Today’s (real live) mermaid

mermaid-tail.jpgDouble amputee Nadya Vessey will soon be able to swim like a mermaid with a specially-made tail that will let her propel herself through the water.
The keen swimmer is to be fitted with the “mermaid-style” tail made by the same special effects team behind blockbuster Lord of the Rings and King Kong.

Nadya was born with a condition that meant her legs would never develop properly, but despite having her first leg amputated at the age of seven has has continued swimming throughout her life.

The tail will be moulded on to a pair of wetsuit shorts to make it easy to put on and take off. Nadya says it will allow her to propel herself through the water with an undulating movement as if she was a mermaid.


“I’m thinking I’ll power on a bit with it, so that will be great.” she told New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times. Nadya says she’s even thinking of completing the swimming section of a triathlon using her new tail.

Work on the new tail will begin at the start of next year and Nadya has told the special effects team that she wants the finished tail to be both “beautiful and practical”.

“I began to feel a bit embarrassed about it. But then everybody else got so excited so I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll just go with it and see what happens’.”

“So I really have no idea what to expect but it’s going to be fun.”


1196 Responses to “Today’s (real live) mermaid”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    i hate mermaids 5uriwikfufsks

  2. 2 Anonymous

    hello are you really a mermaid coz i want to be one

  3. 3 laura abbott

    how did you become a mermaid?

  4. 4 Taylor

    are mermaids really real!!!!

  5. 5 daniella

    can you buy one of these tails because i realy want to be like a mermaid like in h20 just add water and if you can buy one of these tails where can you buy one of these

  6. 6 David

    Try FoxMoon Productions, good luck, send us a picture of yourself when you get it!



  7. 7 Amy

    omg! shes not gonna b a REAL mermaid she is getting the tail so she can swim…duh

  8. 8 Taylor

    I love to swim. So will u turn me in to 1. I am 9 years old

  9. 9 Aly

    Omg! I want one of thoses! Then I can pretent I’m a mermaid! Next, I need a pair of strap on dragon fly wings that will support people! Now I’m a fairy!!!

  10. 10 Charlotte

    Mermaids are real, even if they are pretty or ugly. I don’t care about the amount of people who dress up and pose to a camera to prove that mermaids are real. That’s not how it works. The little mermaid, H20:just add water and all the other mermaids programmes are just fake, but I’m not and I believe they ARE real.
    Please can You get back to me and tell me where you get one of them please.

  11. 11 paula

    hi i luv mermaids and have been searching for a waterproof tail online to swim in i think they are such facinating creatures

  12. 12 Daisy and lara

    I love to swim, can you keep a SECRETE? Me and lara are real mermaids, We go on holiday together and when we swim we ;love it,
    Se ya soon , From Daisy and lara

  13. 13 Daisy and lara

    SO do you belive us , when ever we touch water we turn in to one…

  14. 14 Daisy and lara


  15. 15 Daisy and lara

    WE are soooooooo lucky. yayyyyyyyyyyy

  16. 16 Daisy and lara

    Hi, It is Daisy and lara, AGAIN! Please do not tell any one about us.

    From your friends, Daisy and lara

  17. 17 Daisy and lara

    I bet you wish you were us you no, Mermaids

  18. 18 Daisy and lara

    We were only goking about us being mermaids, Fooled you, HA HA HAAAAAAAAA. Ok we are really mermaids, As i said please do not tell any one

  19. 19 Daisy and lara

    Oh come on, Is any one going to send any thing

  20. 20 Daisy and lara

    Oh come on, Is any one going to send any thing because i am soooooo
    bord waiting for people to send in something

  21. 21 Daisy and lara


  22. 22 Daisy and lara


  23. 23 Daisy and Lara

    La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. 24 Daisy and Lara

    Hi it is Daisy.

  25. 25 Daisy and Lara

    Hi it is Daisy and lara
    I will be coming on here for a while sooo if you do not like it then get a life because i am using mine, Because i have one.
    We are only 9 years old
    From Daisy and lara

  26. 26 Daisy and Lara

    I like chocolate, Creamy creamy Chocalate, All of the world is made of chocolate, Thats why i like it, Chocolate sugar, Chocolate suger
    Suger suger sugerrrrrrrrr
    By Daisy and Lara, Age 9

  27. 27 Daisy and Lara

    This is Daisy and Lara Here
    We always swim in PUBLIC

  28. 28 tj

    hi my name is tj i am a boy 9 years old NOT LIEING I AM A MERMAID

  29. 29 Elle

    You guys are just a little odd…;) but i really want a fake tail too!

  30. 30 Eils

    were can u get a CHEAP mermaid tail because i went on foxmoon and there tails r quite expecive

  31. 31 siren

    i was a mermaid and now am human, i preferred it when i was a mermaid as this world of yours is wierd, its so full of hate. i have made a proposal of transforming back into a mermaid. ps:its a myth that mermaids have long blonde hair,my hair is long but black.

  32. 32 h2o

    hi im h2o although i changed my name to courtney im 12 i am half salmon ! a.k.a mermaid

  33. 33 alexa stone

    OK u guys are really weird especially daisy and lara person

    Mermaids are not real and even though u guys say u are u really arent and if u are and im wrond lets see a picture ! then we will have proof !

  34. 34 Daisy and Lara

    Hi Alexa Stone… You Do not no if we are mermaids… and all the people i no can spell…….

  35. 35 Connor and Drake

    Hay Alexa Stone… I am Daisy’s Boy friend conor… And I am Lara’s Boyfriend Drake.. DO NOT BE SO RUDE TO THEM!!!

  36. 36 anna

    Hello evry1. My name is anna.Daisy and lara no offence, but how can we know if you are mermaids? Anyone can say anything
    like, I could say I’m the lochness monster dosen’t mean I am. If I were a mermaid I’d make pretty sure no-one knew.
    Like you said keep it secret but this is on google- the whole world can see it. But I guess it depends how many people beleive you. Byeeeeee!

  37. 37 Daisy and Lara

    Hi Anna.We were only playing a joke… We are soooo not mermaids. Oh and Alexa stone… We are very Sorry if we corsed any trouble… We are the sort of Girls who like to play a joke but we don’t want to make any one feel upset…
    From your friends Daisy and Lara…….

  38. 38 Sarah

    Hey every1!! I think tails r a reli kwl idea.. bt the fing is is i can neva c underwater as im allergict 2 the stuffs they make gogles out of.. ne1 know of nething else that helps u c in water ?
    Thanks soooo muchies xxxxxxxx

  39. 39 aimy

    iya were can i get one of them tail omg i have been looking every were 4 one hehe cab u tell me plz love aimy xx

  40. 40 amberlea

    don’t ya just love the program H2O just add water on sunday the 2nd of march it is my birthday eve me and my BBFL – best bud for life – megan price are going altontowers waterpark and were gonna swim like emma ricky and cleo who are mermaids well i hope you all have good birthdays thanks for reading luv amberlea

  41. 41 amberlea

    hey type in and become a member my username is amberlea123 come on i need more friends on my list oh and don’t worry it’s free

  42. 42 anna

    H20 is part of my life!!! I never missed an episode and I even made a piczo website of my own called:
    I’m jus about 2 check out
    who is ur fav character in h20 i dunno but i think emma
    though I am most like cleo, I’m very bossy!!

  43. 43 anna

    I just checked it out. what is this site?

  44. 44 Tyoka

    if you have pair of flippers and bit sewing experience and trucload of imagination and some lycra that doesent bend much you can make your wery own mermaid tail. I did and it works! well… for me atleast I think I used bit too rought material.

  45. 45 Tayla.xo

    Well im half whale and im friends with jodie the shark, sophie the salmon and sophie the seal. haaaaaa

  46. 46 Natasha

    im a real mermaid and so is my friend because we went in the sea at full moon when we were 5 and the moon went over us the water bubbled we got powers and a tail.

    i am now nine shes 8.

    its hard keeping the secret if we tell are powers and tail disapear for ever its only ok if we write it down and don’t speak it out.

    please belive me. its true

  47. 47 natasha

    when we touch water are tails apear when we get dry they disapear

  48. 48 maddy

    ireally really want to become a mermaid!!!! but how?????

  49. 49 Riann

    hi i think everyone who says they are mermaids are idiots. oh and by the way anna your website is boring see ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  50. 50 Eils



  51. 51 leanne

    i wish i knew how to be a mermaid. it would be great if you touched water and 10 seconds later you have a tail and then when your dry your a human again. that would be sooooo cool.xxxxx

  52. 52 Aqua

    mermaid lovers should go to http://www.mermaid lovers .com dugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 53 Melody

    Hi .. people. i wanna tell you guys something, at the full moon night… mermaids will surely appear.. I stay in Hawaii.. I saw them before.. but i didn’t see their faces. but the hair is so long!! I don’t think they are gentle! if you want to see them , come to Hawaii!!

    If you don’t belive me… …. Nevermind….. but i am telling the TRUTH.

  54. 54 zouba

    hi always i like to swim and when i touch the water i feel with a wonderfull feeling
    just try it when you are closing your eyes

  55. 55 chloe

    hi i am a mermaid i have a real tail and i can tell u evrything

  56. 56 Ocatvina

    im a real mermaid. My name is Ocatvina. My color is orange. have any question’s? ask me! i know where u can bye fake tails!

  57. 57 Ocatvina

    hey im jalo. Im a real mermaid im 17 years old. Do you want to be a mermaid? say the spell i type down below:

    water water all around i do not want to walk on ground!, i think that i know how to swim, turn me in to a she not into a mermaid HIM!!!! (thank u all)

  58. 58 Jodie

    I want one please can you get one for me if you can email me at because iv wanted to be a mermaid when i tuched warter forever

  59. 59 zouba

    hi ocatvina; thank you for this sentence ,but when i read it no thing happened; i think that it wrong, please tell me the right one.
    thank you!

  60. 60 zouba

    hi daisy and lara, from the first time i know that it was a joke , but you play it good , nice joke!!!
    keep doing!!!!

  61. 61 Taylar

    I so Love Mermaids and so does my cousin Tara and I’ll Love to be one.

    P.S are Mermaids real or not?
    I’ve been watching H2O-Just add Water and i know of cause they are fake but i’m not sure if Mermaids are?

  62. 62 Taylar

    I heard a Fisherman saw a real live Mermaid in Sea when he was out catching fish, P.S Since scientific People know about alot of things could they tell if that is real, or if they have wrote reports on that

  63. 63 Taylar

    Hey Ocatvina, tell me where you get fake tails [I want 1]

  64. 64 Taylar

    Hi Chloe can u give me some advice about a Mermaid and about the tail and what 2 eat[i need to know!

  65. 65 zouba

    hi every 1 ! if any 1 want a picture about real mermaid . add me on this email “”“” then i well send to him !!
    by by

  66. 66 Abigail

    Hey guys i am a mermaid or not… tell me what u think about

  67. 67 Melody

    Hi.Taylar! mermaids are real. In Hawaii u can see them sometimes…and the fake tails are sold in Hawaii a lot. I have one , if you want, in Hawaii its so cheap.

  68. 68 Melody

    Hey..guys! I have an Idea.. if you want to be a mermaid, in full moon night, go near to the sea and wish that you want to be a mermaid… if you are a good girl or a good boy and you are honest .. and if you really really likes mermaids, its will come true one day…….

  69. 69 catrina

    hi I love mermaids

  70. 70 catrina

    i think mermaids are cool. I am 9. Plese e mail back

  71. 71 AquaMarine

    Hi Guys i’m new to this, but i really believe in mermaids! If anyone wants a pretty good source (i think) go to your local book store and find a book called the secret world of… they have mermaids, faries and unicorns i have all 3 and they come with four figues too.
    Well bye for now.

  72. 72 ricardo

    hi.Melody. I live in Hawaii too.. I saw mermaid in Hawaiians Paradise .. I believe you.By the way, Where do you live?? so we can spy mermaids together.!!! I luv them!!

  73. 73 Melody

    I live in Hamoa… We can only spy them in full moon night… PS: I live in Hawaii but I can’t speak Hawaiian… coz I am from U.K..

  74. 74 sharna

    me and my cousin are really getting into thinking mermaids are real i would love to have a fake tail and a h20 locket thats all were asking for.

  75. 75 Diana

    Mermaids do not exist.!!

  76. 76 Diana

    They are fake because no one has seen one or no one has put it on news so they are fake!!!!

  77. 77 summer

    can u really do that cause if its true i want one i have always wanted to be a mermaid my whole life

  78. 78 zouba

    hi daisy and lara i like your way of talking and joking ! !!
    keep on it ! and do not stop !!
    don’t cut us !!!! ok!!
    i love mermaid !!!!

  79. 79 zouba

    i like mermaid ! my large dream is to be a mermaid or to see it .
    please some one tell me how!
    note: iam from lebanon

  80. 80 valorie bermudez

    hi im 9 becoming 10 and iso wanna become a mermaid.ive been searching for real mermaids on ship with my dad,mom,grandma,sister and stepbrother for 2 weeks for a early vacation and in no sight of a mermaid.the best ive from my freinds grandma thats was a real mermaid is to mix your d.n.a with fish d.n.a then drink it or stick it in your mouth.i would recemedened to drink it.and guesse what.i tried and now im a 9 year old mermaid so never let some one say that something you wanna be woulnt come true. cause i been through it and they were wrong because i became a try it nand i bet you will become a mermaid just like me.but for a warning dont let anybody know your a mermaid only very close freinds that you know that wont tell.because i was exposed and i know im writing to show that im a mermaid but i can deal with it because im being every secound so thats why im posting this.oh and now im rich.good luck i bet youll become amermaid just follow these intructions and watch the show h20 on nick at about 7:30 every night.bye.

  81. 81 Renee

    i love mermaids and realy, realy, realy wont to be one!

  82. 82 Renee

    if that fish dna mix thing works,
    where do you get fish DNA from?

  83. 83 Renee

    i realy want to see a mermaid but i dont live in hawiee, do ya think you could see them elsewhere?

  84. 84 lol and elz

    hi u r NOT mermaids ….
    9 yr old persons
    WE ARE !!!

  85. 85 lol and elz


  86. 86 Beth

    hi loz and elz but how do you no if they don’t egsist you’ve never seen one! HAAAAAAAAA

  87. 87 yasmeen

    hey i belive that i could be a mermaid

  88. 88 bob

    Is she really real? someone send me the picture of died mermaid,I saw and scared to saw.OK…..

  89. 89 Aquagurl45

    Just to let you know you don’t have to see a mermaid in order to know that they are real! My cousin and I have always believed that someday there will be a BIG discovery about mermaids and so we’re just waiting patiently. Anyway, you can make your own tail or fin, whatever, with cloth and some nice sewing skills and some plastic for the bottom flippers. And ,by the way, you can be a mermaid, just not phisically, just mentally. Anyways, bye!

  90. 90 zouba

    hi , yes me yo i saw a picture of a died mermaid , it was so scared , i dont advice any one to them , they are not like cartoon .

  91. 91 the mermaid

    Hey everyone
    Anyone who loves mermaids
    send a message to me
    my friend and i know where to get those mermaid tails
    cause my big bro works for h2o so he gives us free tails

  92. 92 Aqaugurl45

    You don’t always have to buy a tail, you can make your own, like I said before. Anyways, mermaids are real! Just like the Easter bunny! LOL, JK. BYE!

  93. 93 Aquagurl45

    This lady is REALLY cool. I want a tail made specially for me! BYE!

  94. 94 Mermaids

    like I said before i know where to get those tails
    if you want one tell me on this site and i will tell you where top get them

  95. 95 Beth

    i belive in mermaids so i want a tail!

  96. 96 Aquagurl45

    Beth, or whoever you are, you can make your own tail you know. Or you can just buy one at that h2o store everyone’s talking about. But anyway, BYE all!

  97. 97 ricardo

    melody! can you give me your email address. mine is

  98. 98 melody
  99. 99 Amy

    Hi is there anywhere where I can get a mermaid tail in NZ if amyone knows can you please email me my email address is

  100. 100 Aquagurl45

    Hey, you ‘mermaids’ person. I mean this is directed to you. Do you know where you can get a tail in Arizona? My cous and I want one, and our parents are too lazy to help us make ours. Do you?

  101. 101 Diana

    People mermaids are not real they are fake if you see one and you say your one then show us a picture that proves that they are real SO GET USE TO IT!

  102. 102 Aquagurl45

    Diana, if that’s even your real name, stop squashing everyone’s enthusiasim. Just because you say that mermaids aren’t real doesn’t mean they aren’t. I’m a mermaid, but not physically, I just feel like one every time I touch or see water. So stop being rude, and just stop ruining it for the rest of us, ok?

  103. 103 Aquagurl45

    Hey everybody! If you want to e-mail me, just e-mail it to But don’t send anything bad. OK? Have fun! Bye!

    (P.S. You can e-mai me anytime, just don’t tell anyone else my e-mail address ok? Bye again

  104. 104 ola

    i believe in mermaids and i want to be one like in h2o jest add water

  105. 105 raq

    come on,daisy and lara,your so stupid, your right,if you 2 are mermaids then im a flying mermaid.oh, and secret is not spelt with an e at the end.

  106. 106 Aquagurl45

    Hey you ‘RAQ’ person, they said they were just joking so just bug off! And ‘secret’ can be spelled with and ‘e’ at the end if they want to spell it that way! So just, like I said, BUG OFF!

  107. 107 Aquagurl45

    And anyone can e-mail me as long as you don’t put in like really rude things. So anyway, BYE!

  108. 108 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everyone! Someone talk to me! I’m bored! Bye!

  109. 109 Aquagurl45

    Hey everybody! Someone needs to talk to me! PLEASE! I want to talk to someone! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I’m SO bored!

  110. 110 Aquagurl45

    oh yeah, guess what? I checked out the Foxmoon products and they were LAME! I made my own tail that was WAY better that what they make. Anyway, someone talk to me or send me an e-mail or something! Ok, bye!

  111. 111 princess

    i alwys want to be a mermaid. We have a pool and i swim like the mermaids on h2o and i keep geting faster i can swim the pools length once in about 20 secs its amazing.but because its getting cold now i miss the water so much i can never get enough of it

    im 12

  112. 112 David

    Mermaid Fans,

    When you comment, PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR EMAIL, that way your comment will get posted right away (after the first one is approved). The email is not published publicly.

    Otherwise, I have to approve every comment before they are visible. This is to stop spam.

    Thanks, and glad you all are so interested!



  113. 113 aqua

    heeyyy..i am aqua..i am writing from my daddys under water sea lab..i am a mermaid..u might not believe me so dont but i am telling u the truth…bye …efffsssauuujshj..thats mermaid signal for bye

  114. 114 Aquagurl45

    Hey you person who is using the name ‘princess’, I’m 12 too! But turning thirteen in about 2 more months! I feel just the same! My cousin, she has a pool, and every time I get to see her, I want to swim SO bad! Sometimes I go in the water and ignore the coldness because I’m so glad that I can feel the water again! Anyway, talk back to me! Bye!

  115. 115 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everybody! Who here believes that mermaids REALLY do exist? I know I do. Whoever you are, that uses the name Aqua, I kind of believe you but also I kind of don’t. If you really are a mermaid, you should e-mail me and show me a picture. But I’m not trying to be rude. Ok? Bye!

    (P.S My e-mail is above.)

  116. 116 you dont need to no

    hey everyone

    i really want to be a mermaid. but what happens if i become 1 and then when i go swimming in a public pool what will they think i would try anythink to become a mermaid but how. help me i have seen H2O and it really bugs me cause i dnt no if they r real or not so tell me the truth

  117. 117 Natasha

    Im desprite to be a mermaid does any one know.

  118. 118 Natasha

    well the girls on h2o are not real its a costume if you look carefully you may see a part of a zip.

  119. 119 Natasha

    by the way on h2o is mako and the moon pool real because it bugs me if it is or not im sooooooooooooo desperite

  120. 120 Natasha

    if i ever become a mermaid do i swim in the ocean.

  121. 121 princess

    to aqua girl45

    i feel like a mermaid and i want to be one .i believe i am because i can go so fast and i used to hate water but i love it now i drink so much. im going to bye a mermaid costume to get used to have heavy wait on me like a tail

    do u live in dubbo aquagirl45?

  122. 122 Aquagurl45

    To princess

    Where is Dubbo? But wherever it is no I don’t live there. I live in AZ: Arizona. I made my own tail before and I went SO fast in it! I could swim from one end of my cousin’s pool to the other in like 10 seconds! But you can e-mail me if you want to. I believe I’m a mermaid because every time I see or touch water, I get this little tingle like a electricity or something. Anyway see ya!

  123. 123 Natasha

    can you by a tail like on h2o or become one like on h2o.Does any one know how there powers work.

  124. 124 Aquagurl45

    Well, Chleo can move water, Ricky can heat water and Emma can freeze it. Does that answer your question?

  125. 125 Aquagurl45

    Hello again everyone! You know that you can get your comment posted right awya if you put your e-mail in the little bar thing? Well, see ya later!

  126. 126 princess

    aqua gurl i hav to meet u .well i think we cind of
    feel a tickle or something and i cant swim fast doing backstroke or anything on can swim fast and greacefully as a mermaid.

  127. 127 Aquagurl45

    Princess, what state do u live in? Remember you can always e-mail me at instead of having to type it all in here. Anyways, I love to swim! I’ve been swimming ever since I was like, 3. Anyway, talk back to me! Bye!

  128. 128 princess

    hi i dont think ill be able to email u to u when i check this ok

  129. 129 Alex

    I am a real mermaid. Dont say no because my mom can prove it to u! I can hold my breath under water for a whole year.

    From The Mermaid Alex

  130. 130 aqua

    hello aquagurl45 its me again …aqua im sry but i cant find ur email becuz it does not get published could u pleez write it down for me.thank u i would really appreciate it so i can show u a picture of myself..efffsssauuujshj that means bye.write bak

    sincerely aqua^

  131. 131 Aquagurl45

    Hi Aqua. R u the same persone that used the username ‘princess’? And if you are my e-mail is But if you aren’t, then who r u? You can e-mail me any time though. I check my e-mails every day, so I won’t miss it. OK, thanx, bye!

  132. 132 Aquagurl45

    Hey whoever is using the name ‘ Alex’, I don’t believe you. No one can hold their breath for a year. The longest record is 6 and a half minutes. But that was by some lady who had practiced since she was like, 3. So I doubt that you could hold your breath longer than her. But I’m not trying to be rude, ok?

  133. 133 Amayah

    hi i need info to become a mermaid

  134. 134 jamie

    Hi im jamie im a mermaid not lieing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. 135 Aquagurl45

    jamie or whoever you are, I’m a mermaid too. But I don’t mean physically, if u know what I mean. But I don’t believe that u could possibly be a mermaid with fins and stuff. U may be in ur mind but….Anyways, bye ya’ll!

