  1. 1 M.W.Iliff

    Where can i get a tot cup

  2. 2 Andy Collin

    The Fleet Air Arm museum at RNAS Yeovilton have a stock, and sold to raise funds for the Historic Flight. Can be bought online!!
    Enjoy your rum!

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