  136. 136 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everyone! Amayah, you can make your own fin, or you can just buy one if you don’t want to go through all the sewing and stuff. I don’t know about becoming a REAL mermaid, but those other two things work as far as I know.

  137. 137 ariel12

    Hey dasiy and lara you guys are lying and im ariel not the girl from little mermaid but im a mermaid and its impossebe to become one your just born with it or you can try to get water put salt in it and drink it and take a shower or bath with it and this spell and you have to spin and say it then quikly take a long shower/bath which ever works the spell is

    here is what i want is to be a mermaid now now now

    and while you do that sprinke salt on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. 138 Aquagurl45

    to Ariel12
    I doubt that the spell even works. I’ll try it though and I’ll write back l8ter if it does or doesn’t. But I’m pretty sure that it won’t.

  139. 139 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everyone, it’s me! If that other spell doesn’t work, you can try this one while you are swimming or taking a bath/shower. It goes:
    Water, water all around I do not want to walk on the ground
    Please grant my only wish, Please turn me part human
    And part fish!
    ( I don’t know if it works, but when I was thinking of mermaids, it just popped into my head. Try it while you are drinking some salt water. But like I said, I don’t know if it will work or not.)

  140. 140 Aquagurl45

    I tried that one spell, Ariel12, and it didn’t work. But that’s because I’m already a mermaid. If you don’t believe me that’s fine. I wasn’t even supposed to say that I was. But anyway, don’t believe me. That’s ok with me. Bye!

  141. 141 princess

    i am not aqua ok

  142. 142 princess

    im not tying to be rood.who here is a mermaid 4

  143. 143 akumi

    o.k o.k, seriously no joking around r u a mermaid or not! and if u r why go public with it, i mean why put it on the internet where the whole world can see?

  144. 144 akumi

    p.s if u r plz show some poof! to me though if u want to keep it a secret. plz write back

  145. 145 Aquagurl45

    I’m a mermaid, NOT LIEING!I don’t want to show a picture because I’d like to keep it private but I’m telling you all because I know that you won’t believe me.
    Tjis is to ‘princess’
    I knew that you probably weren’t aqua because of the e-mails I got from her. Anyway, you can e-mail me if you want to.

    Anyways, bye ya’ll!

  146. 146 amanda

    hi guys i soooooo wish i was a mermaid! but it would b quite annoying if you could never go swimming in public!
    write me back!
    luv yas!

  147. 147 amanda

    by d way princes is prices ur real name? cool if it is!


  148. 148 amanda

    If u realy r mermaids that is sooooooooooooooooo cool i wish i was 1! but i dont mean 2 burst ur bubble or anyting but i dont think u actualy r and if u r then why go public!
    but seriously i WISH WISH WISH WISH i was 1!
    luv ya’s! mandy!

  149. 149 Aquagurl45

    This is to amanda
    I am a real mermaid, but that’s ok if you on’t believe me. I went public with it because most of you guys won’t belive me.. That’s why. And also to see if you would belive me or not. But I’m a mermaid. NOT LIEING! Bye y’all!

  150. 150 jess

    show the tail then i will belive it?????????????????????

  151. 151 jess

    i belive in them sooooo much i wont to be one. lots and lots.

  152. 152 Aquagurl45

    This is to jess
    Were you talking to me when you said’ show the tail’? If you were, I can’t on here. And I want to keep it all private. So……
    Anyway, Bye y’all!

  153. 153 mike

    Hey all you dumb asses who think she is a real mermaid but she is not. She is just using it to swim DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Get a life the closest you will get to a mermaid is the show H2O and even that is fake. YOu people are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. 154 Rage

    in my life i have seen 3 living mermaids. Nadya I wish u all the best with ur tail, but watch out the real one’s my mistake you 4 a lost mer. They may try to get u to swim with them. if so SHHHH on where u found them, or they found u. Be there trusted friend and keep a silent voice about there names,area. Let them trust u and trust in them.

    p.s Daisy and Lara never herd of u 2 before

  155. 155 jess

    mermaids are soooo amazing i love to be one

  156. 156 Aquagurl45

    This is to Mike


  157. 157 lillymay


  158. 158 kayla

    i think that is so cool!!!! if some one asked me do i think this should be five stars i would say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. 159 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everyone it’s me! kayla, I agree with you. I think this should actually be, like, 50 million stars! Anyway, bye ya’ll!

  160. 160 Aquagurl45

    Can someone else please talk on here besides me? This is getting boring! SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :(

  161. 161 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everybody, it’s me! :) Someone else NEEDS to talk! Bye ya’ll!

  162. 162 semimer

    Iam real mermaid and do have magic my tail is purple my shirt is scale and purple to i can change my tail and shirt to purple or blue my tail and my shirt sparkle and glitter but only turn into a merboy when i touch water and 4 seconds later blue or purple sparkles come around me and i turn into one i get ro chose which color i just have to think it also i control water i can heat and freeze it i am not lying i am a real merboy (oh no my sister is here and a clumsy girl she is drinking WATER!!! oh no she triped on her shoe and spilled it all over me here it goes now im a merboy and it is hard to sit while on a wodin cheer with a sparkiling tail wo wo wooooooo ouch i fell well better get dryed off now and get my legs back.PS iam NOT lying!!!

  163. 163 Aquagurl45

    This is to ‘semimer
    I don’t really believe you. How can you type when you fell? And I think I know where you got your idea for the powers from. They are from that show, h2o-just add water. Anyway, I’ve got to bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  164. 164 tiza

    mermaids are real

  165. 165 Aquagurl45

    Hi again everybody! As you know it’s me! :) Sup? How many of ya’ll have seen Step Up? It’s a movie. I have seen it, and it was SO awesome! Except one part was kind of sad. Anyway, bye ya’ll!

  166. 166 semimer

    this is to aquagurl45 my powers are not just those i can also have a magic clear buble that i make that i can move around and people see me as human the bad thing is that it only lasts 6 min i also can talk to sea life and control objects my last 2 powers are i can kind of mind controle people i look in there eys and say or think “water water all around me you will obey what you see which is me” alsdo i can control weather but that uses a lot of energy i get very tired after i do that thoe i dont do that a lot and also i was telling you that i fell because i did not want to disaper like that off line so that is why i told you that but i am a semimer that meens i am able to be human but also a merboy. but i am still i regular kid i go to school have family i have pets a dog a hamster and a guine pig. i like to watch tv play games and play out sid. but i got my powers and merboyniss because my ansester was known to have been a mermaid and one a merboy so i was the person or semi mer in the family to inherite his genes but i dont know his and her name thoe well i have to go to sleep now in a regular bed see i have regular things even thoe i am a merboy well bye and goodnight!.

  167. 167 semimer

    oh ya one more thing befor i go to sleep aquagurl45 i typed when i finally got up even thoe then i fell back agein well bye agein .

  168. 168 Aquagurl45

    Some one else talk! NOW! PLease? I want to write more than this! It’s SO boring! Someone else talk! A lot more people need to talk than this! I’M SO BORED! :( ARE ANY OF YOU GOING TO TALK? OTHER THAN ME? All well, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!
    (P.S No one copy me on the ‘ I’ve gotta bounce’ thing!)

  169. 169 Natasha Rapana

    I konw Mermaids ar real to me ok so it is real Drrrrr????????????

  170. 170 Natasha Rapana

    (I am 13….?????)

  171. 171 Natasha Rapana

    (I konw the dus konw abert the mermaids……?)

  172. 172 semimer

    i am back

  173. 173 Aquagurl45

    This is to Natasha Rapana
    I’m not sure what your last message was. Was it a question? I also believe mermaids are real. And I’m turning 13 in about 2 months. Anyways, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll! :)

  174. 174 semimer

    hi its me semimer i got to hop and bounce bye.

  175. 175 Aquagurl45

    This is to ‘Semimer”

  176. 176 Aquagurl45

    Hi again all! As you know, it’s me! Hey, can someone else pleases talk? I’m getting bored with this website. I come on it once in a while, to look and see if anyone else besides me wrote anything. Most of the time, I’m the last person to talk. So can ya’ll PLEASE write something in? PLEASE! I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  177. 177 Aquagurl45

    SOMEONE ELSE TALK! I’M GETTING SO BORED! and ‘semimer’? Did you just make that up? or did you pull it out of your butt? You’re not a merboy or whatever you call it. I will never believe you cuz YOU ARE LYING! Lyar lyar pants on fire! Someone else talk! NOW! I’m SO bored!

  178. 178 Aquagurl45

    Hi again. Hey you want to know what I ate for lunch yesterday? I had chicken noodle soup and water. I drank hot cocoa today and ate a Nutty Bar. Anyways, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  179. 179 crystal

    well mermaids are just half fish and human, cause like
    in Atlantis a long time ago like they could colon fish and
    humans….. so they took a human and a fish and colond them
    and when atlantis sunk down….. the onley thing that was
    left was the mermaids so the mermaids breeded LOL, and there
    were onley those left over mermaids….. and u know the little mermaid and Atlantica, its really Atlantis

  180. 180 semimer

    hi its me semimer that meens half human half mermaid or merboy im sorry aquagurl45 i will come up with my own prase and i did not get that out of my BUT LADY. well gota zap bye!

  181. 181 semimer

    oh ya i am sick today so just wanted to let you know also i am not a merboy but i do play a good joke hu well do i i want to be one thoewell bye gota zap bye.

  182. 182 semimer

    oh ya i am changing my user name to “sunny” my user name is “sunny” well goto zap bye!

  183. 183 sunny

    hi im used to be semimer but changed my username to sunny well goto zap bye!

  184. 184 sunny

    hi its me sunny i used to be semimer but that was weird well now my name is sunny oh ya i hope that aquagurl45 i hope that we can be friends im sorry for using your phrase its just so cool well myne is “gota zap bye!”please dont copy that well please can we be nice ill be back on later. gota zap bye!

  185. 185 Aquagurl45

    Sorry ‘sunny’ for yelling at you. Yes, we can be friends. And if you want to, you can e-mail me. My e-mail is above the other messages. That sounds cool. gotta zap. Nice. No I won’t copy you. And how old are you? I’m sure I mentioned how old I was before. Up there ^. Anyways, write me back. I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  186. 186 Aquagurl45

    And by the way. I say,’ bye ya’ll’ cuz I used to live in TEXAS! I LOVE Texas. It’s not as dusty and dry as people say it is. It’s actually pretty up there. Anyways, I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  187. 187 Aquagurl45

    Hi again! Bye again! :)

  188. 188 Aquagurl45

    Hi everyone. Can someone talk? Or a lot of people? I’m SO bored! Anyways, I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  189. 189 sunny

    hey aquagurl45 its me sunny well du thats my user name well just wanted to let you know im not a real mermaid but i do play a good joke well do i well anyway i gota zap bye!

  190. 190 sunny

    oh ya one more thing wait i forget well gota zap bye!

  191. 191 Aquagurl45

    Sup sunny? I knew you were joking cuz, well, no one is really a real mermaid/merboy. Well, gotta bounce, bye ya’ll!

  192. 192 sunny

    hi its me i just got home from school abought a half hour ago well just wanted to say hi

  193. 193 sunny

    oh ya one more thing aquagurl45 my email adress is “” you can email me if you want to but please dont send anything bad even thoe you dont sound bad cause were friends well be back on later email me ok well gota zap bye!

  194. 194 sunny

    oh ya one4 last thing this clock is not right its abought 3 30 now well gota zap bye!

  195. 195 sunny

    i did not mean to say 4

  196. 196 Aquagurl45

    Hi sunny. Well, IDK if I can e-mail you. You can e-mail me though. My e-mail is above.^ If you can see it that is. Well, I’ll try to e-mail you. OK, well I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  197. 197 Aquagurl45

    Hi sunny. IDK if i can e-mail you. I’ll try, but i don’t know if it will reach you or not. if you do get it, e-mail me back RIGHT away so that i know you got it. Anyways, I’m gonna bounce, bye ya’ll!

  198. 198 sunny

    hi its me sunny well gota zap bye!

  199. 199 Aquagurl45

    Hi sunny! I sent you an e-mail. So what’s up everyone? Anyways, I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll! :)

  200. 200 DaisyAnd Lara

    hey aquagurl45, you are sooo fun 2 talk 2,plz stay in touch

  201. 201 DaisyAnd Lara

    hey ariel12,stop crushing our dreams and if u are 1 then who says we are not one!!!

  202. 202 Daisy And Lara

    hi every 1

  203. 203 Aquagurl45

    Hi! I’m sure everyone is glad that you’re back! I’m not sure about it myself. Well, ya’ll should write some more. I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  204. 204 sunny

    hi its me im glad your back well hi aquagurl45 well anyways gota zap bye!

  205. 205 MONICA

    hi everyone fact: mermaids are real tey r just ‘hidden creatures’ tey r not shy tey r just hiding from fishermans. oh n by the way i know this because i read book about them [lots of them] im a mermaid lover! AND THEY R NOT LEGENDARY!!!

  206. 206 Aquagurl45

    Hi Daisy and Lara. Hello to you also sunny! So how’s everyone doin’? I’m fine. Goin’ to a party today. Well, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  207. 207 Aquagurl45

    Sup everyone? Hi Daisy, Lara and sunny. What’s up? I’m going to a party today. I’m happy :) Well, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  208. 208 Aquagurl45

    SORRY! didn’t mean to say that twice! Anyways, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  209. 209 sunny

    hi its me i just got a ub funkey toy well hi aquagurl45 im doin good you well gota zap bye!

  210. 210 Aquagurl45

    UB Funkies are SO cool! My cousin has 2 of them! Well, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  211. 211 Aquagurl45

    Hi Daisy and Lara. I doubt you’re even the ones who originally used that name. You just might have made that up because you wanted to fool people. Anyways, I don’t believe you’re the REAL Daisy and Lara. Well, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll! :)

  212. 212 angel

    is mermaids real????????

  213. 213 Aquagurl45

    DUH!!!!!!!!!! Of course mermaids are real!!!!!!!! Why do ya think we chat on here? To sell Squirrel Scout cookies? Of course they exist! Anyways, someone write to me. Bye ya’ll!

  214. 214 Aquagurl45

    Hey everyone! I’m going to change my name thing to “Aquagurl” only okay? So don’t get confused when I am writing to ya’ll. Anyways, I’m gonna bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  215. 215 ASHLEY

    haii by the way the people that think mermaids are pretty girls with fins and really long hair their not they are actually fish with faces and their actually kinda ugly creature’s if u go on and write real life mermaids u will see what i meen

  216. 216 katy

    i am REAL mermaid with POWERS

  217. 217 Aquagurl

    Hate to break this to ya ASHLEY but, those are all fake. youtube is just a retarted website for teens who are seeking entertainment. Anyways, I’ve gotta bounce, so bye ya’ll!

  218. 218 Aquagurl45

    Hi everybody! Can someone talk to me? Or e-mail me? My e-mail adress is up there^ Anyways, I’ve gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  219. 219 Aquagurl45

    Hey ya’ll! U know wat we should do? Make this like a Myspace site almost! So anyone who agrees with me, type in 123456! Talk back soon! Bye!

  220. 220 Aquagurl45

    Hey ya’ll! This is my last message. I’m tired of trying to talkk to everyone. So BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. 221 moonflower

    Hey… I think that mermaids are awesome yet mysterious..

  222. 222 BoB

    hi, um, how come you all are so obsessed with this old lady? I mean she isn’t even a real mermaid. and mermaids aren’t real. They were made up by sailors a long, long, long, long, long time ago. So stop being so obsessive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. 223 moonflower

    stop being so rude! and stop crushing peoples dreams!

  224. 224 BoB

    Y don’t you try and make me? And u just coppied that off of that Aquagurl45 girl. and u can’t do anything about it. Anyway, mermaids aren’t real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. 225 moonflower

    ok… but believing in them won’t hurt anyone. besides, if you don’t believe in them why are you talking on this website? :)

  226. 226 BoB

    Well, maybe I’m talking on it because I feel like it. I’m bored out of my mind, and I just plain don’t belive in them. And sometimes it will hurt someone. So :) right back at ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. 227 chloe

    i am making a mermaid tail like h2o just add water, its my fave show and im going to put a vid on u tube of me swimming in it! cant wait! x x

  228. 228 sunny

    hi its me oh ya lisen up here bob dont be so mean you jerk and mermaids are real we can belive in them well i have to zap bye!

  229. 229 Daisy And Lara

    hi,aquagirl24 plz stay and talk on here,

  230. 230 Daisy And Lara

    hi guys,wat country do u live in,we live in england,i soooo wanna live in america

  231. 231 BoB

    Hi ya’ll! Guess what sunny? I’m actually Aquagurl. I was just playin a joke on ya’ll. I live in U.S.A by the way. I’m serious about bein’ Aquagurl45 though. Anyways, I’ve gotta bounce, bye ya’ll!

  232. 232 Aquagurl45

    I don’t know if I want to stay on here you guys. I mean, I try to talk to some people, but htey just end up ignoring me. And I also made a suggestion that all of you ignored. So IDK.

  233. 233 BoB

    And by the way, sunny? How old r u?

  234. 234 eunice

    hi iam a great singer and a fast writter.ilove mermaids

  235. 235 stacy

    iv belived in mermides my hole life but i never saw won or became won

  236. 236 Aquagurl45

    bye everyone! I’m not coming on here again unless 5 messages are put on here. ok? so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  237. 237 Aquagurl45

    eunice, I doubt that. How do you know you’re great at singing? Huh? Well, anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

    (P.S I still mean what I said before. So go ahead and cry everyone. I’ve got real friends waiting! :(

  238. 238 Nile

    i can tell you guys are dreamers. You all talk about fairy tales as if their real. fictional characters like dragons fairies and even mermaids have probably always existed to an exetent, but not in the way our genious authors portray them. you cannot live in a fasade that was made from another persons fantasy. i personaly would love live in my fary tales, in my dreams but there is nothing but disappointment waiting at end of that life. i learned that the hard way. you guys should stop dreaming and embrace a better reality

    (p.s. theres nothing like imagination when the moon sends you signal waves like a fire ignition to a world of dreams…)

  239. 239 sunny

    hey everyone “nile” you are right well i have to zap bye! oh ya and hi aquagurl45 wwell bota zap bye!

  240. 240 Aquagurl45

    you know what? NILE? Don’t use those big words if you don’t know how to spell them. ok? Take it from someone who knows. You might fry that puny rock you call a brain. So all I’m saying is, be careful. Ok sweetie? Gotta bounce. Bye!

  241. 241 Aquagurl45

    And I only dream at night. Ok? So don’t be ruining it for everyone else just because your dreams might have been crushed when you were a ‘dreamer’. Ok? So bye!!! Again

  242. 242 Aquagurl45

    And by the way, where would we be if we didn’t have ‘dreamers’ like Albert Einstein or Leonardo DaVinci? In a planet a choas. I would know, I may be young, but I’m a poet. Everyone says that my poems “speak” to them. But, anyways, I’m not lookin’ for sympathy or praise or whatever. I’m just saying…..well, STOP RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok pumpkin? Bye! :)

  243. 243 bernadette

    mermaids are real?

  244. 244 Aquagurl45

    I didn’t say that they were exactly real. Some may believe this to such an extent, that they will dedicate their whole life to finding one of these mysterious creatures. I don’t personally believe that they can exist, because in the Bible it doesn’t say anything about mermaids or unicorns being real. But if you believe in them, that’s ok with me. I don’t have a problem with it. Anyways, I’ve gots to go. See ya l8ter alligator!

  245. 245 Aquagurl45

    and sunny? I thought that you believed in them too. So why are you agreeing with him/her? I don’t want to be friends with you if you are goin’ to lie. Ok? So, bye!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  246. 246 rici cleo emma

    hi guys that are human we have real tails from the full moon there not costumes were mermaids you may not beleive us but we are and read this beth kayleigh and olivia there making clones of us bi

  247. 247 rici cleo emma

    are real names are courtney megan and chloe
    reply if you don’t think were mermaids

  248. 248 Ocean

    hi ya every one
    yoou lot are soooooooo cool but how dose any one know if your a mermaid no afience to the people who think they are one
    Oh and by the way whos every watch NCIS?

  249. 249 Aquagurl45

    I can copy you if I wanted to ‘ocean’. And how old are you? Do u even know how to spell? Hey ‘rici cleo emma’. I don’t believe you guys. And bye the way, ocean, unless you were barabric, I wouldn’t be scared of you. And also, everyone else. Who wants me to write one of my poems on here? I’ll write it if ya’ll want me to. Anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!
    (P.S the word ‘splash is spelled S. P. L. A. S. H. Ok?)

  250. 250 Aquagurl45

    I wouldn’t copy you though ocean. Because I like mine better.

  251. 251 rici cleo emma

    hi guys thanx ocean for replyin hey plz reply if your a mermaid i’d really like to know if theres any more out there and i’d still like you to reply if you think were mermaids or not ocean i’d like if you gave us a bit of advice even if you are not one of them things well mermaids of cause because i think that you rikkie cleo and emma could be very good friends by the way that is just us! see ya all later xxxxx luv you all as friends reply as soon as possible xxxxx

  252. 252 zhouyee

    hi everyone i really really want to become a mermaid soo soo soo badly and my friend too lydia.We watch animes that are related to mermaid like mermaid i really want to become one i am only 11 and if i become one i wont see my parents oh yeah someone pls pls help me become a mermaid i want it real pls!!i am dying to become one PLS!!!!!!!!!
    oh yeah pls e-mail me some of u guys pictures as a mermaid…i badly want to see..So my e-mail addres is
    So bye bye everyone

  253. 253 sunny

    hi its me again sorry i havent been on its just that my hamsyer just died and im very sas. well “nile” i dont think your right i do belive in mermaids well aquagurl45 can we please stlii be friends your really nic and maybey if we still are friends you could blog a poem that you wrote i really want to read it i bet its fantstic!!! well i still belive in mermaid reply back peaople ok well gotta zap bye!

  254. 254 sunny

    hi guys its me i dont agree with you nille and aquagurl sorry i havent been on that much latley my hamster tyhat i had for 3 years just died im really sad and aquagurl45 i hope we stlii can be friend your relly nic and maybey if we still are friends you can blog a poem that you wrote here i really would like to red it i bet it’s fantastic well i still belive in mermaids bye aquagurl45 oh ya please reply well anyways gota zap bye!!!

  255. 255 sunny

    one more thing sorry the 2 things i wrote are like the same my compter did not generate the first one so i wrote another well gota zap bye!!!!

  256. 256 Ocean

    thanks aqugurL45 for the spelling not very good at it
    i’m 11 by the way
    and rici cleo emma i am a mermaid and live on angel reef hve you ever heard of it?

  257. 257 Aquagurl45

    This is to Sunny
    I’ll write my fav. poem. Here it is:
    Where is home?
    Home is where people greet you
    With hugs and smiles
    Home is where a hot meal
    Waits for you on the table
    Home is where you sleep
    With the warm blanket and the soft pillow
    Home is where you cry
    Home is whre you are happy
    Home is where the heart is

    Do you like it? And by the way, sorry about your hamster

  258. 258 Ocean

    hi aqagurl45 can we be friends plz
    how old are you?
    rici cleo emma can we also be friends?

  259. 259 Aquagurl45

    IDK. I am 13 by the way.Anyways, gotts to bounce!
    (P.S Do ya’ll like my poem?)

  260. 260 rici cleo emma

    hi again it’s rici cleo and emma oh and keep on replying don’t stop . zhouyee i read your message and you said you wanted to beva mermaid well just look at the full moon for about a whole day that is what we done hey i forgot to ask do you want to be friends

  261. 261 rici cleo emma

    hi im cleo im with emma and rici just i wnt 2 say that im a real mermaid so is the other 2 an i have explotion power and i realy wanna be ya firend ocean i beleive ya a mermaid jus i live in the ocean called crystal ocean we have are laptop iun a water proof water volcano we go 2 every day of our mermaid life

  262. 262 Ocean

    What poeam?
    gotta splash

  263. 263 Aquagurl45

    The one that’s up there! Look! DUH!

  264. 264 Ocean

    oh yer didnt see that
    gotta splash

  265. 265 Ocean

    oh and its very good
    gotta splash

  266. 266 Aquagurl45

    Thanx. Hey you guys! I have a website now! Go to if u want 2 see it. Ok, if ya’ll see it, tell me if u like it or not.

  267. 267 Ocean

    i like it
    do you know wat N.C.I.S IS AND IF SO HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED IT?

  268. 268 Aquagurl45

    No. What is it? Do you like my site?

  269. 269 Ocean

    its a program about this team who envesagate Navy murders

  270. 270 Ocean

    the navy is kind of the army but on the sea

  271. 271 cayla

    will U STOP SAYIN GOTA ZAP AND GOTA BOUNCE AT EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE U SAY THAT WEN U GO OFF THIS DUH ITS REALLY ANNOYING soz 4 shouting but thats really annoyin and how can i becum a mermaid

  272. 272 Aquagurl45

    I added some more stuff onto my site. And I haven’t seen it before, sry. And cayla? BACK OFF!!! I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT WHEN I GET OFF, OK? So don’t go there. Anyways, I’VE GOTTA BOUNCE!!! Bye ya’ll! :-)

    (P.S Besides, what can u do about it? Huh? I mean it though. Don’t go there.)

  273. 273 nastasia

    ok this is like oll these pepol are so werd i do belive in mermaids but i have never sean one in my life can somebody send me a photo of a mermaid or a deid one if somebody can then my email adderes is andraykoulich@hotMAIL.COM My friends are tirning in to real live mermaids and me to and by the way bob mermaids ar real and stop crushing evry bodyes dreams and mike you know that you are going to be stupid becuase if you never sean a mermaid that dos not make you tell us that we are stupid and i am only 8 years old and i know how to akt and i speak rushin too bye peopol!1!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. 274 nastasia

    who belives in mermaids??? i do and my name is nastasia koulich

  275. 275 nastasia

    and i am in bartlet school and i am in mis.rotes class alex you are right mermaids are real and i just would love to see one i am so exsided to be one wen the year is over

  276. 276 Aquagurl45

    Ok, I’m not trying to be mean but, can you spell right? I mean, I know you’re 8 and all, but when you spell the message wrong, no one knows what you’re saying. I swear that I’m not trying to be mean. I just don’t know what you’re saying is all. Anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  277. 277 mermaid lover C

    Does anyone know where I can buy a mermaid tail I can swim in,in a pool or a beach/ocean?

  278. 278 Aquagurl45

    No. I don’t at least. Try lookig on e-bay. They might have some good ones. Well, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!

  279. 279 Daisy And Lara

    Hi every 1,we live in england,can every 1 write in wat country the live in,
    see ya

  280. 280 Ocean

    Soz, that i havent been on for ages.
    I live in england 2
    Has any one ever heard of charmed?
    Ohhi ya Aqugurl45 your site is sooooooo coooool.

  281. 281 Aquagurl45

    THANX! I already wrote what country I live in! So STOP ASKING! Y do u want 2 know anyways?

  282. 282 Daisy And Lara

    did u say u lived in america aquagurl45?

  283. 283 sunny

    hi i can say what ever i want to sat and every body cheack out my websit at yes its spelled “cutiest” for my sit well hi aqua please can we be friends and cayla gota zap bye!!

  284. 284 cleo rici emma

    my cousin become a mermaid so shes in crystle ocean now atully rici and emma dont no i have not seen them in a day the full moon got me and what happend was at the bottom of the ocean me and my boyfirend and rici emma were talkin an i was a bout to tell my secret cuz he found me in the volcano soz firendsxxx

  285. 285 Aquagurl45

    Hi! U know sunny? I don’t even know u. So y bother being friends? And ‘rici cleo emma’? I don’t believe u. U may be a mermaid at heart, but no one can be a REAL one. OK? not trying to be mean. I just get ticked when u say that ur cousin or whatever is a REAL one. K, gotta bounce, bye ya’ll! ;)

  286. 286 Aquagurl45

    And yes, I did say I lived in U.S. But y do u want 2 know?

  287. 287 sunny

    i hate you aqua im never coming on her agein yoe meanie jerk

  288. 288 Daisy And Lara

    i just wanna no,i love u.s.a i wanna live there.

  289. 289 Aquagurl45

    Sunny!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! How old r u? If ur like, 4 it’s ok to act that way, but if ur older than that,…….. JEEZ!!!!! I said I don’t know if we could be friends, but I was going to say we could, but now……….. I think I should say no. Anyways, bye!

  290. 290 sunny

    ok then how bought this for a change i dont want to use such harsh language but why dont you go suck some ones didk if a stupid boy will acully go out with you. your just a fuckin hore and slut who thinks there popular but one little thing abought you you are a fuck ass bitch hows that for a change also one more thing you trampim 11 so FUCK off you hore bye bitch

  291. 291 Aquagurl45

    Okay. It’s not like I haven’t heard that before. And plenty of guys would want 2 go out with me. U know y? Becuz I’m not mean. Do u know how many rapists there r out there that pretend that they r like, 14 but they r actually like 55 just looking for some little girls as his next victim. So I’m sorry. Ok, but I’m older than u, and even I hav better control over my anger than that. I’m not a whore, I’ve been called that before though. I’m especially not a tramp or a slut, but I’ve been called that before too. IT DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE!!!! So if u want 2 b mad at me and call me names, go ahead!!!! But I’ve got a better life than that, so leave me alone please. Thanx and good-bye!

  292. 292 sunny

    ok im sorry for saying those words i really am but i dont like you as a girl friend i like you as a plaine friend and i dont care if your not my friend. because you dont sound like one and im not 55 im 11 also im sorry its ok if you dont want to be friends with me but aqua im sure plenty of guys would want to go out with you but not me i just thought you sounded pretty nice and smart thats all and you were fun to talk to so please reply if we can still be friends and once agein im so sorry bye.

  293. 293 rici cleo and emma

    i love crystle ocean got to splash ya not nice sunny bunny

  294. 294 rici cleo emma

    hi its rici cleo and emma are having a
    little swim and i think i might go
    and join them now . hey you are all
    lucky at least you can still touch
    water and still walk and sunny i would
    think of controlin your language some
    little kids go on here like my cousin
    she’s only 5 in the future plz do
    any way goin to swim gotta splash
    from us all!

  295. 295 rici cleo and emma

    hi its cleo
    an rici

  296. 296 rici cleo and emma

    an emma

  297. 297 Aquagurl45

    Sunny. Listen, I know u didn’t like me in that way. Ok? I’m not stupid in those ways. Yes we can be friends. I knew u would say sorry because I kept my cool nad it made u feel weird. Anyways, yes we can be friends. But, e-mail me instead of writing it all in here. Ok? Bye ya’ll!!!! :-)

  298. 298 sunny

    rici cleo emma i was controling my words and i dont belive your mermaids and i dont belive your 5 year old cousin is on here and is she a mermaid (not) well thanks aqua i have to go now i wil email you well gota zap bye!!!!

  299. 299 Aquagurl45

    Thank u, for agreeing with me. I don’t believe u guys either. Sorry, but it’s just not possible. DUH!!!!!!!! Anyways, gotta bounce, bye!!!! ;)

    (P.S no one copy me on the wink face thing.)

  300. 300 ry

    i love to be a mermaide

  301. 301 rici cleo and emma

    i dont like u aquagurl45 were not lieing your jus jelluis arent you your jus plain an boring

  302. 302 Aquagurl45

    ok? y would i want 2 be a liar? No offense, but IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO BE A FLIPPIN’ MERMAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my life, nor me, are ‘ plaine and boring’. Ok? So y don’t u go and lie to everyone else about it!!!!!!!!!! CUZ I DON”T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye everyone! ;)

  303. 303 Aquagurl45

    and i don’t give a flying RIP whether u like me or not!!!!!!! I’ve got plenty of NON-LYING FRIENDS to hang out with. Ok? So, anywyays, bye again! ;)

  304. 304 Ocean

    Whohole has evey on gone completly mad ( or is it just me its probaly just me but anywas) So there i was thinking that this was a safe place when people are useing swear words ,god almighty, (soz if ive ufended any one).
    soz about spelling sadley im not very good at it!!!

  305. 305 rici cleo and emma

    hate u aquagurl45 and u ocean and sunny gotta splash
    haha i copped u oean take that u monin now stick it up ya ass

  306. 306 Aquagurl45

    Who’s the rude one now? If you didn’t get it in my first messages, here it is again. I DON’T GIVE A FLYING RIP IF YOU HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There!!! You happy now? And you don’t know how to use curse words right!!!! But, I have manners, so I’m not going to use any. I have some class. So, why don’t you just buzz off and get a life!!!!!!! Bye ya’ll! ;)

  307. 307 Aquagurl45

    And I don’t believe that copped is even a word. You realy need to fix ur writing skills hun. Anyways, bye ya’ll! ;)

  308. 308 Ocean

    So hows your life Aquagurl45?

  309. 309 sunny

    ok listen up here dum dumer and dumiest i dont care if you flippen hate me or aquagurl45 we hate you to you no calss maners girl but i bet your a 55 yer old man and we both have class why dont you go buy some class oh WAIT i forgot your to dum to read take that well hi aqua i will email you and shut the he doble hockey stick up well gota zap byr!!!

  310. 310 alexis

    i am a real mermaid

  311. 311 Aquagurl45

    Alexis? Get real. I can’t belive that people r still doin’ that stupid ol’ game of ” I’m a real mermaid”. THAT IS SO LAME!!!!!!!!!! Come one? Just get real. Gotta bounce though. Bye ya’ll! ;)

  312. 312 Anonymous

    how do you become a mermaid my cousin wants to know because i was born as one

  313. 313 Aquagurl45

    Sure u were. Like i said, that’s a lame game to play!!!! Anyways, talk back to me people! Bye ya’ll!!!! ;)

  314. 314 mx,smdsd,cmd

    i will like to be amermaid

  315. 315 water gurl

    hey peeps im new at this so plezzz hlep me out so wats every1 doin today so write back soon c ya latter

  316. 316 water gurl

    lookin for someone to talk to so alk to me c ya latter by by

  317. 317 chloe lana

    me and lana are real life mermaids

  318. 318 chloe lana

    so do you belive us so when ever we touch water we tern into mermaids

  319. 319 Aquagurl45

    Hey ya’ll!!!!!! I know who water gurl is. She’s supposed to be a friend of mine. But she’s bein’ rude right now. So waz up? And chloe lana? I don’t believe u. Liars. Anyways, talk back. Bye! ;)

  320. 320 Anonymous

    what do y guys mean by all of this stuff

  321. 321 cheyenne=pretty girl

    What does a mermaids tail feel like?

  322. 322 Aquagurl45

    Wat the heck do ya mean u guys?

  323. 323 chloe lana

    mermaids powers

  324. 324 Aquagurl45

    Say wat?

  325. 325 Ocean

    this site is soooo funny

  326. 326 Aquagurl45

    Y is it funny? Because i hav no clue wat they r saying?

  327. 327 sunny

    hey guys bye guys

  328. 328 kary

    hi does any1 no were where i can get 1 of those tails that look resal but are cheep
    plz reply kary

    I REALLY WANT 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. 329 megan

    im a mermaid its nice 2 say it in front of people i dont care if nobody belives me thats thier problem. when i was six (im ten now) i made a mermaids tail out of paper and LOADS of celetape and now i am one i havent told anybody but i have now. my cosin tried the spell when i was with her and it did not work

  330. 330 megan

    my cosin want a tail could u tell me were to get them if there cheap thanx

  331. 331 Ocean

    because of all the argments aqugurl45 thats why
    hay dose any one have a ginne-pig cause i have one and he’s called Stardust.hes soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  332. 332 Aquagurl45

    Ok u didn’t hav 2 say it in a bratty way. Jeez, and I thought that other person was mean. Anyways, my friend has a ginni- pig or however u spell it. Actually she has 2. A boy and gurl. The gurl is pregnant though. Anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!!!! ;)

  333. 333 Lara and Daisy

    thanks for liking are joke Zouba it was pretty cool wasn’t

    i’ve got to go and phone daisy now bye

  334. 334 Daisy And Lara


  335. 335 Daisy And Lara

    How is every 1

  336. 336 Aquagurl45

    We’d be better if u would stop thinking that ur the real Daisy and Lara. K? Well, guess what everyone? I’m moving. Anyways, I won’t be on for a few days. So don’t miss me too much!!! Anyways, gotta go. Bye!!! ;)

  337. 337 shauna

    i really want to be a mermaid whoever knows how to do that send back a reply pls or if any1 has tails cool gotta splash!!!

  338. 338 cleo rici emma

    hi i am a mer maid but where did u get the tail mermaids whos got msn in there watever hey help im a mermaid write now plz giz ya msn
    gotta splash!

  339. 339 cleo rici emma

    hi shauna the way is have a mermaid necklace on the same as h2o ive got one staire at the full moon and then after an half hour go to sleep an in the morning u have to touch water an you will be a mermaid gotta splash!!! ocean everyone is copying u at gotta splash ha ha hehe !!!.

  340. 340 Aquagurl45

    Stop being such bitches!!! Pardon my language. She just wants 2 hav a salutation that is unique. What is wrong with that? Come on. Anyways, I doubt that the stupid spell thing is just what u made up. So, anyways, I’ve gotta go. BYE!!!! ;)

  341. 341 Aquamarine

    Hi im new here and does anybody know how to turn into a mermaid without staring at anything drinking anything just spells that ACTUALLY WORKS!gotta swim bye!

    (i love swimming)
    P.S dont copy what i said about gotta swim plz dont)

  342. 342 Aquamarine

    does anyone have a spell that will REALLY work? if you do reply back gotta swim bye

  343. 343 Aquagurl45

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, but, well, no one knows any. Well, any that will work. Anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!!!! ;)

  344. 344 aiden

    how do you know that mermaids are real show me ?

  345. 345 Daisy And Lara

    hi, we are Daisy and lara, when it says Daisy and lara it is Daisy but when it says Lara and Daisy it is lara
    Gotta dive

  346. 346 Daisy And Lara

    hi, we are Daisy and lara, when it says Daisy and lara it is Daisy but when it says Lara and Daisy it is lara
    Gotta dive

  347. 347 Daisy And Lara

    soz, i put it twise
    gotta dive

  348. 348 Ocean

    hey thnks aqugurl45 for sticking up for me

  349. 349 raeanne jones

    i think mermaids are real but i think some of the pictures are not real. because the way they look.

  350. 350 Aquamarine

    i know

  351. 351 Aquagurl45

    Hey ya’ll!!! I moved. It took 2 days!!!! I hated every minute of it. But, I’m here now. Daisy and Lara. Tisk tisk. Ur not the real one. So pleez stop pretending. It’s very confusing. Anyways, no problem Ocean. That was totally unfair what they were doing. It’s rude. Hey guess what!!! I’m going to be getting a kitten, and either a pet rat, I had one before and she was a really good pet, or a hamster. So, anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!!! ;)

  352. 352 zhouyee

    Hi evryone sry for the late reply………i c most of u read wat i said so i am really excitingabout becoming a real mermaid ^_~

  353. 353 Natalie as human Aquamarine as mermaid

    Hi im a mermaid and if you want to find out how ask me!!!

  354. 354 Anonymous

    Hey anyone there

    Cos im so Sexy in the water my boobs hang out my tail is blue and ive got blue highlights in my hair.

  355. 355 Aquagurl45

    Ok, let’s not talk about boobs a crap like that. It’s sick. I know I’m being a goody-goody, but it’s becaause a boy at my school had grabbed there before and I don’t like to have people talk about that kind of crap. So shut up ” Anonymous” It’s nasty. So, anyways, gotta bounce. Bye ya’ll!!!! ;)

  356. 356 daisy and lara

    you little whiney girls can stop talking behind our backs. such big whiney losers

  357. 357 Daisy And Lara

    who copied our name cuz that waz not me cuz Daisy Has a capital and i would never write that, any way i am sorry if u thought it was me

  358. 358 Aquagurl45

    Whoever wrote about us being ‘whiny girls’ needs to shut their freakin’ mouth. I only whine……well, never. And we can talk about her/him if we want 2. So whoever it was, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, bye ya’ll!!! ;)

  359. 359 Daisy And Lara

    This is the real Lara. Dont mind them Daisy, they all wanna talk like whiney little pricks. i would never write anything stupid as your face

  360. 360 Will Never Tell

    I am a semi-mer! Half human have mermaid!

  361. 361 Aquagurl45

    I doubt u even know what a prick is. Ur just a puny little bitch trying to be cool. So back off. U don’t want 2 start a fight with me. Ok? Ok. Bye ya’ll!!! ;)

  362. 362 guyneisha

    r u really a mermaid because i want to be one and i belive in them

  363. 363 Aquagurl45

    Who r u talkin’ 2?

  364. 364 Ocean

    wats hapaning now
    hay gess wat
    im goin gon holiday to the US

  365. 365 Jen

    hi were can u get the mermaid tails coz i wnt one

  366. 366 Jen

    hi it is jen again can someone please write back coz i am getting bored and i am ten years old.

  367. 367 Jen

    hiya can someone REPLY PLEASE I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  368. 368 AMANI

    I want a mermaid tail
    were can I GET ONE

  369. 369 Jose

    I think mermaids r real. By!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  370. 370 Taylor


  371. 371 The Sea Sicentist

    hay everyone i think i know something my friend knows about this stuff ok you have to go under water 50 ft deep with nothing but you and your lungs well anyway if you make it that far you will see big pearls you have to touch them and if they chose you to be a mermaid the you will be one forever but you can never go out of water if you do then you will turn into your human self again but you will have a fear of water forever and never wanna go in water again but if you never go to surface then you will still be a mermaid/merman and never see yoour family again but when you tunr inot a mermaid/merman this will happen something will happen to your family like no one there ever knew you so you will be lonesome and will live the sea life forever! sincerly:The Sea Sicentist

  372. 372 The Sea Sicentist

    oh and this is not fake i swear me aand the other scientist went under water in a sub and saw them but we almost got crushed by the presure so we couldnt go down any furter so we came back up if we were able to stay down there longer i would have token pics and potsed them on here to show yall but they are about the size of a normal pic frame and very beautiful when i saw them i couldnt take my eyes off them they have a effect on humans so that they stay down there longer looking at them and the pressure kills them so they cant tell anyone about them but my phone rang and it distracted me from the pearls and we got up just in time! :/

  373. 373 The Sea Sicentist

    well if you have any questions just ask me but it has to be about water

  374. 374 tawny

    hay natalie how do i turn into a mermaid plz i wanna know sooooooooooooooooooo bad thanks!

    to natalie as human aquamarine as mermaid

    hay wait mermaids dont have computers cause the static would shock underwater your a lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  375. 375 The Sea Sicentist

    yes tawny she is lying the computer would shock them underwater so she wouldnt be able to type her meassage

  376. 376 The Sea Sicentist

    i mean message

  377. 377 Aquagurl45

    Okay “Sea Scientist”. Like u would know. And I don’t believe u. U wouldn’t know. I may be 13, but for a 13 year old, I sure know a lot more than all of u guys would know. So don’t be acting all like, ” Oh, I’m so smart, listen to my technical words! Aren’t I smart?” Ok? It just makes u sound stupid. So just drop the act and get a life. Anyways, I don’t belive in mermaids anymore. I just grew up. But, I want 2 talk on here. So anyways, bye ya’ll!!!!! ;)

  378. 378 The Sea Sicentist

    i dont care im only 20 and im still half way a teen so you dont know as much as i do so uh byebyebyebyebye oh and if you do know everything then does a fish have kias cause you should know what that mean since you are so smart

  379. 379 sunny

    Hey people its me sunny sorry i havent been on here for so long my computer was broken and FINALLY my dad bought me a new one *yay!* and now i can check back on this website and i want to give a big warm HELLOOOOOOOOW to aquagurl45 you were the first person i meant on here lets celebrate 2 or 3 months of chatting you are a really smart nice and probly pretty gurl i will email you and i wont to give a bog warm somthin to that “sea scientist” i may be only 11 but it is typicly impossible for a mermaid to attrcat you and have a spell on you unless your a mommysw boy who only stays at home and never saw a pretty gurl before but you never saw a pretty mermaid under water because they DONT!!!!! exist you can beleve in them all you want you 20 year old or should i say 2 year old oh ya and aqua i might be moving to im so happy if i do well bye aqua . Gotta zap bye!!!

  380. 380 sunny

    well i will be on tomarrow bye gotta zap!!

  381. 381 leah

    cleo emma and rici i know your secret cos i go to your but i may be soooooooooo nice to you because your in year 4 but im jokin i will never tell anyone your secret !!!!!!!!!!

  382. 382 leah

    just because i know your secret it doesnt mean that i will tell evertone your secret in hill farm one of you is in miss daveys class and the other two are in miss fitzsimons class :)

  383. 383 sunny

    hey its me leah whta do you mean do you no them in real life well het aqua bye aqua gota zap bye!!!

  384. 384 sunny

    that did not conme out right hi its me sunny . AND leah waht do you mean you no them in t=real life

  385. 385 jenna

    hi mermaids are not real coz they are plastic fake and i have one and they ARE NOT REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. 386 leah

    Hi sunny i mean that cleo rici and emma well i know them

  387. 387 leah

    Ohh sorry sunnythat didnt come out right i ment that i know cleo rici and emma in like person do you what i mean :)

  388. 388 leah

    i anyone dont beleive me then kiss my ass :)

  389. 389 leah

    i meant that if anyone dont beleive me then you can kiss my ass :)

  390. 390 Aquagurl45

    Listen, “Sea Scientist”. I do not know what a kias or whatever is, ok? Alls I said was that I know a lot for my age. And, sorry to say this, but, I think ur a liar. Ok? But I have more maturity than u to go on about u being more stupid or smart than me. Anyways, Leah, I wouldn’t want to kiss ur ass because, well, I’m not a lesbian or bi. So don’t go tellin’ me what to do. A’ight? Anyways, hey Sunny waz up? Anyways, I’ve gotta go. Bye ya’ll!!! ;)

  391. 391 leah

    Aquagurl45 did i say to you to kiss my ass no !!! ;)

  392. 392 sunny

    hey its me sorry to say this leah but im on aqua”s side well hey aqua (aquagurl45) is it alright if i call you aqua45 gor short well im doing good waz up to you well i gota zap bye!!!

  393. 393 kayla

    hay mermaids so u realy now were u can get those fins if u do rit me back

  394. 394 KYLIE


  395. 395 sunny

    well go to google and type in latex mermaid tails you should find websites that sell them gota zap bye!!!

  396. 396 rici cleo emma

    then leah come to us all today at school and on never sea land say our real names

  397. 397 leah

    errr actully ur will find that ur real names are courtney chloe and megan and you go to hill farm primary schoo;l and you are in yr 4 and yous are in miss davey’s class and miss fitzsimons see i know all about you hang around wif kayl;eigh bethany olivia rynan and callum and that dont ya ;) from leah

  398. 398 Aquagurl45

    Hey Leah. Don’t be rude to me. I didn’t say that u said for me to. I was just saying that I don’t want to and I never would. Yes Sunny, u can call me that. Anyways, it is so HOT here!!!!! :( I’m all sweaty and sticky!!! But, we (my family) are going to a water park either tomorrow or Tuesday. Anyways, gotta bounce! Bye ya’ll!!! ;)

  399. 399 leah

    actully i forgot to but my name at the top where it says it so sorry ……;):):(

  400. 400 the mermaid

    where do you get an h2o tail

  401. 401 zeke

    where do you get an h2o tail

  402. 402 georgia

    i realy am not a mermaid i beg u plz turn me into a mermais plz

  403. 403 ella

    what special effects company is doing youre tail.
    dying to know,

  404. 404 Ocean

    hey wats going on hear loads has happened when i was on hoilday to the US.hey aqugurl45 whats up? still as fisty as normally than?
    GOTTA SPLASH!!! see ya’ll

  405. 405 elizabeth

    i like H2O just add water i wish that i can be a mmermaid like yous but i’m not i live in trarlgon you in somewere but i wish.

  406. 406 elizabeth

    i like H2O just add water i wish that i can be a mermaid like yous but i’m not i live in trarlgon you in somewere but i wish.

  407. 407 elizabeth

    can you buy me one plases i will what to have plases can i beone i what tall noone that just plaeses thak you. from elizabeth . xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxooxoxxooxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove youxoxoxoxo.

  408. 408 Riann

    hello you lot are so pathetic i mean if you wanna see a real mermaid come to scarbrough on 19 october 2008 and ill show you a real mermaid!

  409. 409 MADY


  410. 410 mono

    where do you get an h2o mermaid tail mermaids

  411. 411 mono

    where do you get an h2o mermaid tail mermaids?

  412. 412 autumn

    someone tell me how to turn into a mermaid ive always wanted to be 1 im nine so pleasedont lie to me!

  413. 413 autumn

    hello anyone,someone,oh come on someone hased to be online

  414. 414 Aquagurl45

    I don’t know where to get a mermaid tail. And I do not believe that Chloe and Lana are real mermaids either. Anyways, gotta bounce! Bye!!

  415. 415 h20

    how is it possible for any of you to have a tail

  416. 416 h20

    anyone there

  417. 417 h20


  418. 418 sea mist

    hey i no a way 2 turn in 2 a mermaid or merman. hers wat u do.
    you stan some where near water on the full moon then wish with all your hart to be a mer .then say “mermad (or merman if your a boy)mermaid turn me true i love the ocean and want to be there to.
    then turn around clock wise 4 times.and waite for a fortnight to see if it works it might not cause you might not of wished with all you heart and also you have to have a clear head if your thinking about other things then it wont see you all later in the underworld

  419. 419 h20

    hi anyone there

  420. 420 h20


  421. 421 h20

    are u there come on

  422. 422 Aquagurl45

    Hi I’m here. Sea mist, not tryin’ to be mean, but I don’t think it will work. Sorry. Anyways, hi everyone. How ya’ll doin’? Hey ya’ll want to know somethin’? I just remembered that I’m like, half Scottish. Anyone else here Scottish? I’m also writing a book. It is called ‘The Little Irish Girl’. I’m also part Irish. Anyways, bye! Write back!

  423. 423 h20

    hi everyone

  424. 424 mikayla

    hi this is mikayla those pictures are sick because what if that there was blood in that leg and what if there was sharks in there.

  425. 425 jamie

    yall r so freaking stupid!!!! of course she is not a mermaid!!!! she bought the fake tail!!

  426. 426 h20

    hi anyone there and your calling me stupid i dont care if you are 18 you dont call me or anyone else on this sight stupid

  427. 427 cate and hariet

    im a real mermaid well i have a mecklace that cna turn me into 1 i love all tthe fish there so nice down there

  428. 428 cate and hariet

    i believe h20 im a mermaid she could be to u dontt even know her so u have no right to call he stupid

  429. 429 cate and hariet

    i dont know how to turn in to a mermaid foreva but i know how to get a necklace u make it its thik black string with a blue pearl from the deepest off the reef i nearly died geting that pearl but it payed back

    before u get the pearl bring the string with u and make it on ur way to the surface then if u run out of air u can turn in to a mermaid

    NOTE:if u dont go deep enough and run out of air on tthe way up and dosnt work then u never wentt deep enough

  430. 430 cate and hariet

    ok i forgot im 11 im on cbbc message board if u go on there i used to be cheetahsinned but know im snowylionessprincess

    u can get lots of e buds there only for kids u get e pets there imaginry pets

  431. 431 cate and hariet

    oh yeh and e daemons but i dont need an e daemon lotts of kids there have real ones
    wopps going off subject

    hope my

    “how to make ur own mermaid necklace”

    helps u out and if ur to scared if ur friend gos on holiday ask them if tthey go scuba diving

  432. 432 cate and hariet

    if ppl r talking bout h20 the programme then i watch it to at ma nans i hate charlotte the one with all the powers shes sooo mean

  433. 433 cate and hariet

    daisy and lara im sure ive met u in the sea

    only kiding i couldnt of coz ur not a real mermaid i am

  434. 434 cate and hariet

    i keep seeing the same mermaid in photos and in a video

    shes got blonde hair and a blue tail

    i know shes the same mpl(m=mer/p=peop/l=le)

    when im a mermaid i got red hair and an orange tail,if u want that colours then find the pearl with the lions mane colour on theres only 1 left in tthe whole world takes 1000 years for a clam o make one i spoke to every 1 in tthe sea they cant do it any time sooner either

    theres either a blue one for ur necklace(100 leftt)
    or a lion manes pearl(1 more left)

    the blue one choses ur colours for u except those ones

  435. 435 h20

    hi anyone here

  436. 436 Aquagurl45

    Ok whatever. I don’t believe any of u!!! Ur all lying!!! U al r making my head hurt so bad!!! I’m getting confused!!! If u don’t believe what I’m about to say, ok fine, but it’s tru. I can tell if u guys r lying or not. I was born with it. Sometimes, i can tell when someone’s going to die. Or sometimes i can tell what someone is thinking. But only sometimes. Anyways, waz up and bye bye!!!!

  437. 437 Aly

    well guys i’m testing on a fish DNA and ..i’m crazy to be a scientist.. i’m trying my best to mix Fish and human ..if i’m done ..i’ll tell u>>>>>>>>>>>>

  438. 438 Lee

    hello guys..i’m a real mermaid.i can show u a photo of mine..

  439. 439 cate and hariet

    aquagurl45 its ur opinion but were not lyin i swer on my life im not lying plz believe me i can my cameras ernt water proof and im only a mermaid in im in the sea

  440. 440 cate and hariet

    aly its already done humans and fish have bred and me can see mermaids

  441. 441 .... .........

    hi everybody well i cant tell u my name but a can tell u that i am a mermaid yeah a no u problibly think i am so daft but i am not ……….. if u want to turn into a mermaid then lisin up next time u go to the beach dipp ur 2 feet in the water and say this … i want to be part of the water wonder land .

    thanks x

  442. 442 .... .........

    hi its me agen plz talk to me a i am a mermaid remember to try that thin i told u thanks x a will talk to u later ……… ok a wil tell u ma name it is larika

  443. 443 larika x

    yeah thats ma name weard but thats wat ma mermaid dad wanted xxxxbyee

  444. 444 h20

    hi anyone here you people are always here when i am not

  445. 445 ellie

    i really into mermaid stuff

  446. 446 cate and hariet

    … …. um that doesnt work

    morva told me it

    shes one of the magic mermaids

  447. 447 larika x

    is enayone here a REAL mermaid like me ?? coz a relly want some one to swim with now and then x thanks

  448. 448 larika x

    hi a just want to say if that thing i told u dusent work then tell me and i will help u out .x thanks x

  449. 449 larika x

    hi a just forgot to tell u i also no ware u can get fake mermaid tails cheep go online to mertails x thanks

  450. 450 Aliyah Riggs

    hi any one know how to become a mermaid email me.

  451. 451 Aliyah Riggs

    Larika x it seems like you like being a mermaid were do you live.

  452. 452 Aliyah Riggs

    helloooooo any1 hereto talk to

  453. 453 mother earth

    What are you people on about mermaids mermen are just fiction story from when people yoused to go sailing

  454. 454 cate and hariet

    mother earth there proff that we exsust if u dont believe us find get off here NOW i take no messing about

    larakia i said it doesnt work a mermaid who knows magic old me

  455. 455 Alexis

    Daisy & Laura you are lie-ing because you got that story from h2o (just add water) so BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  456. 456 cate and hariet

    any 1 if u want to know my email is

    cheetahsinned(not saying)hotmail.(not saying just in case)

    but dont send any thin rude coz im only 11 and not many emails

    this is to;

    larakia x and daisy and laura coz i understand wot ur saying

    any 1 else and i will complain and change my email

  457. 457 cate and hariet

    ive changed it instead of hotmail its yghoo

  458. 458 h20

    hi yal

  459. 459 cate and hariet

    oh hi if ur talking to me h20

  460. 460 cate and hariet

    oh hi if ur talking to me h20 r u by any chance ttalking to me?

  461. 461 sea

    i want to be a mermaid

  462. 462 papua

    mermaids are not real,because i don’t believe those fairy tale.
    well,then send me one because i don’t believe in those stuff.



  463. 463 cate and hariet

    papua IF UR 12 U GOT AN ATITUDE HAVENT U HOW RUDE IM 11 AND I DONT SAY LIKE THAT MAYBE IF U WERE 12 U WOULDNT BELIEVE IN FAIRY TALES BUT THESE R NOTT type in on ur goggle bar real mermaids and click on u tube real mermaid video

  464. 464 h20

    anyone here

  465. 465 valeria

    i want to become a merimaid

  466. 466 crystal

    who says mermaids dont exist it is hard to put it this way i never was going to share this but (gulp) i am a ………..MERMAID LISTEN to me sing

  467. 467 crystal

    please i am telling through my heart he truth

  468. 468 crystal

    i think being a mermaid is just so cool i got splashed by shamu good thing i had a blanket to hide myself but i got to go to the aquarimn and they picked 1 lucky person to go dive to feed the sharks and fish and i had forgotton that i was a mermaid so i did it and they saw me and they said is that a mermaid and my eyes got real b ig so i showed them my tail they where very amazed!!!!

  469. 469 crystal

    who wants to no how to be a mermaid

  470. 470 crystal

    any body going to answer

  471. 471 crystal

    ok ok i will tell you how i became a mermaid first water somthing like conrete and then make sure the tempeture is in the 70′s but go out side right when the sun sets then make sure the moon is shining on the ground and lay your hand in it and than take the water and pour a drop on u then you might get dizzy at first but u will fall down and discover you have a fish tail! IM TELLING THE COMPLETE TRUTH OF WHAT HAPPEN TO ME

  472. 472 Aquagurl45

    I believe u crystal. I’ll try it. Does it have to be full moon? Or just a regular moon? Tell me plz. Anyways, write back! Bye!!!

  473. 473 catalina and yazmine

    we are real mermaids we have red tails we swim all day we are going to sleep and by the way we are real mermaids oh and we can tell you the spell magic spirits of the deep we want a tail not two feet beauty be a pon me fish all kinds let me see when i am finished with the sea when i am dry my feet will return to me








    :D :D :D :D

  477. 477 h20

    wats up everyone that is here

  478. 478 cate and hariet

    i cant cme

  479. 479 cate and hariet

    i don live near a sea

  480. 480 h20

    hello hola hey there how else can i say hi

  481. 481 h20

    is anyone here

  482. 482 anthony

    dear h2o you are so so so so so so so so stupid :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :

  483. 483 Jackie

    You can be joking but one thing i know is that my parents found me on their boat and kept me i am not really their’s. That could mean i am a mermaid. When i go to the beach i here a vocie underwater saying come back home but i dont know who it is. It might be my mother because it sounded like a female. When i go to sleep ever night i dream i am holding a girl mermaids hand and also she said the same thing come back home. So all these things that i have told you which are true i was having the feeling i could be a mermaid.

  484. 484 summer

    my mom says that i swim like a fish, and i’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, and well wht do u know i’m i the prosses of making one!!! but there’s one prob i can’t semm to find a model fin, could u try and hook me up with a way? thanx summer age 12 =)

  485. 485 yamanya

    hey, i’ve got a fake mermaid tail i can swim in! it’s so cool. if any of u want 1, just go 2! hav fun. xoxox :D

  486. 486 rochelle

    hey if ur really a mermaid tell me how u did thats my life long dream

  487. 487 crystal

    find crystal and read all of it i jut absaloutlly love being a mermaid

  488. 488 crystal

    oooooooooooh ooooooooooooooaaaaaahoooaooooooaooo those ar the sounds of a mermaid

  489. 489 crystal

    crabs my dad is calling me he sonds all mad and he is talking from the shore of any sea

  490. 490 crystal

    Aquagurl 45 it has to be a full moon

  491. 491 crystal

    no lie but mermaids have long beutiful blonde hair like i said before NO LIE iam a mermaid and i have long blonde hair

  492. 492 crystal


  493. 493 h20

    aloaha it means hi

  494. 494 h20

    oh and anthony you are so stupid its hard for me to say how stupid you are

  495. 495 Diane

    i still don’ know if mermaids r real someone tell me

  496. 496 crystal

    mermaids are not fictional there just great thats why i am one oooooooooh oooooooooooooahhh ooooooooooooooooooaaaooooaaaooo

  497. 497 crystal

    i could send a picture of me ok to show i am a mermaid

  498. 498 crystal


  499. 499 nata

    i hate mermaids, they are evil. you are doing such a evil thing if you dont know. so you beter change because what you are doing is sooooo stupid you shurely lack what to do in life. so change and turn to GOD. i justlove you thats why i am saying this, because i don’t want you to BURN in HELL. (prevention is beter than cure) good luck

  500. 500 crystal

    well love God so much but i am a mermaid so deal with it i love all creatures sooooooo much i even sing to the whales i live in Flordia but i bring no harm to any creature

  501. 501 crystal

    i went swimming 2day and guess what i turned into a mermaid you know whats bad i was at a public pool=o (gasp)

  502. 502 Aquagurl45

    STOP WITH THE ‘I’M A MERMAID THING’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iT’S PISSIN ME OFF! IT’S PHISICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U CAN NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER TURN INTO A MERMAID!!!! SO SHUT THE FREAKER-DOODEL UP!!! K, anyways,………oh, never mind. I have to go. Time to work out. Yay!!! ok, bye-bye!!!! ;)

  503. 503 mermaids'r'mint

    hiya everyone, me here if anyone gets mad with me saying this then get mad with me but please read….. this is the first time i have realized to just let my secret out now. i was watching aquamarine the other day and it made me realize when aqua said ” why go through your life un noticed ” that was when i realized i should tell my secret that i am a real mermaid i looked up a sight to tell peopleand i found this one.

  504. 504 mermaids'r'mint

    hiya me again , dont worry the thing i wrote just above this message isnt real i wanted to see how many people believed it when they read it i am working on a piece to make people believe im magic iin this dramathing so i want to know what you thought about that …… any comments?

  505. 505 brianna

    Hi my name is Brianna Banks all my life i wanted to be a real mermaid i am trying to find a real mermaid tail to were in the pool and ido not find it i wish to god for i can turn into a real mermaid i siwm like a real mermaid i love real mermaids i wish i was a real mermaid Love, Briana Banks

  506. 506 brianna

    I wish real memaid s

  507. 507 mermaids'r'mint

    hello brianna, i wish i was a mermaid too. since ive been watching h20 ive really wanted to be a mermaid and have powers . if someone gave me a wish i would deffinatly wish to be a mermaid whenever i touch water. my name is cloe by the way :-) .

  508. 508 cate and hariet



    CRystal i have middle red mermaid hair im a magic mermaid its impossible to change into ne of those u gota be born one then have the power to change into a human

    jackie u r a mermaid i had that same thing happen to me u must be a magic mermaid to

    nata only a 1/4 of mermaids r evil and besides the magi mermaids whiped em out so there r no evil ones left

  509. 509 Lola

    hi don’t go on my website please mermaids r in danger sientist r tring to diesekt me please help the mermaids PLEASE HELP THE MERMAIDS

    please help

  510. 510 lola

    hi its me im a mermaid i dont care if u dont beleve me but i am am a humen to im not 1 of tos ugly mermaids ok

  511. 511 mermaids'r'mint

    hiya is anyone gonna reply to me ?? im
    lonley:-( …………………………..

  512. 512 leah

    mermaids ent ugly at all so u can shut ur fuckin mouth lola

  513. 513 POKEMON

    If u go on they show u how to make a mermaid tail.

    P.S.Mermaids r real no matter what anyone says just cuz u can’t see it dosen’t mean it’s not real.

  514. 514 OMJ!!

    Hey it’s Aquagurl45, just changed the name. “Cate and Harriet”. PISS is not a cuss word. OK?!?!?!?! So I’ll say it all I want!!!!! PISS PISSER PISSING PISSED OFF. PISS PISS PISS. HA!!! How ’bout that!?! If I knew ya in reality, i would kick ur @$$!!!!!! So get off my back. I’m probably older than ya anyways. OK, time to work out again. Bye-bye!!!!!

  515. 515 OMJ!!

    Hey it’s Aquagurl45, just changed the name. “Cate and Harriet”. PISS is not a cuss word. OK?!?!?!?! So I’ll say it all I want!!!!! PISS PISSER PISSING PISSED OFF. PISS PISS PISS. HA!!! How ’bout that!?! If I knew ya in reality, i would kick ur @$$!!!!!! So get off my back. I’m probably older than ya anyways. OK, time to work out again. Bye-bye!!!!!

  516. 516 mermaids'r'mint

    hey cloe here ,yeah, i agree with cate and harriet OMJ!! .there are little children on here and you dont want them growing up saying things like that .
    you still might be older than me but i am not bothered , age doesnt matter . its about young children not learning to swear .

  517. 517 martyka

    omg you acully have those most of these poeple are retarded on this thing that are messageing you.

  518. 518 nia

    hi tyka

  519. 519 nia

    hey martyka hows it goin?

  520. 520 nia

    hey martyka hows it goin?

  521. 521 martyka

    pretty goood you!

  522. 522 martyka

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia nia

  523. 523 cate and hariet

    heyhey it me cate and hariet “OMJ”oh yh prove it ur a suking loseru think ur so tough u wanna fight then lets fight but u cant beat me im 11 im a black belt in karate and i do have sharp teeth woeva i bite bleeds u wanna swear then go but ill just find u and next thing u know ur computer will be in pieces do u still wanna swear ur just a low down pethetic loser and u sin wiht atitude swering is for netitther kids OR adultts if u wanna go to hell keep doing wot ur doing

    leah im only 11 i go a word for ya SUT UP U LOSER swear word r just for jelous baby losers
    and ull jus go to hell

  524. 524 cate and hariet

    no i think ull find before u even touc me urll be unconcious before u even see out?!?!?!?!?! more like eat like a pig.u got off ma back u got an issue girl a bad one and atitude oh come on u really believe u can beat me think again ive been in computer wars and ive always won.wot did u say to me hu oh yh u think ur tough and becoz ur one a computer u can make fun of me well heres one for u

    u think u can say tthat over and over well look at that i never knew u could do that ur so FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.NOW U THINK UR SO TOUGH HA im not fat like u no wonder u swear u cant even see ur feet or teos ur that fat

  525. 525 mermaids'r'mint

    is anyone gonna reply to me ???????????? pleeeeeeeeeease i keep saying stuff but people are just making there way round me pleeeeeeeeeease im lonley .just 1 little reply wil do :-) has anyone seen aquamarine??????????

  526. 526 mermaids'r'mint

    by the way CATE and HARRIET .you go girls !!! dont let anyone get in your way :-) GO CATE GO HARRIET GO CATE GO HARRIET. im 13 by the way :-)

  527. 527 cate and hariet

    cool i want to see aquamarine but a stpid girl at a rent counter forgot where she put the discs for it i was furious sorry ive been ignoring u i dont go on here often i must hav missed ur replys :D do u go onto bin weevils if u dont type in binweevils on the google bar its only for kids to make ur own thing and live in a bin and meet new ppl as the binweevil u can talk to them and stuff its really cool

    wait ur 13 a cooler girl than me and ur cheering for me tnx um im just one girl i couldnt decide which name to go for so i chose both lol

  528. 528 cate and hariet

    my name is changing soon to a mermaid type of name

  529. 529 turquoise&aquamarine

    i im cate an hariet with a new name rani the magic mermaid RTMM for short no another name turquoise&aquamarine

  530. 530 POKEMON

    Mermaid Spell:

    at night get into the bath tub and turn out the lights
    sprinkle two pinches of salt on bolth sides of you and resite
    mermaid when wet human when dry this is the thing i most desire
    4 times
    then get out of the bath tub
    with your legs crossed and hands on symbol
    [you do not have to stay like this it is just wise that you do] like use ribon or tape
    then when you wake up the next time you tuch water you will be a mermaid

  531. 531 POKEMON

    Another Mermaid Spell:

    Insouciant inclemency
    Redoubtable mediocracy
    Refutable humanity
    Make me what I wish to be…
    Witches one and witches all
    Give this power to me

    Repeat 10 times

    Whatever you do, DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE DRY!!!!! You do not have to be in the bath, shower, pool, or ocean while you say this. Some part of you just has to be touching water. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY THIS ON A FULL MOON. Just don’t look at it or you will regret looking at it (after saying the spell)

    After saying this spell, you will probably have side effect(s)
    -Legs changing color/getting itchy, tingly or achey
    -Difficulty breathing
    -Coughing fits when in water
    -Being able to breathe in water/hold your breath longer
    -Random anger
    -Scales appearing on your skin
    -Gills appearing on your neck or under your armpits
    -Legs sticking together or wanting to stay together
    -Legs crossing by themselves
    -Constant thirst even after drinking lot of fluid
    -Wanting to touch or be in water
    Sometimes side effects dont happen untill 2 weeks after saying the spell

    Tail colors vary, and you do not decide what color your tail will be. It takes about a month for your tail to fully develope.

    You do not get to choose your power. Powers I’ve heard of are the H2O powers (heating, freezing, or shaping water), psychic powers, and telekinesis. The power may take up to 2 months to develope.

    For this spell to work, you need to have a symbol; something that is special to you and is on your upper body (so it will still be visible when y.ou grow a tail). It can be a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, your hair, your eyes, etc. You cannot take it off for more than two hours at a time or you will lose your powers and tail or the spell won’t work. You also have to believe the spell will work or else it won’t work.

  532. 532 mermaids'r'mint

    thank you so much for replyin too me . im happy now :-) . cool names by the way :-) jus watching h20 inni the best lol.

  533. 533 sofia

    hi i am sofia and i love mermaids but i never see one and i have a mermaid book and i play little mermaid

  534. 534 sofia

    can someone talk to me. please

  535. 535 danny

    is this spell true??. i mean i’m not gonna do it. but just curious.

  536. 536 turquoise&aquamarine

    yh i love h20 but not charlotte she took all there powers and wot one is she she made her get really angry with them all

  537. 537 sofia

    hi hey turquoise and aqamarine you guys are right charlotte is mean

  538. 538 sofia


  539. 539 mermaids'r'mint

    charlotte is the kind of person that gets jealous of you for having some think then she has to get it . but i do think she is really pwitty :-) i like rikki , shes cool :-)

  540. 540 mermaids'r'mint

    by the way how did you guys find out about this website ????

  541. 541 turquoise&aquamarine

    yh sofia shes always mean she needs to be calmer i dont know why shes so mean

    yh mermaids’r'mint rikki is the best wich power has she got again i keep forgeting i found it by typing in mermaids in tthe google bar

  542. 542 mermaids r mint. 2.

    hi still me again mermaids are mint am jus on a different computer . rikki has the power to makes thinks heat up (i think) hav u got msn TURQUOISE&AQUAMARINE ?

  543. 543 turquoise&aquamarine



    heres my email ONLY for mermaids’r'mint and sofia

    add me u two and tell me urs

  544. 544 turquoise&aquamarine

    oh h sofia have u got msn to

    mermaids’r'mint ive seen aquamarine its wicked

    the man couldnt find the disc but the lady who was there today just pulled it out where no one has ever cheaked

    sofia and mermaids’r'mint do u wo collect gogos crazy bones?

  545. 545 jman

    hey everyone i have a simple question… can anyuone tell me how to become a semi merman (u know like on h2o but a boy) WITHOUT USING SPELLS cause im a christian but i reallyt wanna b able 2 b 1 oh and if u r gonna say something mean, then dont post it. thanks-jman

  546. 546 mermaids'r'mint

    hi “turquoise&aquamarine”. Thankyou for the adress mine is

    Im glad u hav seen aquamarine it is mint i cant stop watching it its that . :-) .

  547. 547 mermaids'r'mint

    sorry u cant see it very well its

  548. 548 mermaids'r'mint

    i im askin loadsof questtions but like :-| . but have yu got a piczo site ????????

  549. 549 mermaids'r'mint

    sorry again ..omg (if there was a compotition who cud say the word sorry the most times i would probly win !) Anyway after having problems with my computer keyboard the question i asked you just above this was ….. have you got a piczo site?????????????

  550. 550 turquoise&aquamarine

    wots a piczo site???

    u can probly tell i dont have it coz i dont now wot it is lol

    ive sent u a skung fu pic its cool

  551. 551 turquoise&aquamarine

    were taking over the mermaid board its basicly only us on here lol

    have u got bebo

  552. 552 emeralderaise

    hello i am friend julie is typing for me because i don’t no how to type i have read all of your comments i have never heard of you mermaids , oh yes i am a mermaid im in blackpool right now in england by the sea its very nice . if you are wondering i can not grow legs . but my fathers sea spells are wearing off so that meens i can get mine soon so il be ableto have legs then so im pleased about that ill speek to u soon bye .


  553. 553 turquoise&aquamarine

    emeraldrasie r u on bin weevils my mate off the shes in blackpool

  554. 554 Erin

    Im Erin. My whole life is mermaids, ive been wanting to become a mermaid for soo long!please i know your busy and all that but could you spare just 1 minute to answer my question. please its my dream. How Did You Become A Mermaid?Will You Give The Spell Or Whatever You Did To Me? PLEASE!!!!!

    Hopefully You Respond,

  555. 555 fudge face

    all of u shut the hell up now no one knows if mermaids are real or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  556. 556 fudge face

    hello mermaids, how are al of u today!!!!!

  557. 557 fudge face

    hey erin are u a boy!!!!!!!

  558. 558 nicole


  559. 559 omj!

    Well. Cate and Harriett. Or however u spell it. I just call u meany. No offense, but that’s what I think of u. Ok number 1. I’m not fat, I’m underweight for my age, but I’m not anorexic. 2, It’s not cussing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jelly darn’t!!! See? I don’t even say ‘gosh’, cuz i don’t even like that word. I’m a Christian. I go to Church, and I even went to Christian Camp this year to learn more and have fun while I do. So don’t be tellin’ me to go to heck. Or callin’ me fat!!!!!! Just don’t go there. And I don’t care if ur a black-belt. I have sharp teeth too. And I do work out. So bug-off. I have too many problems in my life right now to want to argue with u. I declare a truce. No one wins, and no one looses. If u decline, it just means that u want 2 turn down a friendship with a cool person. So leave me alone, or accept the truce. Bye-bye!!!

    P.S I love jelly beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  560. 560 turquoise&aquamarine

    1 all those r a lie probly

    2 ur not cool ur a loser

    3 if ur a cristian u wouldnt say those words

    4 ive bean awarded world shaprest teeth award

    ur fat or ur aneraxic which one is it either way ur a big fat jelous loser got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and if u call me meany then i will personly track u down and kill u anf if u do say it ill presuvme ur scare and have no oter way off defence coz calling me a meany is petectic and if u duidnt notice ma names changed i have problems to THATS WHY I NEVER EVER EVER BACK DOWN

  561. 561 D'andri

    never back down just do wat you have to do

  562. 562 omj!!

    Ok, u can say all u want about me, I don’t need friends online anyways. I was just trying to b a nice Christian and not get in another war. Well, where do i start. I didn’t want 2 do this, but…. IF UR CALLIN’ ME FAT, THEN UR JUST COVERING UP UR OWN WEIGHT. DON’T BE A JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I’M TOTALLY COOL. K? GOT THAT!?!?! I HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS, I EVEN FORGET THEIR NAMES SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Y WOULD I BE JEALOUS OF A POSER LIKE U?!?!?!? SO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND U COULD NEVER EVER EVER, TRACK ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have WAY more problems than u can even think of!!!!!!!!!!!!! So u can call me names all u want, but I’ll still stand tall. And who gives a crap ’bout ur flippin’ sharp teeth? Or ur pathetic black belt?!!!!! HUH? I sure don’t. SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (p.s. I still like jelly beans!!!)

  563. 563 Taylar

    I have always wanted to be a Real Live Mermaid.
    Is this Fantasy can you make me a Real Live Mermaid that swims under water for like ever.

  564. 564 turquoise&aquamarine

    um keep cool hu or r u being a jerk why would i be fat and ur r WAY NOT COOL IF U THINK UR COOL GOT THAT?OH YH I FORGOT UR SO DUMB U CANT EVEN KNOW WOT THAT MEANS




    at least i have proper friends and a real life if u have problems then who cares if u have em u made em so sort em out ur self in the end ur just gonna leave this world and ur best things mustt be said good bye to and u shall rot in hell then die and rot there again just coz ur a cristian don mean ur gonna go into heaven coz u wont not after u swear bout mermaids not being real then proving there real if u have problems if u have losers as mates if ur school has betrayed u who cares coz i dont give a damn bout it coz it ur problems not mine im not suprised if ur an emo and u dont even know wot it means and u have slit ur rist BTW emo means either emottionly unstable or emotionly disturbed in ur case both

    i love my life even if i fight oh yh ill see u in hell when im helping the devils KILL U

  565. 565 omj!!!

    Ok. I DIDN’T START THIS!!!!!!! UR THE ONE WHO STARTED YELLING AT ME AND I JUST REPLY BACK. AND UR THE ONE WHO’S CUSSIN’. NOT ME!!!!! I WASN’T TELLIN’ U ‘BOUT MY PROBLEMS, I JUST SAID THAT I DON’T WANT AN EXTRA ONE LIKE U. I don’t give a crud if ur dog will track me down. I’ll just take out my gun and shoot u and it in the head. And b.t.w, I also say that ur a retarded, fat, pig zombie who likes to crap down people’s chimmnies. AND U CRAP OUT JELLY-BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i haven’t had jelly-beans since Easter!!! And if i’m emo, then that means that I’m an emo who likes pink and likes to play catch w/ my bros. So just SHUT UP!!!!! Leave me alone, and NO, i won’t go off this site!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate u, ur dog, and ur stupid sharp teeth!!!!

    (P.S I STILL like jelly-beans!!) :)

  566. 566 turquoise&aquamarine

    oh yh right u ent got the h=guts to shot me and ull rot in gail after

    u started this by swearing face the facts

    i wont leave u alone till u leave this site

    well i dont care if u hate me or not that makes no diffrenc to the fact ur gonna be annooyed till u leave

    oh im so scared of threating

    u know wot u shut u bout those jelly beans coz its ovious that u love em

    and u cant spell its cursing not cussing cussing ent a word

    and im not cursing u r

    its not my fault u have problems its ur fault for making em
    i think ur just taking out ur problems on me

    ur just jelius i hav a real life,friends,faamilys and pets but ur mates.u call em friends if u have problems they should help u through it and not get angry im not angry im just telling wot ture coz of them helping me

    i only go on for 1/2 and hour on this computer

    the rest of the day i draw tthats how im so calm and patiant

    if ur angry and impaient then u oviously ignore ur mates get angry for nofing and spend most of ur day using electrical apliances

    and ur writing ur not laid back at all i worry to much just keep calm and only focus on one problem then sort em out one by one

    i dont know why im tryna helping ya i suppose its coz im so calm all the time u worry,get angry,ignore stuff and that lot

    and if u hunt then u dont deserve to live coz u shot aniamls but ur an animal to so shot ur self u wouldnt like that so think of them to they wouldnt like it

    ive hand raised 64 fox cubs coz of hunters killing there mums so leave em alone they have to hunt for food just coz they need to eat ur raised chikens dont mean u can kill em coz they need to eat its not fair on them

  567. 567 omj!!!

    K, I never said I killed animals. In fact, I never said that I hunt. Alls i do is shoot targets. i couldn’t stand 2 shoot an animal. besides, anything i shoot i have 2 eat. I doubt u even raised anything. Stop trying to impress people!!! And stop trying to be a therapist. Ur like, 10 and I’m 13. I once again suggest a truce. If u don’t accept, then I will just not continue this retarded argument. K? Bye

    (P.S I will like jelly beans forever and ever!!!!)

  568. 568 yamanya

    hey there mermaid seekers! i luv mermaids, and i think i might know why u r not seeing them. it’s not that ur not looking hard enough. i beleive that they r very rare in our oceans, they wld not b safe from the human race here. they live in other dimensions, where they r safe from scientists, fishermans, and other humans. but u can still c and talk 2 them. but it will most likley be in ur dreams. so if u ever have a moment in ur dreams that u aware ur asleep, u can invite the mermaids 2 come and meet u. i do it all the time. u can do the same with ghosts as well! :D

  569. 569 yamanya

    hey there! i heard a lot of u wanna b mermaids or hav a tail they can wear and swim in. i hav a silver one that i use all the time. and if u want 1, just go to and u can get either mermaid or siren style. there’s no mermaid 1′s at the moment though. all sold out. but there r still siren 1′s and they r a lot cheaper. i hav a siren 1. hav fun mermaid fans!

  570. 570 yamanya

    gosh, this site really is lonely… :(

  571. 571 turquoise&aquamarine

    im like 11 acalluy the best age u can be.

    um hunting akways means shoting so i dont care if u denie itt but i know that u hunt

    i have raised aniamls actaully,alll ma cousinons and mates all live on farms so i know wot to do coz i raise phesants lambs horses anything i even raise lions aswell coz im the fav at the west midlands safari&leisure park i get prees passes for nofin wich means i get to go in free with any body i like i dont care if u denie it but its true u know i have a red staffie 2 gueani pigs and a gerbil that i have to give loads of attenttion to aswell

    um my(i forgot who it is again silly me)…well anyway ive been tought how to deal with siturations where lots of ppl r mad

    for the final ttime i might aswell accept coz none of us r gonna bak down r we

    i HATE jelly beans but we all have diffrent say to things dont we bye

  572. 572 charlie

    hi im nine and i love to swim i think mermaids are real please tell me how to be a mermaid.

  573. 573 h20

    hi anyone here i need some advise on mermaids and how to turn into one. but i dont live near the occean and it was just a full moon so it wont be another fullmoon for a while. im only nine. so you probaly you dont think i know a lot about things likei have been looking up mermaids alot i have learn a lot about them in my life. but i dont know if they are really real. because i have heard people say they are real but then other people say they are not real. so at the moment im a little confused.i watch lots of videos about them but some of them are fake and other that could be real. i also i study on mermaids all the time. but i cant get a straight answer. i draw them alot too. if i dont find out the answeres to all this i will blow. i mean i have been a fan of mermaids since i was three but i cant get the info i really need. if i turn into a mermaid i will have a good underwater experience at hawaii.

  574. 574 h20

    anyone here?

  575. 575 nicole

    hi um guys i hope u read this she is lying if it is true young lady send me a pic and 2 be a real real real real mermaid u are born with it and u lived in da sea ur hole entire life i love 2 swim h20 just add water is soooooooooooooooooooooosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kool i love rikki thank u bye be my friend plz anyone who likes h2o

  576. 576 jessica


  577. 577 veronica

    wo that is like really amazing and no mater what people say mermaids are very real just cuz you cant see them does not mean they do not exsist you will be great

  578. 578 veronica

    jessica you are a bitch and you should try being more open minded and dont a ct lioke a smart ass

  579. 579 Omj!!!!

    Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veronica u are SO rude!!!!!!!!!! If she doesn’t beleive in them it’s her opinion!!!!!! U can’t change it, no matter what u say about there being different dimensions!!!!!!!! I don’t beleive in them, because I’m Christian. I know that God created the world and he didn’t create any mermaids. If he did it would have said it in the BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh!!!! And y don’t u stop being such a smart butt?!?!?!?!
    Thank u T&A for accepting my truce.
    I was tired of all the fighting. And yes, i wouldn’t have given up. I’m used to fighting. I lived in like a fight or be beaten up type of school. Anyways, thanx again.


  580. 580 Omj!!!!

    Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veronica u are SO rude!!!!!!!!!! If she doesn’t beleive in them it’s her opinion!!!!!! U can’t change it, no matter what u say about there being different dimensions!!!!!!!! I don’t beleive in them, because I’m Christian. I know that God created the world and he didn’t create any mermaids. If he did it would have said it in the BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh!!!! And y don’t u stop being such a smart butt?!?!?!?!
    Thank u T&A for accepting my truce.
    I was tired of all the fighting. And yes, i wouldn’t have given up. I’m used to fighting. I lived in like a fight or be beaten up type of school. Anyways, thanx again.


  581. 581 turquoise&aquamarine

    no need for thanx i started it and in the bible i dont think they metion bout miyths that most ppl thti erntt real

  582. 582 Cammie

    You can get a mermaid tail at . You’re welcome…

  583. 583 h20

    guys im nineined help on this crack here. so quit cursing a nd fighting and give me some dang info. oy

  584. 584 h20

    im nine i need some info so quit giving each other crack and send me somethin.

  585. 585 h20

    oh i found a way to make it feel like your a real mermaid. you can make a tail. if you make a tail it really feels like you are a mermaid.

  586. 586 h20

    if you want to learn how to make a tail go to and go to video then type in how to make a mermaid tail the person on there will show you how to make one.

  587. 587 Zhouyee

    How do i become a realy mermaid i read alot of mermaid tales..

  588. 588 Omj

    T&A, I’ll just shorten ur name, I don’t really understand what u said. Can u re-type it? H2O, I don’t get what u said either. We already stopped fighting. It’s a truce. And I don’t use crack so how can i be giving it to someone? A little humor there. Anyways, bye ya’ll and by the way, my new name is going to be J-biis. It’s short for jelly-beans. anywayz, bye!!!

  589. 589 nanami luchia-chan

    so they will know the mermaids secret!

  590. 590 Lily

    Wow! That lady is awsome, dont you think??
    Wouldn’t it be cool if people could like shiftshape???
    You guys shouldnt be fighting over a silly thing like this, its just an opinion!!!
    Bye Bye!!

  591. 591 h2o

    what i ment was crap j-biis. ok does anyone know how to turn into a mermaid

  592. 592 Camigal

    hey the mermaid
    I really want an h20 tail
    ur sooooo lucky ur brother works for h20
    pleze reply back

  593. 593 J-biis

    Ok, thx. Hey u guys, guess what? Nothing, I’m just bored. Anyways, bye ya’ll!!!

  594. 594 party girl

    that is sooooooo not true (you sad peops)

  595. 595 kiara

    I read your story and I think that is great.I was also woundering if you can tell me were I can get a tail or if you can make me one.

  596. 596 Coolacaala

    you can get one at

  597. 597 turquoise&aquamarine

    look i take !!!s as an insult


  598. 598 h20

    kiara you want me to make you a tail? i you do i guess i can let me know what color you want it to be,um what size , were to send it. it might take a while for the tail to get to where you are and for me to make . if anybody else wants one i guess i can make one for yal too. bye bye

  599. 599 h20

    the reason why it would take long is because i need to find the right colored fabric the right kind of fabric to sew it and im nine

  600. 600 J-biis

    I don’t get y u take !!! as an insult. R u just trying to get people to argue with u? I fu r, it won’t work for me. Anyways, I’m gonna change my name again. It’s gonna be, ummm, how ’bout Party Chick? I just like it because, well, I’ve been to alot of parties in my life. And guys always call me chick. So…. yea. Anyways, bye bye!!!

  601. 601 h20

    huh? you are confusing

  602. 602 kathryn

    anyone know where to buy CHEAP mermaid tails? Plz tell me!!! I’ve tried all da sites all of u have said but they r vvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive.

  603. 603 kathryn

    Where is everyone? mermaids r great! speak, people/mermaids, speak!!!

  604. 604 kathryn

    llllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! llllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! oh, now come on! i’m mega bbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddd!!!!

  605. 605 kathryn

    ok, im gonna come back some time 2morrow, so i hope the world will wake up then!!!

  606. 606 kathryn

    hello??? WHERE IS EVERYONE!?!?

  607. 607 chloe and lana


  608. 608 paigeleigh kinch

    um hi i believe in mermaids i always have done i have a big back piece / tattoo of a mermaid a real mermaid they are not pretty atall and they are no beautiful thing they are killers and that is what they live for . believe me if you want but you should . paigeleigh age 17

  609. 609 Molly Leigh sedgewick

    heyy, if dont believe in mermaids that much, sorry to all u mermaid lovers, but i dont.
    But im writing to support ma bffl Paige leigh u know the one who is goin on bout her tatto, yh well mermaids r beautiful 2 me
    LITTLE MERMAID ROCKS xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  610. 610 paigeleigh kinch

    november 24th its the darkest deepest day for the seas and the mermaids are out in the rocks and waves theyre singing beautifully making higher pitches than any human being can ever make but the reason is to kill they kill the fisher men or anyone in thoughs seas on that night and the mermaids will bring them down slowly and painfully to the bottom of the seas . . . . .all true

  611. 611 Taylor

    omg daisy and lara
    r just dum iodots
    and bitches if any1 has really seen a meraid ring (07)5793212

  612. 612 Taylor 456

    omg daisy and lara
    r just dum iodots
    and bitches if any1 has really seen a meraid ring (07)5793212

  613. 613 Taylor 456

    i luv mermaids

  614. 614 Taylor 456

    any1 want 2 chat

  615. 615 Taylor 456

    dont say that bout daisy and lara

  616. 616 Taylor 456

    Is any1 on!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  617. 617 rici cleo and emma

    hi cleo n emma we kiced rico out of the mermayd club ting cos she wos anoyin!gotta splash.

  618. 618 rici cleo and emma

    hi cleo n emma here we killed rici cos she wos anoyin!gotta spash!

  619. 619 cleo and emma

    now its jus cleo n emma!gotta splash!

  620. 620 Taylor 456

    is any1 on

  621. 621 Taylor

    hey sunny r u on

  622. 622 mstry

    some1 help
    k i was on the beach with my best friend and my dogs then we went swimming now i cant swim so i drownd and now im in this big underwater cave and i need 2 find a way 2 get out do u think mermaids had anything 2 do with this and if u wonder how im typing i dont know this computer must b water proof if any1 can help plz typ back

  623. 623 tamara

    hi marmaids are real but dont you think that if you are mermains youl have a computer in the water\ocen? nont be so mean

  624. 624 lili

    I have allways wanted to be a mermaid itz my dream

  625. 625 moon

    hi anyine here

  626. 626 Tiara aka Babygurl

    hello people i say MERMAIDS ain’t real they are myths n if you b-live it your CRAZY!!n matter of fact the show H2O is fake also.! u can also e-mail me at… Peace

    love Tiara

  627. 627 Emily

    I luv mermaids! im making a tail just outta cool dance/swimmers fabric from walmaty and some foam in pace of the monotail part…

  628. 628 Jasmine

    Hi I’m Jasmine and I’m 9 years old. And I have wanted to be a mermaid since I was about 5. I wish that I could be a mermaid like emma or ricky of h2o. I wish that every time I touched water I would turn into a mermaid.

    see ya to all those mermaid lovers.:-D

  629. 629 Im not telling sorry

    Hey im not trying to scare away any mermaids or anything, but if there are any mermaids that NEITHER parents or ansesters were mermans or mermaids please tell me how to become one!… PLEASE!! I WANT TO BE ONE SOOOO BADLY

  630. 630 Ricy

    hi I saw your story and think it’s realy cool and want to wish you luck on the taill. i ish i had one

  631. 631 not telling my name

    im going to make a tail but im going to cast a spell tonite

  632. 632 not telling (girl)

    hey guess what but dont tell anyone but im actually a real mermaid it takes 1-6 weeks to become one + you get sideffects and a month to get a power. im 11 and im nearly 12. i started in july and took a month for my tail and im about to get my 3rd power. so far i ave got moving water/shaping and heating it. You need the main powers to be a mermaid. My cousin has 5 and she has moving water/shaping, heating, freezing. they are the main powers and she has 2 more which are homaphone and she can make anyboy forgets things and make them do anything she wants. the 5th one is the best power to get. Most people woundn’t believe this but it is really true.

  633. 633 miley cyrus

    hey yall i love talking i got a new albam out for everyone if they now who i am xxxxxmuhhhhxxxx

  634. 634 Sunny

    hey guys i am back i am so sorry i havent been on my computer broke and with school its been really hard i=and if people been on here and saw it when i wrote that i was a mermaid i was kidding i am not well i have to go tak to me bye my email is on top bye!!!!

  635. 635 Moon

    Hi, Miley you are not the real Miley Cyrus. Miley would so say something else. She would also use capitals and other things pplus why would she be on a mermaid site

  636. 636 Party Chik

    I totally agree with u. She’s not the real one. Anyways, Miley Cyrus sucks. Her music is SO not punk. In her music videos, she tries pass off her music as punk, but it is SO far away from being punk. Anyways, gots to go. ~See ya~

  637. 637 Lilly

    Hello! My name is Lilly. I’m 12 and Im a mermaaid! PLEASE write back… PLEASE! you people HAVE GOT TO stop swearing! DANG! I LOVE MERMAIDS AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM! (even though i am one!) I am just like the mermaids in the show h20 just add water. Ok mabey I was joking around im not REALLY a mermaid so if yu know any REAL WORKING spells please tell.

  638. 638 Mollyleigh

    heyy to be honest i used to never believe in mermaids un till i saw these picctures and i woz lik omg ma bffl paigeleigh was right
    Under the sea there are those magical creatures right now it is 50:30am cause i had to cum on the site again but i think they are amazing and the sound of them i bet is magical

  639. 639 Lilly

    ooohhhhhhh. is any 1 here a REAL mermaid!… let me know

  640. 640 Taylor

    is any1 on today

  641. 641 angela

    this is so fabuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  642. 642 sunny

    hey guys its me sorry i havent been on again can any one talk to me i used to always be on and now i will again well talk to me gota zap bye!!!( no one COPY that, that phrase is copyrighted by me like i said way early)

  643. 643 Taylor

    is any1 on today im from nz sooo maby u guys r all sleeping right now

  644. 644 Taylor

    sunny r u on now

  645. 645 sunny

    well i am on now and i check come back to this wqweb site 3 to 5 times a day maybey more well talk to me gota zap bye!!!

  646. 646 sunny

    sorry i messed up on that i said i come to this website 3 to 5 times a day gota zap bye!!!

  647. 647 Taylor


  648. 648 Taylor


  649. 649 Taylor

    Hi madison

  650. 650 madison

    my name

  651. 651 Taylor


  652. 652 Taylor

    no it dosnt

  653. 653 madison

    hi taylor

  654. 654 Taylor

    Fish tablets are dumb

  655. 655 sunny

    hello please can someone talk to me

  656. 656 sunny

    and why is my name not blue anymore why is it black???

  657. 657 Moon

    guys it is impossible to turn into a mermaid you need to buy a tail

  658. 658 Riki

    Hey geys whats up.Its me Riki from H20.We where fake fins nots real ones.The new eposode is coming out today where Zane finds something out about me.Its a suprize.So can’t tell what it is.Got to go reheres.Whatch the new H20.See ya

  659. 659 Taylor 2 sunny


  660. 660 really


  661. 661 daniela

    i believe in mermaids and i noe their languages[well some] though i wont lie to u but i dont get it wat is a fake mermaid tail ? can u swim in it?

  662. 662 daniela

    im 11 and a half by the way, and guys stop lying that u r mermaids . i believe in them but not if people make fun of them.

  663. 663 Taylor

    hi every1
    if there is anymor news bout mermaids tell me plz
    keep wrighting

  664. 664 emily

    Mermaid are real ..because my friend became a mermade and she never came back again sins she was amirmaid ,,,she had to go to mermaids land so thats so sad I never saw her sins I was 5 and now I’m 16 …I was crying when she was mermaid and I wasnt and I asked her how did she became a mermaid she told me that iths a seacret …just dont ever look at the moon for 3 or 2 hours thats what she did thats my story ..sad story;(..

  665. 665 emily

    If u want to become a mirmaid u wont have magical povers ..but u jas never be a human …
    u will be a mirmaid for 50 years or more..
    and I know that because my friend was is a mirmaid and I never saw her again sins I was 5 whatever just never look at the full moon 3 or 2 hours ..because u will become a mirmaid and ……………if u want to heare the rest just tell me

  666. 666 emily

    So if u want to know more info ..=]jast text me ..

  667. 667 crystal

    I know all about being a mermaid it is what i do so tell me all your questions i know every answer!!!!!!!read all about me cuz just love being a mermaid

  668. 668 crystal

    plz talk to me i love being talked to

  669. 669 katherine

    i wish to be a mermaid in Cuba they have magical shells

  670. 670 Party Chik


  671. 671 Party Chik


  672. 672 Party Chik


  673. 673 Party Chik


  674. 674 Party Chik


  675. 675 Party Chik


  676. 676 Party Chik


  677. 677 Party Chik


  678. 678 Party Chik

    U are

  679. 679 Party Chik


  680. 680 Party Chik


  681. 681 Party Chik


  682. 682 Oceantric

    What is going on here??? WOW

  683. 683 Moon

    I don’t care if you think i sound stupid or not, But yall need to shut your dang pie hole party chick!!!! I am sick and tired of you with your fat mouth!!! So SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  684. 684 Moon

    I don’t care if you think i sound stupid or not, But yall need to shut your dang pie hole party chick!!!! I am sick and tired of you with your fat mouth!!! So SHUT UP!!!!!!!
    I mean come on.

  685. 685 sheniya

    mermaids are real and interasting sea animals so there are real

  686. 686 crystal

    I’m a mermaid!Yeah Me!!!

  687. 687 crystal


  688. 688 Party Chik


  689. 689 Party Chik


  690. 690 Party Chik


  691. 691 Party Chik

    Make me? ;P

  692. 692 tania


  693. 693 Party Chik

    Hi all

  694. 694 Luna

    Hi do u know were the H2O shop is so i can get a mermaid tail like Emma Rikki and Cleo’s.But my mum does not belive in mermaids and thinks i am silly and it’s my secert to be a mermaid,soon next year i am going on holiday but i want to go Hawii or Astrulia were H2o is filmed (does anyone no were it is flimed) and the tail can’t be expesive and i really really want to be a mermaid.

    H.E.L.P LUNA

  695. 695 Luna

    Hello is anyone going to anwser me?

  696. 696 crystal

    It was filmed at england but come visit me and you will see a mermaid and party chik u r sssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rude.

  697. 697 crystal

    Plz read all about me plz!!!!!!!!!!

  698. 698 crystal

    ooooooaahhhhhoooooahooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Mermaid sound im tellig you

  699. 699 crystal

    By the way i no Miley Cyrus just go to she comes to your door or eats with you or takes you on sweepstakes it is your choice i promise with all my heart gotta go!bye!!!

  700. 700 Aquako

    You guys dont have to believe me….. BUt I am a mermaid…. If you believe me heres my email: and I will send you pics. of what its like and tell ya. the truth is we mermaids (and mermen) only transform in SALT WATER. My clan and folk live beside a small island right off the bahamas.Look for us! we live below it… YOu wont find us though… if you do u wont come back alive… Yes, we do lure you into the and drown you.. but some of us are good like me:) but my friend, boy!She has killed many. If the guy is cute we still lure him but turn him into a merman with a kiss.

    Swimming on dolphins backs, and bathing on rocks it fun,


    P.S. I own a dolphin withh my email(above) i will send u pics. of her.(my dolphin.
    P.S. Yes we do not wear tops just a tail…NO TOP! only on special ocasions that we wear tops… any questionsÉ email me!!!

  701. 701 crystal

    So not true read all about me. I will tell u how to get him to turn into a merman and yall live happily ever after!I have one myself I am only 16 and his name is Cole

  702. 702 crystal

    By the way you would have to sponser a dolphin you can’t own one my friend is sponsering a penguin and it is not like she can put it in her back yard she has got 4 dogs and 2 cats I have a shark that i am sponsering and he does not live any where in my house you can go visit them any time you want but only u because you are they only person who ca n sponser them u pick the animal you want to sponser and after the shark is out of buisness so nobody else can sponser him. do u get it now you can not possibly have a real dolphin it is just impossible your parents must have gone wacko if the let u have a real dolphin.well bye!!!

  703. 703 Luna

    Hello is anyone gonna talk to me.

  704. 704 Aquako

    I do own one! lives in ocean… very tame

  705. 705 Aquako

    i will

  706. 706 crystal

    no you dont if you did your parents have gone wacko so no you dont and by the way hi luna and Aquako u are such a liar

  707. 707 crystal

    i am a real mermaid my hair is blonde and long my tail is the most beautiful blue you will ever see of course mermaids dont have Tops!!!And you would think how imbarassing it is to swim in front of mermen!you do not know my life i am a real mermaid i am sponsering a shark and YOU DO NOT HAVE A DOLPHIN AT YOU HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  708. 708 crystal

    i am a real mermaid my hair is blonde and long my tail is the most beautiful blue you will ever see of course mermaids dont have Tops!!!And you would think how imbarassing it is to swim in front of mermen!you do not know my life i am a real mermaid i am sponsering a shark and YOU DO NOT HAVE A DOLPHIN AT YOU HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE BYE

  709. 709 irina

    ok then how did u become a mermaid?

  710. 710 Aquako

    I became a mermaid when I was only six. I dont remember fully but i do remember falling into the water on a windy day. Ever since I have lived under water…. I got saved by something… Anyways a few years later we were able to leave and live a human life and go back to the ocean.

    If you want to like us here`s a site that makes you…. almost… like us.
    He makes mermaid tails and tops that work under water and propelel you through the water. GUARENTEE

  711. 711 irina

    ok then can you show me a picture of yourself?plzzz?

  712. 712 Aquako

    sure! what is your email?

  713. 713 crystal

    Go to and there is a picture of me

  714. 714 Anonymous

    i just drew a mermaid and kow it just came toy life

  715. 715 Anonymous



  716. 716 qua

    what do the pic mean thats a real mermaid or something

  717. 717 Aquasia

    I am Aquasia and i am a mermaid. There is a picture of me on actually u have to request it

  718. 718 Aquasia

    I am Aquasia and i am a mermaid. There is a picture of me on actually u have to request it. You must be thinkig im aquako but im not cuz im aquakos sister

  719. 719 raewyn

    hi i’m just asking if there mermaids that are real

  720. 720 amina


  721. 721 crystal

    Mermaids are real and don’t be telling us what to do it is just a belief that some one like me believes in so you mind your own bees wax OK by th way I know Miley Cyrus go to

  722. 722 crystal


  723. 723 mermaidcleo

    whats up i tried a spell and i have a green pink blue tail! omg

  724. 724 cynthia

    Are you in london

  725. 725 crystal

    I like you people want to be BFF’S read all about me and my past but u have to go up and I do not like Anonymous at all she is just plain rude (But this is only an offer to Cynthia & Mermaideo nobody else)

  726. 726 crystal

    Anybody there????(cry)

  727. 727 crystal

    Hey go to Buildabearville it is so much fun

  728. 728 crystal

    If you see the name NoelNice6 or MicaylaAdorable13 or Blaire Blue that is me it is on Buildabearville and you can chat!!!!!!!!

  729. 729 iuliana

    i want a tail to, my wish is to be a mermaid! 11 years

  730. 730 Kareena

    hey, this is Kareena, i like tell you something,why you always lie to everybody you are mermaid, oh please you know that there no such thing a real mermaids beside, this Kareena who in 5 grade A+ straight grade and i am 11 year old and i am smart pants than all people in world

  731. 731 Ameila

    oh she right there no such things a mermaid

  732. 732 Kareena

    yawn i will talk you tomorrow morning 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM sharp

  733. 733 Kareena

    bye people, who i didnt know a people

  734. 734 ashley

    hey people. could you please email me some spells that u have used and have been successful? also for the real mermaids who are on here PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TELL ME HWO U BECAME ONE. also email me if u just want to chat. :)

    my email:

  735. 735 Tina

    Hi.I really admire Mermaids and someday I dream of being a mermaid just like u.If ur a mermaid and ur on this site PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TEACH ME HOW TO BECOME A MERMAID & if u need someone to talk to u can always email me at: OR

  736. 736 Tina

    Hi.I really admire Mermaids and someday I dream of being a mermaid just like u.If ur a mermaid and ur on this site PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TEACH ME HOW TO BECOME A MERMAID & if u need someone to talk to u can always email me at: OR

  737. 737 crystal

    Hey Tina I know how to be come a mermaid anybody who wants to be my BFF is going to know how to I know all the spells for a mermaid and somtimes I just need someone to talk to so are you up for it????

  738. 738 Claire

    Where is the mermade?

  739. 739 crystal

    i am the mermaid

  740. 740 Nonya

    will u all just shut up!!! there r no such thing as mermaids!!! so shut ur mouths all about how they’re real!!! is they were, it would be written in the Bible!!! but there is no proof that they’re real!!!SO SHUT UP!!!!!!

  741. 741 crystal

    you shut up dont be telling us what to do ms bossy pants if u dont like mermaids then just leave dont ever come back to this website

  742. 742 Tina


  743. 743 Nonya

    y dont ya try an make me git off??? ya cant. ha ha ha. an besides, how do ya know im even a gurl??? maybe im a dude, or i could be michael jackson. so, u never know.
    and there arent any spells 2 turn anyone in2 a mermaid. THEY DONT EXIST!!!!!!!!!! THEY R FAKE!!!!!! just like everyone who sayz they r mermaids. ur all liars!!!!

  744. 744 mia/nina from degrassi

    I actually think its cool.

  745. 745 Sunny

    HEY people i am so so so so soryr for not being on for a LONG time well bye

  746. 746 Anonymous

    your not really mermaids r u ?

  747. 747 goocha

    ur not really mermaids r u ?

  748. 748 lol


  749. 749 crystal

    i hate Nonya who would like to be my BFF?

  750. 750 Nonya

    *boo hoo hoo* im SO sad!!! crystal hates me *boo hoo hoo* *sniffle sniffle* NOT. idc if u dont like me. mermaids r still not real. but hey, who am i 2 judge u. i wont judge u. im just tryin 2 prove a point dats all.

  751. 751 BREANNA


  752. 752 BREANNA


  753. 753 BREANNA


  754. 754 Nonya

    2 bad. ur not gonna become 1 cuz they r fake and a figment of the imagination. invented by sailors a long long long time ago. the sailors were stupid obviously. but they rnt real!!!! stop tryin 2 become 1!!!!!!! IT WILL NEVER EVER EVER HAPPEN!!!!!! get it thru yo head!!!!! IT CANT HAPPEN!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  755. 755 sophie

    crystal is so my bff.

    you rock crystal

  756. 756 sophie

    crystal is really my bff everyone who doesnt belive in fairies your wrong.

  757. 757 sophie

    nanya or whatever your name is you suck.

    oops did i hert your feelings


  758. 758 Nonya

    i d c if u think i suck!!!! fairies and mermaids and leprachauns and all that crap are F A K E!!!!!!!!!D U H!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and btw sophie ur a biotch. oops, did i hurt UR feelings???? L O freakin L jack____!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D !!!

  759. 759 RO

    Hi i am RO(those are just my anishials and i don’t want to tell my real name) If you have any spells that you can tell me e-mail me at!

  760. 760 RO


  761. 761 RO

    oh i get it, it is early in the morning and everyone is asleep.

  762. 762 RO


  763. 763 RO

    yawn, i think i will just log off and try to rest since it i like 4:00 am

  764. 764 RO


  765. 765 RO

    oh yeah it is still early morning.


  766. 766 sophie

    what is your problem nonya you dont have to be so mean.

  767. 767 crystal

    Shut up Nonya lets get this sraight i believe in it some other people believe in it so if we keep saying stuff that we think is real you leave us alone but if you would be nice to us you might actually have some friends ok tht is all im trying to tell you if you cant be nice leave us alone and by the ay sophie is so my bff

  768. 768 demi

    how could i become a mermaid

  769. 769 Nonya

    sophie sophie sophie. dont u understand? sometimes u hav 2 b mean in order 2 get the message through someones thick skull!!! and crystal, for the last time I DONT CARE if sophie is ur freakin bff. for all i know, sophie is just u 2. and i will never be nice 2 people who r acting like idiots. sure, u guys hav opinions, but, *hahaha*, SO DO I!!!!! its a free country here in the U.S. and, according 2 my knowledge, “freedom of speech” is one of my rights. So, without any further explaning, BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!

  770. 770 crystal

    ok im sorry but could u loose the temper just a tad bit i would love to be bff with u only if u are willing to be mine sound like a deal?plz be my bff

  771. 771 bff MAN


  772. 772 bff MAN


  773. 773 Sarah B

    Hi guys on 43 things the have hundreds of spells this is the best working one

    Insouciant inclemency Redoubtable mediocracy Refutable humanity Make me what I wish to be A MERMAID Witches one and witches all give this power to me

    It takes 3 to 6 weeks to work and you have to be touching water you also have to have a symbol like a necklace or earings.There are side efects but you have to go on 43things to find out about them

    dont worry there not painful.

    If you need other spells please email me

  774. 774 Nonya

    u know, im just sick and tired of all u dumb, crazy peepz talkin bout how mermaids r real!!!! and bff man?!?!?! oh, u hav no idea wat i want 2 say 2 u in person!!!!!!!!!!! sure, i may hav my “blonde moments” every now and then, but…… this is not one. so if u don’t mind SHUTTIN THAT HOLE IN THE MIDDLE OF UR FACE id be happy 2 ask u a question. if i dont seem 2 know wat 0 plus 0 is, then i must know how 2 spell better than u. cuz i know for a fact that “know is spet K N O W. not no. K? Ok.

  775. 775 aaron

    how do u become a mermaid

  776. 776 Nonya

    YOU DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON’T, YOU DON’T, YOU JUST CAN’T!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!

  777. 777 Joelle

    I always want to see a mermaid and i want to be one just like a show called H2O it is great and i hope mermaids are real and i can be one!!!!!!! Thanks to you guys and girls and i really thank you because you solve my question and help me find the answer!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  778. 778 Joelle

    I love mermaids and i believe in them because i have the little mermaid dvd and i have three kinds of the little mermaid dvds and h2o and please send me a picture

  779. 779 Joelle

    hey amberlea this is Joelle i can be your new friend even though i am 9 years old is that fine with you??

  780. 780 Nonya

    ok, it’s fine for lil kids that r like 10 and younger, but how many of u r older than that??? i mean seriously, hav a lil dignity please!!!!im never gonna come back on here k? an i hope ya’ll will not act so STUPID and get a life outside of fairy tales. l8er

  781. 781 kelsey

    ok people i need help. anyone know how to become a mermaid?! me and my sister and cuzin want to become one real bad.. but we dont know how! please please please try and help us out.. and ill tell ya’ll if any of this stuff works =] ill be the idiot that tries the random stuff =]

    thxxxxxx sm kelseyy

  782. 782 katie t.

    hey ur soooo kewliozz!!!could u send me pix of u as a mermaid??my email address is

  783. 783 Ariah Stone

    If you want to know then look into the light of the full moon……..Trust me

  784. 784 crystal

    hey i do not have any bffs on here will somebody be mine

  785. 785 crystal

    and i so want bff man to be mine if you know what i mean

  786. 786 crystal

    hey kelsey i know all about being one go up and you will see the instructions

  787. 787 taylor

    mermaids are the collest things anybody can ever be.i’m even going to become a mermaid by this spell that is on any of you guys want to become a mermaid, go to and type in inousiant inclemency spell and then click on do you want to be a mermaid now? have fun being a mermaid
    ps, PEACE!!!

  788. 788 crystal

    hey ok i dont have any bffs on here will somebody be mine and i really want bff man to do you know what with me

  789. 789 crystal


  790. 790 waterlilly

    my name is lilly i like in the pacific ocean
    i need a special potion to get out of the water
    and have an earthee’s legs. if im not in the water
    by sundown i turn into an earthee forever!

  791. 791 crystal

    if you help me get bff man to like me i will help you

  792. 792 crystal

    dont worry that happens to me to i no the perfect poition and i have a spell to go along with it

  793. 793 crystal


  794. 794 Nanya


  795. 795 nandi

    where can i buy a mermaid tail that i can find in florida and one that i can swim in like the ones for the mermaid shows. when you find out please e-mail me back.

  796. 796 Tyler

    Mermaids are so cool. I whsh a unop star i can be a mermaid.


  797. 797 crystal

    Nanya i now just be my freind first

  798. 798 alex

    ok daisy and laura ur not mermaids they are real but they live in the lost city of atlantis h2o is a pretend show

  799. 799 alex

    ok i need help i want to not be a mermaid

  800. 800 Alexis McKenna

    how do you turn into a mermaid?

  801. 801 janlene

    alam ko na ang mga sirena ay totoo pero ano ang tunay nilang hitsura at saan sila naninirahan bakit ayaw nilang magpakita sa mga tao dahil ba sa papatayin sila

  802. 802 crystal

    Say what?People mermaids dont have tops so it shows their boos

  803. 803 crystal

    Oops i meant B-O-O-B-S

  804. 804 crystal


  805. 805 alilac

    yes they are real i am one it gets annoying sometimes right now i a telling this to a friend to type in but being a mermaid it is fun but it does get hard sometimes i hate it when people don’t belive in mermaids it is like say i don’t belive in humans so please we want to reveal ourselfs but our master does not let us so just please belive me.

  806. 806 crystal

    hey im a real one to will you be my bff?

  807. 807 Musa

    I want to be a mermaid

  808. 808 someone

    mermaids are totaly real, me and mermaids are closer than you think.

  809. 809 annie

    Hey can you tell me how to turn into one

  810. 810 crystal

    Sure but WHOOOOOOOOOOOO wants to be my friend????????????Idont have any friends

  811. 811 jeany

    datz stupid! hahahaha

  812. 812 crystal

    would u like to be my friend PLZ

  813. 813 Aquamarine


  814. 814 Aquamarine

    I read the whole page and, crystal I would like to be your friend. I’d love to be a mermaid I’ve tried a spell now im just waiting for the rusults.

  815. 815 Aquamarine

    I mean results

  816. 816 Aquamarine

    can you tell me about the mermaid powers.

  817. 817 kayla

    are you a real mermaid. cuz I rilly want to be one. And were do you get those fake mermaid tails.

  818. 818 Chloe

    Hi im Chloe and i really want to be a mermaid! I wish i was born as a human mermaid so when i touch water i could be a mermaid! I dont know if they exist so i dont want to say yes they exist because the pictures of dead ones might be other creatures or just costumes that people have left so that people think that the definitely exist!

  819. 819 Chloe

    I love dogs aswell! If i could be an animal id be a dog, if i couldent be a dog id be a tiger and if i couldent be a tiger id be a horse! LOL i am really mad! Oh well it’s just a dream. Mermaids still rock though!
    :P :P :P :) :) :) ;) ;) ;) :P :P :P :) :) :) ;) ;) ;) :P :P :P :) :) :)

  820. 820 sarena giles

    they are really real images are show just go to google and type are mermaids real it might have some choices and some will have real pictures of them are are really real.

  821. 821 Elle

    I have luvd mermaids from the first time I watched ‘the little mermaid’ and now i can’t get enough of H20 just add water and i’m always watching a cool film called ‘aquamarine’ and a really old film that my mum used to watch when she was a little girl called ‘splash’. I asked father christmas this year if he could make me into a mermaid. It didn’t happen because i think it’s a hard and tricky job for him and he’s still working on it. I’ve tried sitting in a bath of really salty water for ages but that didnt work. so if anyone has any other ideas please let me know. MERMAIDS ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!

  822. 822 ellie

    i wish i was one

  823. 823 ellie

    can i turn in to a marmaid

  824. 824 ellie

    i whent onto a spell place i am wating for the results when i tuch water i am sopos to turn into a mermaid please come reasults

  825. 825 Cleo Rikki Emma

    we are the mermaids from h20 just add water

  826. 826 crystal

    If you read all about me then you will find out that you dan be a mermaid cause i am one.Being a mermaid might change your life my parents dont even know i am a mermaid only my 2 BFFS know and every one on this page now.

  827. 827 chloe

    i would love to be a mermaid i wis i really do

  828. 828 Kate

    All of yall who say you are a mermaid and have powers are pitiful. If mermaids ARE real, then they wouldn’t have powers, they couldn’t speak english, unless, like parrots, they can learn from hearing stuff.

  829. 829 Anonymous


  830. 830 Lara and Daisy

    I love this website its the and Daisy are best mates but we always go on holiday together but this year i dont think we are going too. send me! i love aqua marine it is so cool and i seen this film that i rented from block busters and it was called Mermaids it was really cool is so awesome to rent it is so good. I know it seems that i have wrote alot but i should not really ask this on a mermaid website because i wondered how do you book tickets for Miley Cyrus Because i LOVE I MEAN LOVE HER SONGS,MUSIC AND HER VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  831. 831 Lara and Daisy

    Nonya I have not wrote for a while and when i came back to it i thought there would be nice messages but there wasnt
    i think all of us want yu to leave the website and to start a nice life not like what you are doing so if you want friends you’ve got to earn them by being nice like all of us are but you aren’t the best to talk to so stand up and be nice. i thin thats all we want you to do. Soz about the not nice begining From Lara and Daisy hope to get a nice message soon so cya bye!

  832. 832 sophie and lillyanne

    to all the mermaids we rillly bleve in you all we are so going to track you all down xxxxxxxxxx
    love lods sophie and lillyanne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  833. 833 jade

    hi everyone i wont to be a mermaid aswell i am 11 years old and i think im the only one has seen a real mermaid when we when one holiday

  834. 834 jade

    hi is anyone there please talk to me i am like so bored and does anyone know where to get a waterproof mermaid tale

  835. 835 Annie

    does anyone want to become a mermaid? cos i no tons of spells, even though i am not a witch but i have searched ALL OVER THE INTERNET for tons of spells to become a mermaid.
    But here is a fast and easy one although its long:

    dip your hand in water and say this ten times, either thinking about your hair or eyes:
    “Insoosiant inclemency
    Redowtable mediocracy
    Refutable humanity
    Make me what I wish to be…
    Witches one and witches all
    Give this power to me”

    You may get side affects, say legs itchy and achy, stomachaches, legs feeling tingly, mermaid dreams, even legs growing scales or changing color!

    Hope this works for ye!

  836. 836 Natasha

    hi. I know the spell how to become a mermaid. just e-mail me at hope you e-mail me back soon from a friend Natasha

  837. 837 lauryn

    hey mermaids are real i beleive in mermaids and i so want to be one at the moment i was hoping to get a fake mermaid tail can u ask ur brother where do you live cause we could be friends i live in london luv lauryn plus my fav name is auqualia

  838. 838 ella

    i love it

  839. 839 janelle


  840. 840 haley

    hey i love mermaid’s

  841. 841 janelle

    hey i love mermaid’s

  842. 842 miley

    hey this is really miley so u think mermaids r really real because i see them in youtube and some r fake and also some looks like it’s real so i’ll come tommorrow and see now answer this question or go to youtube and go to miley and mandy show because that’s where i put my real show and i was just having fun please watch…Not hahaha

  843. 843 megan

    i really beleive in em aswell that pic luks fake legs and we didnt get 2 see the tail properly its in the water

  844. 844 dianara

    i really love mermaids and i want them to see and i hope that mermaids are true they said to see is to believe

  845. 845 gaby

    where are the spells at

  846. 846 Caitlin

    hey i LOVE mermaids i think they are neat.i want a tail. How did yall become mermaids??

  847. 847 Lorrin

    ok please dont hate me i believe in mermaids and really want 2 b 1 but how can “the mermaid” be typing if shes underwater cause if shes a fishwoman she has gills on their sides on their neck. so bummed me

  848. 848 crystal

    Hey anymous remember me >:-)

  849. 849 crystal

    Hey Caitlin i know exactly how to be one!!!!!!

  850. 850 Caitlin


  851. 851 Caitlin

    are you still online

  852. 852 crystal

    im back just read and your questions will be answered.!!!!!

  853. 853 Caitlin

    tell me how to be one

  854. 854 karmen williams

    I would love to see a real mermaid but I don,t think I can.I think mermaids are amazing but scary.

  855. 855 Caitlin

    crystal look it up and tell me how

  856. 856 sam

    HOW DO I TURN TO A MERMAID!!!!!!!!!!

  857. 857 dreamer

    I was just wondering about the existence of memaids and godlike beings. When i stumbled on this website. You guys are all so passionate about mermaids. I really respect that. I really like shows like Charmed and H20. (The mermaids in the show)
    Looking online i have some possible existence of mermaid life. I would like to explore it further. Maybe if im lucky when im older on my travels around the world i might just see one.
    Keep Dreaming
    xxx :)

  858. 858 dreamer

    This is just a theory. I think that mermaids who can change into human form is a myth. impossible.
    I think that maybe there are a species of aquaius mammals who look a little like humans that have hidden away from the public eye and be known as mermaids.
    I believe people who say they have seen a mermaid. Perphaps possibly it could have been a big fish or the creature i described but oh well

  859. 859 lily



  860. 860 Stephanie

    Really nice full heavy duty all encompasing mermaid wetsuits are custom made by Cricket at a great site for mermaid scuba diving. However, if fox moon is too expensive for you all that is left is sewing your own.

    Fox Moon, somewhere in the $100 range.

    Otterbay, full mer wetsuit about $700

    Real “Splash” prostetic as used in movie $6,000 when on sale.

    For most persons wishing a really good tail, I strongly recomend Cricket at Otterbay. She is great and good to work with. She has the design pretty cleverly figured out.

  861. 861 school of rock

    hey we love mermaids and ur site but we r at school so we do not want a minor infraction well bye

  862. 862 Hannah Montana

    Hey this is Miley Cyrus your web site rocks I’m watching it right now it doesn’t suck it rock’s

  863. 863 Caitlin

    hey its Caitlin!!

  864. 864 milica

    heyy every onee i realy love the ocean and mermaids they are just amazing one day the world will know the truth mermaids are real no matter wat people say stick to wat u believe in :)

  865. 865 crystal

    Well I’m a real mermaid Are you by the way i dont like hannah montana sinse she took those newd photos ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  866. 866 Caitlin

    Crystal get online on the 6/1/09

  867. 867 Cassandra

    How do i become a mermaid text me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  868. 868 Cassandra

    How would you know Hanna Montana if you were a real mermaid and live in the sea because you have no tv’s in the sea!Think Dumhead!

  869. 869 Cassandra

    And yes i was a real mermaid trick you the frist Answer Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  870. 870 bunny boo

    hi i really want to be a mermaid and im gonna have a cup of salt water hold it and say my wish 5 times [ its gonna be on a full moon]
    try it your self!!!!!!!!!!!
    it might work

  871. 871 bunny boo

    beleve it well

  872. 872 taylor swift

    im a real meirmaid im so hot im so speicle i live in the pacific

  873. 873 ANONYMOUS


  874. 874 Caitlin

    tell me how to be a mermaid get online 6/1/09 at 5:00

  875. 875 kathryn

    hi! i think that meremaids exist because eye saw one in the French river

  876. 876 caitlin

    hi i wnt a spell to be a mermaid

  877. 877 Nicole

    I think that this hole mermaid thing is apsalootly rubish i meen the feet on the rock was soooooooooooooooooo fake like duuuuuuuuuu!Me and my frend saw photos of marmaids that acshoaly look reel so if u dont mind get some reel pictures and obviously the first pictures were real that we saw instead of the ones on your site!All ma frends are here and thay cant beleve how fake the pictures on ure website are!SO GET SOME REEL PICS AND THEN MABY PEOPLE WILL BELEVE U!lmao.NOW GOOD DAY TO U SIR OR WOMEN

  878. 878 Nicole


  879. 879 Nicole

    FOR YOUR SAKE CAITLIN MERMAIDS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!! PLUS YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE PICS WE JUST SAW LIKE DUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!But if u reely want a spel to become a mermaid becase ive met one and trust me its not a pritty site but im frends with here and shes made me one ugh and i hated it.Heres the spel number one get 10 peasies of see weed and then in a bowl ove cold salt water wich is cold water with salt or acshoal water then get mily by nicole remember NICOLE!!!!!

  880. 880 Pacifica (real name)

    I am a real mermaid and I love it you should consider being one.

  881. 881 crystal

    Hi people im back im really enjoying being a mermaid this summer!!!

  882. 882 dana

    i luv to swim and i would luv to be able o go swimming in the sea

  883. 883 oprah

    hi how to become a mermaid

  884. 884 cleo rici

    hello every one

  885. 885 only i know

    hey guys!!! its !i! but i didnt like the name so,,,i changed it!!! tell me if i should change it. by saying “only i know” i mean only i know where not only the mirmaids live, but where you can become one. if you can figure out my ridle, go there. its not that hard. but im not telling until some one talks to me!!!!!!!!!!

  886. 886 only i know

    ok, for some reason, tthe message i put up as !i! didnt work

  887. 887 crystal

    Wow last summer i found out how to be a mermaid and ive been one ever since and only my friends kaylee and amber know i doing good on the whole keep it a secret thing well have an waterful summer brb

  888. 888 Shania Smith

    Did you realy saw a mermaid like the videos.Because Nishonii Pekin my cousin and me Shania Smith to be real mermaids.

  889. 889 only i know

    yes but do you wana know where????

  890. 890 viva italia!!!

    crystal, yhere are only a few places & times & ways to becomr mirmaids. tell me where, how, & when & i will tell you if you really area mirmaid. btw, this is is only i know but i changed my name …AGAIN!!!

  891. 891 viva italia!!!

    :) :):):):):)

  892. 892 crystal

    ok if u scroll up just look thru the chats and u will see my name then read all about me k k

  893. 893 viva italia!!!

    i know i read it all just plz tell me now!!!!!

  894. 894 viva italia!!!

    crystal, my friend cant get it to work. did some one named kp_020_ that said: ssssssssssssoooooooooooo sick!!?

  895. 895 viva italia!!!


  896. 896 viva italia!!!

    will anyone talk to me???:(=(

  897. 897 viva italia!!!

    will anyone talk to me???:(=(

  898. 898 viva italia!!!


  899. 899 viva italia!!!

    ok, if no one will talk 2 me, i’ll just LEAVE!!!!!:(

  900. 900 viva italia!!!

    hey!!! wats up??? anyone there?!?!?!?!

  901. 901 viva italia!!!

    daisey & lara, if u really r from england, what foods arent found in england?:
    -english muffins

  902. 902 B.A

    hi up mirmaids so real who dosn’t know that I’ve even made a book about no big deallio if u want 2 talk back to me then i’ll visit back 2 this web site and i’ll know if ur talkin 2 me u just use 3 symbolls B.A ok .=} and by the way u 9 year olds u can’t buy a mirmaid tail you have 2 be givin it and it is givin to by the full moon OK don’t make this sound like H2O:just add water but if you don’t believe in them man r u stupid . c ya

  903. 903 mary paxton sara spellman

    hi mermaids i wish i was one of u you can eve43n grant me a wish please make be like u thank you aquamarine

  904. 904 mary paxton sara spellman

    mermaids are so like my fav i love to know alot about you

  905. 905 mary paxton sara spellman

    neverland mermaids are very friendly

  906. 906 crystal

    hey who wants to be my bff im a mermaid

  907. 907 viva italia!!!

    hey mary! i know how to become a mirmaid! do you wana know???

  908. 908 kasia

    i have an obsetion wiv mermaids whenm uy get the latest news contact me on . my wish make me a mermaid plz do my request

  909. 909 bellamy

    people are funny:] no one needs to be mad at anyone for what they believe. belief in amazing things is an important thing for many people, some people strive off logic- some off belief in things other people would call impossible:] i’m 15 and i think that- for me personally- my life wouldn’t be as happy without faeries, mermaids, unicorns, and beautiful stuff like that. this is just my personal opinion:] the reality of these things doesn’t matter- things are only as real as you believe them to be. for me- i believe, so they’re real. for others-who don’t believe in them, they aren’t. :) everyone have a great time- and i think it’s pretty cool that so many people believe in mermaids:]

  910. 910 zea

    i dont want to be a mermaid beacas i will miss out on being on dry land. well i gess it woldent be so bad to have a fack tail cus then i can be on dry land but look like a mermaid.

  911. 911 viva italia!!!

    kasia, do u wana be a mirmaid??? i know how. just ask me about it

  912. 912 Losers


  913. 913 Madison

    Mermaids are real go to a website and it will tell you!!i can’t believe but they are!!!

  914. 914 leanna

    plese i want to be a mer mad to.

  915. 915 viva italia!!!

    if you wana be a mirmaid, tell me!!!! im right here!!!!!

  916. 916 Emily

    I wish I could be a mermaid, but I live in Kansas so salt water is hard to come by.

  917. 917 Emily


  918. 918 Emily

    Just to get it out there, mermaids and all the mythical creatures have to be real! I mean think about it, all of those ancient civilizations, in all differant parts of the world come up with the same thing at reletivly differant times. Meaning that there have to be mermaids because, well, duh, they’re everywhere

  919. 919 Emily


  920. 920 viva italia!!!

    that dont matter. you just ta solve my riddle…

  921. 921 Taylor

    i try 2

  922. 922 Emily

    What riddle?

  923. 923 lizza

    hello im lizza and im a mermaid fan, i go to the beach all the time and see if i can find a mermaid and for real i did saw one and if you all think that im lieing dont be im tell the truth

  924. 924 lizza

    is anyone there text me back

  925. 925 lizza

    my email is

  926. 926 leaie

    hello im a real mermaid and if you think that im not a real 1 then nevermind but if you do think that im a real mermaid i will gave you advies and tell you everything plase belive in me

  927. 927 Emily


  928. 928 Emily

    leaie, Please, tell me everything

  929. 929 viva italia!!!

    emily, i can help…

  930. 930 Unknown

    Okay Daisy and lara time to get out of fantasy world there are no such things as mermaids sorry to burst your bubble but you can get a fake tail. if there were mermaids they wouldnt tell anyone

  931. 931 giveme


  932. 932 katie

    helllllllllo i love mermaids

  933. 933 viva italia!!!

    no one wants to know my riddel????

  934. 934 Daisey and Lara

    excuse us “unknown”, but we are mirmaids. u dont know much. we are real. u are very stupid not to beleive us.

  935. 935 crystal

    hey guys im back miss me much?Hey i have a boy friend and we were at this fancy restauraunt and now my friends like hate me so they turnded on the sprinklers and guess whhat happend!i cant even get him to look at me now what do i do?

  936. 936 crystal

    and i left out a part when i got home and he came and kissed me (lips!)my bf turned on the sprinklers

  937. 937 rachel

    heeeeeeeey guys i love dolphins im not a mermaid but i would like `to be one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wb

  938. 938 viva italia!!!

    too bad crysy!

  939. 939 shadowjim32

    Daisy and laura my name is jimmy I am 17 and ever since I was little I have always wanted to become a mermaid but the problem is I dont know how and also I am a boy not a girl and I want to become a mermaid not a merman so do guys think you could help me out I wont tell anybody about you girls but please teach how or tell how you girls became mermaids because I am seriously that desperet so will you please help me out?

  940. 940 shadowjim32

    what I meant to ask was Daisy and laura teach me how or tell me how you girls became mermaids and how I can become one because like I said before I am that desperate.

  941. 941 Jessi

    omg cool (: im in science and got bored xD

  942. 942 rici emma cleo

    hi evry 1 its emma cleo and rici arent here i just want to say i really need to talk to them!! its mermaid buisness!!gotta splash

  943. 943 Anonymous


  944. 944 hannah

    hi my name is hannah i have been trying and trying to beacome one and every night i go outside and look for shooting stars please i belive in you.

  945. 945 hannah

    im only 9 years old

  946. 946 elle

    i want to be a mermaid i watch h20 on nickeloaden

  947. 947 katie

    i hav two spells:
    moonlight moonlight you make me want to scream
    moonlight moonlight you make me want to beam
    you wake up at night time
    you go away at dawn
    insouciant inclemensy
    redoubtable mediocracy
    refutable humanity
    make me wat i
    wish to be a MERMAID
    witches one witches all
    give this power to me

  948. 948 Nary Sardonyx

    I think it is so fascinating that a woman could take something most people would feel self-conscious about and turn it into something beautiful.
    It would be a really exciting feeling to put the tail on and feel like you were one with the water.
    I actually got goosebumps reading this story. I feel inspired.

  949. 949 Katie


  950. 950 Katie

    hello Connor would you want to be my boyfriend?

  951. 951 Katie

    daisy and lara i belive you are a mermaid please send back about you and i will tell you about me. im not a mermaid but how did you turn into a mermaid?

  952. 952 Katie

    hello please somebody text me any one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssse anybody

  953. 953 Katie

    Hey Aquagurl45 let text on the 25th (tomorow) Bye p.s aquagurl45 I like it when you say or write gotta bounce I`m not say gotta bounce I am only saying that I like how you say it. now only aquagurl45 and me can say or write gotta go bye-bye. yourwelcome aquagurl45 about you can write or say gotta go bye-bye. gotta go bye-bye aquagurl45!

  954. 954 Katie

    sorry that I called you aquagurl45 now I think I know it is aquagurl gotta go bye-bye p.s are any of you texting back?

  955. 955 Katie

    aquagurl how old are you ? I`m 30?

  956. 956 pete

    hello pretty grils im a mermaid

  957. 957 gsfgcdscfsdgfg


  958. 958 gsfgcdscfsdgfg

    hello how are you

  959. 959 gsfgcdscfsdgfg

    boys are stuepit yay thay are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  960. 960 poo poo you you


  961. 961 jump

    hello blank blank you you change your name that`s not right. Bye I`m 13

  962. 962 jump


  963. 963 hey guys get on


  964. 964 kaite

    I love lord more then mermaids and you people shold love lord before me. gotta go bye-bye

  965. 965 cerys

    Hi would love to have a tail but where can you get cheap ones because the ones I have saw are like £100 !;(

    I am 11 years old and I would love to be a singer If you are interested please email me at
    oh and I love MERMAIDS!!

    cerys may baines xxxxxx

  966. 966 Megan h Brown



  967. 967 elizabeth Browne

    huge FAN of mermaids

  968. 968 MARYROSE


  969. 969 MARYROSE


  970. 970 maddie

    um i mean it im a mermaid
    i was in the sea at night [ in full moon ]
    it shon over me the moon
    and suddenly it happened
    i felt a tiny scared but happy
    when i did it i was 7
    i am now a 9 year old mermaid

  971. 971 maddie

    if ya dont belive me it happened
    so yeah!!!!

  972. 972 Melia

    I am a real mermaid and it is awesome it is like somhethinjg nyou never sow

  973. 973 emma ricki cleo

    hey everyone we have to tell you but there is such things as mermaid
    but when we made the show it was fake we had a costume on.

    as we made the show we did see alot of animals like sharks.
    maddie and melia could be right or the could just imagine it.
    but they sound like its real!!! belive them they could be tellin
    the truth!!!


  974. 974 Sunny

    HIIIII ITs Me SUNNY SO Sorry i has not been on for like 2 years i grew up a lot mermaid are not real and im 13 now i dont believe iun mermaids and well hi gotta zao bye

  975. 975 x0xcooldudex0x

    Shut up sunny no one cares

  976. 976 kentot wasted

    is mermaid real?

  977. 977 emma ricki cleo

    dear kentot wasted if you belive they are well
    that means they are
    we belive they are but in h20 it not
    but they r real SEE YA

  978. 978 ashley

    im 6
    r mermaids real
    can someone tell me please

  979. 979 hailee

    im maddie sister and we both r mermaids
    belive us im 7 turning 8
    so belive her and me!!!!!

  980. 980 crystal

    Hey im back how is every body i had a great christmas i went to new mexico bosque farms that is to see some people i feel thatas a mermaid that i have be come very popular on this website so as i have been sharing my secrets about me being a mermaid and tellind you how to become one and all of my mermaid storys that some where you kan find that you can beileive me!!!!who wants to know where i am from the great barrier reef it is home to some of earths most beautiful fish reefs and even sand and water feburary 3 is my brthday so wish me a happy birthday plz im stil going to be on this website thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  981. 981 aquamran

    hi my name is aquamran and im 16

  982. 982 sonn

    i love to browse through the the internet about mermaids,but am not sua they do exist or no,on the other hand i think they do?and i just wish that one day maybe,il see a beautiful and lovely mermaid someday.

  983. 983 sonn

    hey guys wats up,have you ever been too FIJI?,No.have you ever heard where FIJI is?well im from fiji,and everyone is saying that fiji is a paradise,and i agree with them coz its true,but in this paradise theres a lack of something,a you guys are saying that some of you are real mermaid,so if you would be so kind you could lend me a mermaid plessssssssssssssssssse.can you?coz i rialy need one and truesup can reply on

  984. 984 aquamran

    hi my NIKENAME is aqua and memaids are but they aer scrarry as

  985. 985 sonn

    hey guys i think uhh non of you guys have seen a mermaid,but i have,and im not wana know where ive seen it,hmm huh hmm,well ive seen it in the cartoon,ha ha ha,gotcha,na nana naana na nana naana.n hey im looking for a real and beautiful mermaid for my life patna,u no y iv sad dat coz ive herd dat mermaids can chnge themselfs as a human like us,n dey also speek many languages,so so cn sme1 find one 4 me?pleessssssssssssssse.hey dnt tke it seriously am jst jokin.

  986. 986 aqua

    very crazy people out their with some crazy imaginations.

  987. 987 sonn

    hey mermaids,watchu doin?meet me @ the rock you comb your hair ok.dont worry il bring some twisties for you,oops,hope mermaids like twisties,ok me off to sleep,catch up later

  988. 988 viva italia!!!!

    find 3, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 21 shells from each place (inorder!)and you will be a mermaid
    From the tip of the elbow,
    To the clenched fist.
    The two drips of sweat,
    To the rich port, and rich coast.
    From the heel of the boot,
    To the stone it shall kick.
    The great reef of barring,
    And the gas of a “mad car”.
    The string of just one pearl,
    And the islands of many.
    This is where you shall find your treasure,
    In the middle ground sea.

    tell me where each is first!!!!

  989. 989 Hannah poop Montana

    I hate mermaids !!!! They suck!!!!

  990. 990 Hannah poop Montana

    Hannah montana smells like poo and wee and gas together

  991. 991 mermaid

    i am a mermaid i use a spell so i have mermaid tail when i get wet iturn into a mermaid

  992. 992 chloe

    iam a mermaid it is so cool

  993. 993 crystal

    hey nobody wished me a happy birthday!!!!!i am a mermaid you have to believe me i dont like to lie and im not i am a christian so i really dont like to lie.byu the way we should all be christians because if were not and we die we could go to hell.even if your a dead person your soul is going to biol and rot in hell its called the lake of fire.and if we believe in God then we will walk the streets of heaven and those streets are made of pure gold and it is so beautiful if you had some one die in you family and they were a christian then you would get to see them every daay in heaven.and you will praise God and live a life happy.did you know that one day Jesus is going to come it could be any time in the world and if your not a christian then he is going to send you in the lake of fire. so plz believe and accept him as your savior.please please please please please please believe!!!!!!!!!!!no really nobody wished me a happy birthday

  994. 994 SONN


  995. 995 sonn

    mermaid mermaid mermaid,wats it gona be,combing your hair on the rock or listning to hymms 4rm the sea shells 4rm the sea shore.well who knows except 4 the mermaid herself.

  996. 996 crystal

    jesus loves you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much just cant explain it as a christian i love you too plz plz plz plz plz plz believe that i am a mermaid.who would like to be my friend for this websiyte

  997. 997 jhaztine and ashley

    hi am ashley and jhaztine for ashley mermaids are gross but for me memaids are wonderfull pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssss belive in mermaids ok bye

  998. 998 jhaztine and ashley

    hahahahahaha we crazy but we are nice

  999. 999 Tigertink

    why do mermaids have bubeby jubbies

  1000. 1000 h20 lover

    hey what website to go on to get the exact h20 just add water locket for 20 pound!!!

  1001. 1001 sonn

    hey guys,girls or shall i say mermaids,well how you ol doin huh?n u no wat?i biliv dat god has made everything in dis world,wich mins god must hv mermaids n they r out there somewea in rialty,i min im serious,anywy,bye MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.n rememba no meta who u r or hw u r jst rememba dat JESUS CARES FOR YOU.(

  1002. 1002 Ashleigh

    I wish to be a mermaid but I dont like sharks so I dont know what to do!!!

  1003. 1003 crystal

    God loves you so much i wish you well and have a happy spring break

  1004. 1004 crystal

    who likes phineas and ferb and icarly and spongebob andsuite life on deck? i do i do ido i do

  1005. 1005 SONN


  1006. 1006 CHLOE


  1007. 1007 CHLOE


  1008. 1008 mermaid chloe townsend

    For I am chloe townsend 10yrs old and i do believe in mermaids i have got a spell if you believe 2! it actually works coz i am a mermaid the spell is:
    i believe in mermaids with a (your choice of coulor) tail and i also believe in mermaids with the power of(power) make me a MERMAID!! do not look at the moon you must have a charm tht you wear when you go in the water on ur upper body to turn you into a mermaid and you must have a part of you touching the water (a cup of water ) and also it will take 2-3 weeks you may have side effects like… crossing of the legs,mermaid dreams,sickness,acting strange when looking @ the moon and lots more you dont have to have side effects but some peeps do! i hope this helps plz get back to me and tel me if it works or it might just be that i am special =)

  1009. 1009 mermaid chloe townsend

    i am being honest coz i h8 lieing love ya all xxxxx

  1010. 1010 mermaid chloe townsend

    did i mension i was 5 when i turned a mermaid now i am 10! oh and if you got any of my other messages dont say i not a mermaid coz they r real i saw it on desovery channel not that i watch it :S but ma b-day 26th oct and thats when all the mermaids of the world get together whereva i am and i will tell you all about this one on my b-day il be 11!

  1011. 1011 Amy Burns

    Me and chloe Townsend swim together as mermaids all the time! We are the best of friends and always will be :)

  1012. 1012 Amy Burns

    Me and chloe Townsend swim together as mermaids all the time

  1013. 1013 mermaid chloe townsend

    yep shes telin the truth and amy urns wt about on our b-days where all mermaids of the world get togeter:)

  1014. 1014 mermaid chloe townsend

    another mermaid spell say it 10 times:glass of the sea,shine upon me.eye,of the ocean,grant me with fins green (blue purple whateva u want) make me a MERMAID!!! himan no more away from the shore,now im finally free to escape humanity
    you must say when wet and have a charm

  1015. 1015 mermaid chloe townsend

    heyy yall got in the bath and a tail was there i wish i could show you to prove it!!!!!!!!!! deperatley plz tell me how

    plz plz i love ya alll !!:)

  1016. 1016 emi

    hello im emi im a mermaid i swim in perth to sydney i love to swim with dolphins if u want to be a mermaid please come swim with me see u there u will see me on a rock with a blue tail ps im a mermaid not joking at all please belive me

  1017. 1017 anne julia margarette.delen

    i realy proud

  1018. 1018 crystal

    i love being a mermaid it lets you see the beauty of the sea who wants to be my friend i would like to chat with u

  1019. 1019 SONN

    hi mermaids,how u doin?

  1020. 1020 mermaid chloe townsend

    its me i aint spoke to you in such a longgggggggggggggggggg time hows all ma mermaid besties i see all of you on ur rocks esp u emi xx btw luv ur blue tail xx

  1021. 1021 amy21307

    I like pie! =]

  1022. 1022 taylor swift


  1023. 1023 taylor swift

    is anyone there

  1024. 1024 taylor swift

    ok i guess not so ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1025. 1025 anushka

    i want to know the truth about mermaids

  1026. 1026 Grace

    i would not like to be a mermaid i would miss my howl family

  1027. 1027 Grace

    really i would not but i would like to see a mermaid

  1028. 1028 Grace

    hey Taylor swift wanna talk and is it really taylor swift

  1029. 1029 Grace

    its Grace lilian jolly
    is any one here im new on this
    bye see ya but ill stay on for five minutes

  1030. 1030 david griffens

    hi my girlfriend is a mermaid i can tell u because u dont no who she is she went with her dad 2 irland and she went exploring she saw a cave with water in it so she put her feet in and it was cold but she wanted 2 go in it so she did and it was like magic she said i no she is 1 coz i saw her tail

  1031. 1031 magic

    yes, mermaids ARE real. they can be found riding on unicorns.

  1032. 1032 ryan

    is there any boy mermaid i wanna be one
    i can be iam a mermaid do you kno why because i got like those tails and i used to swim at home in the tubbath wanna join me

  1033. 1033 sonn

    hey ryan,at least someone is a merman like me,i will join ya buddy

  1034. 1034 crystal

    hi bff

  1035. 1035 crystal

    yo peeps

  1036. 1036 taylor swift

    waz up my peeps

  1037. 1037 taylor swift

    hey bff

  1038. 1038 taylor swift

    crystal is my bff bff bff crystal is my bff ha ha ha

  1039. 1039 alice1917

    how do i become a mermaid really i wont to know

  1040. 1040 allie

    so how can i become a mermaid if its and how did you or were you born that way?

  1041. 1041 Rikki

    hey i really am a mermaid!!!no one will now because that is not my real name!!!

  1042. 1042 crystal

    taylor swift is my bff we go to school 2gether

  1043. 1043 shafia

    i luv mermaids,and want to b one of dem, pray 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1044. 1044 Destiny

    hey, if anyone has a real mermaid spell that works can you please email it to me. i really want to become a mermaid. my email is

  1045. 1045 maia

    i am a mermaid we are sooo cool

  1046. 1046 maia

    i am not kidding i am one i will even send you a pic

  1047. 1047 macy

    i think that everyone that is saying thatthey are mermaids are really dumb idiots and it cant be true that u r a mermaid cuz we hve no proof i do beleive in mermaids but i dont beleive that if they gt out of the water that they will turn in to a human i too widh i could be a mermaid but i geuss it is never goi to happen but you can see a real mermaid at just type in DEAD MERMAID FOUND AFTER HURRICANE.well thnx
    your girl macy m age 13

  1048. 1048 macy

    i wish some1 woold reply :( :( :( :( :( :(

  1049. 1049 Alice

    Hi every one who says they are mermaids I have a question ok who has a spell that you can still be human but when you get in the water like the ocean or a lake you get your tail and fins oh and I need a spell that I can pick my tail collor and my powers please tell me a spell i need one PLEASE I NEED ONE i belive in mermaids.

  1050. 1050 Alice

    Hi everyone who is a mermaid and knows a spell that i can use that when i am on land I am human then when i am in the ocean or lake i get my fins, tail, and my powers oh and I would like a spell that i can pick my own powers and tail color if you have a spell thats works for this please tell me but it HAS TO WORK now whoever type me back please write this before you type the spell,(“to: Alice Mermaid Dolphin”) so type that before the spell.

  1051. 1051 caleb

    woe to all who wants to be a mermaid yes they are real and they work for the queen of the coast in her under water city like world were in there labs they come up with new fashions and cars and etc… to keep humans from loving god and become lovers of themselves money,women,etc…. anyway mermaids are real just as there queen but she gets her orders directly from satan (lucifer) the devil oh yes what i speak is true these things are true mermaids vampires and etc.. now to those who want to be a mermaid type in your browser emmanual amos deliverd from the powers of darkness. and read this former witch doctors testimony on the queen and how he lived in the sea and could change into different creatures so check it out and becarful what you wish for iam coverd with the blood of jesus no weapon formed against me shall prosper oh thats for the real mermaids monitoring this site

  1052. 1052 monique

    hi i am a mermaid it is sooooooo cool

  1053. 1053 Quayneisha

    WOW i never seen a real live mermaid tail befor i just want to be like a mermaid and see how it’s feeling like and do. I only see a mermaid when am wacthing T.V like on disney channel the little mermaid that’s the only time when i watch it but i don’t know that show come on anymore. And to meet new friends and all in the sea land. So that’s why i want to be a REAL LIVE MERMAID.

  1054. 1054 caleb

    why would you want sell your soul to be a mermaid and they are hiddeous in the water check out some real dead mermaids on youtube but i got all your awnsers if you want to be one yes there real

  1055. 1055 rebecca

    i want to be a mermaid soooooooooooo bad ( tear)

  1056. 1056 rebecca

    me b e mermaiiiiiid

  1057. 1057 unknown

    im 23 yrs old and doctors discovered what i have been hididng for the last 16 yrs and they just got done figurung out what i am the papers say i may get wet but they gave me a special soap that i rub on my legs before i take a shower but when i finally went swimming this afternoon iforgot to put the soap on

  1058. 1058 unknown

    some one write back and ill give the rest oft the story! (its very exciting!)

  1059. 1059 unknown


  1060. 1060 unknown

    im the rarest mermaid

  1061. 1061 Alice

    ok I want to hear the rest of your story unknown person

  1062. 1062 unknown

    so went i went into the water i turned into a stupid mermaid! good thing it was only me there! then i went into a bunch oif rocks where the water touched i put my soap on and swam until i didnt have a tail anymore the end (fwi. my name is amber)

  1063. 1063 unknown

    someone write back please……………………………………..

  1064. 1064 bieberfever

    i kind of believe in mermaids, i luv watching H20:Just Add Water, its awesome

  1065. 1065 unknown

    is h2o on tv now?
    and what channel

  1066. 1066 miranda

    im a mirmaid

  1067. 1067 Anonymous


  1068. 1068 Anonymous

    hey im a mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1069. 1069 miranda

    hello what channel is the show h2o on?
    ( for dish and direect tv)


  1070. 1070 pony 876

    i really want to see a mermaid

  1071. 1071 pony 876

    any cute boy send me a pitcure of u

  1072. 1072 pony 876

    dont tell anyone crystal im a mermaid my boyfriend is a merman i hate him im goin to dump him im 13 years old

  1073. 1073 marsha

    ilove mermaid i will like to be one they are pretty ilove them but are they real

  1074. 1074 marsha

    it nice to be a mermaid becase they are fun but i like to see one a live so i can comd my hiar with the comd and come a real mermaid plese a tell me the thur what save the mermaid girl plese real mermaid i want to be like a mermaid with tail //////// thank you mermaid marsha duff that my name \||\\\ duck is like a mermaid bey

  1075. 1075 tiffany

    mermaids are kool

  1076. 1076 mermaid chloe townsend

    wow i havent spoke for ages i know you are gonna say im lying but im not i know how you feel im a mermaid and i will make a huge pearl necklace for all the mermaids and tell them you lot are amazing x

  1077. 1077 Anonymus

    Mermaids Are Real!Why do you think they are found in almost every country?!!!

    (Same with dragons!)

  1078. 1078 kisses

    The true mermids are bad because the mermids the face are not beautiful

  1079. 1079 prenny

    The true mermids are bad because the mermids the face are not beautiful

  1080. 1080 prenny

    not cool the mermids.And the mermids eats person

  1081. 1081 darnesha

    for all you say there are not marmaids out in that sea you do not know what you talking about and think that it is mermaids out there.

  1082. 1082 Anonymous

    I wonder what its like to be the prettiest most beautifulest lady kid women mermaid undersea. And i wonder what its like to be a mermaid undersea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. hah!

  1083. 1083 jesel joy seroje

    water water. what is that spell again?

  1084. 1084 Bloom Lilypad

    hey, guys. im bored so i came on this website. i love mermaids!

  1085. 1085 Anonymous

    Are you a real mearmaid?

  1086. 1086 makenzie

    hi my name is makenzie and i bleive in mermaids and my dream is to be one

  1087. 1087 midget turd

    hi i live in the virgin islands, st thomas (a place with more water than anything else) my mum and i was at a carrot bay condominum. i was 11 then. i was sitting on the front porch by the pool looking at the fabulous V.I ocean with two ratweilers sleeping at my feet. i looked up when i heard a big splash at the shore but i didnt see anything. the dogs heard it too because they started barking like crazy. i wasnt sure what i was looking for but i kept my eyes on the water… then suddenly i saw a fish-like person swimming away… i believe in mermaids… but even for me that was kinda strange… you never really believe in something until you’ve seen it with your own eyes.. (and im not crazy. i know what i saw).

  1088. 1088 chloe

    if there is a real mermaid in the world I would ask to take me on a jerney under the sea and ask her how she got her tail………………………………………….chloe

  1089. 1089 love u all

    Marmaids r not real. Bt in this site who says that they r real marmaid, i love them all. Bcoz all of u r so naughty & funny. Sorry 4 my english mistakes. Actually i m a real marmaid. So i dont know english properly. Have fun ;-)

  1090. 1090 Stacey

    Wow i really need one of those!!! I’m makeing a mermaid show where three humans turn into mermaids when they touch water!! I could really use one of those!! I mean three of those!!!

  1091. 1091 iris

    OMG! Ho do you know the secret of mermaids?!?!?! Yes, its true that mermaids can’t speek english. Also we, the real mermaids can’t speak any other languages of humans. Because mermaids have own language and human does not know about it. Real mermaids can speak each other with this special mermaid language. But ‘love u all’ you are wrong about real mermaids. Because i am a real mermaid and its true. Ok, Daisy, Lara how are you and how are your boyfrends now? Hello, everybody, i will be happy if you trust about our existence.

  1092. 1092 shay

    I`V MOVIES photos BUT I still don`t belive in them far out 2011 9th january 1 36 pm

  1093. 1093 MJ

    HI AM MJ and wen ever i touch water i tun into a mermaid reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  1094. 1094 Anonymous

    there is good and bad onesn its fantsy

  1095. 1095 Anonymous

    i love mermaids i want to become one

  1096. 1096 crystal

    Hey its been while but I’m back I’m finnally 18 yay

  1097. 1097 Bucht


  1098. 1098 alexandra luther

    guys i know a website where u can get REALLY cheap mermaid tails! i bought 1 and it works like a charm!here it is: they r water proof and work grat in water

  1099. 1099 alexandra luther

    btw… i saw a real mermaid when i was diving! she had a tail long hair. i wathced her under the water for 1 hour and 15 min. straight! theres my proof and mermaids r real! (trust me!)

  1100. 1100 Lara

    Heyy guys im now 12 not 9 and i just wanna say stop being so fiesty to each other maybe some people are mermaids some people might think there not real to be honest it doesnt matter its like GOD there are 2 sides to nearly every story. now either you speak nicely on here cos its for people WHO LIKE mermaids so if you dont like them dont bother going on here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1101. 1101 Toni

    mermaids rock. keep on swimming girl :)


  1102. 1102 Sunny

    Hey, like wow I have not been on here since 2008, I’m the original Sunny, and wow aren’t you tough saying no one cares, at least my username is not all retarded haha. So ya anyways great to be back on again, and like always, Gotta Zap, Bye! <3

  1103. 1103 cystal

    hey ppl it been a while im back i spraied my ankle and i cant go in the water for 2 months wat am i gonna do helpok so when i turne d 18 something happedned ok my tail was a sparlking blue but now its orange with lime green fin if u were a real mrmaid u would know that we have no shirts its just our hair ny bf died in a car crash the day after my b day maybe thats waht happened well the night after my birthday i went back to the place where i transformed and wished i could take away being a mermaid but u no wat ……fail i still am i was crying because i was caught but some litter in the ocean and couldnt make it to his funeral i am so regreting this right now

  1104. 1104 Sunny

    I really hope your not talking to me, and if you really were 18 I think you would know the use of proper grammar. Oh and one more thing, mermaids are not real.

  1105. 1105 crystal

    ok sunny you can shut your face or the thing that is on your head i am a mermaid i was in a rush and i am sad because he died ok so you know what i dont give a care here right now so zip it to all you non believers in mermaids you can go rot in a hole how bout that it would make me very happy very very happy so yeah and its true they are real aand when you see one you’ll say oh crystal was right about it all yeah no chiz people you people are just stupid

  1106. 1106 sunanda aich

    are there are mermaids really?

  1107. 1107 ffion

    Who’s a mermaid for realplese can you tell us all

  1108. 1108 ffion

    where do you live? do you have a tail? what’s your name? we want to know now

    love ffion and caitlin.

  1109. 1109 crystal

    Hey ppl I just went to my bfs grave and said a little prayer for him I miss him SO much r.i.p shane dylan thomas love ya

  1110. 1110 crystal

    Well guys if your referring to me yes mermaids are real because I am one I live on the right in the center of australia I am a blonde with pink eyes and my tail is green orange and pink my name is Crystal Simmonds and I am a mermaid!

  1111. 1111 Alyssa

    are you really a memaid if you are can you tern me into one please

  1112. 1112 Sunny

    Someone is tough, yelling at me over a blog. If you want to believe that mermaids are real then that is fine by me. But I do not think it is very nice for you to start yelling at me when I have been on this blog LONG before you ever heard about it. Plus you sound like an immature child yelling at me. Oh and the thing on my body is my head also known as a cranium so please before you start yelling at me over a virtual world keep in mind that not only is that rude yet very stupid for I will never ever meet you in real life. And you live in Aussie? Very nice place :) Well anyway, I believe in magic and stuff so hey! Why not believe in mermaid and sirens. Crysal Simmonds I will appreciate if you do not yell at me and keep you judgements to your self. OK? Thanks <3

  1113. 1113 Sunny

    I wait I forgot, Gotta Zap, Bye! XD

  1114. 1114 Sunny


  1115. 1115 Anonymous

    i want to crap my pants

  1116. 1116 MERMAID FAN 1

    YOU never know if there real they would not reveal thenselves to the world so u can think there real cause they maybe be but also u can think threre not which also be true however u think could be right

  1117. 1117 MERMAID FAN 1

    BY the way crystal science history there myhts mermaids im sorry to say this cause i want to be one is most likely true and if u were a real mermaid u wouldnt give ur self up like that u dont want to end up in a science lad do u????

  1118. 1118 MERMAID FAN 1

    i mean not true srry bout that

  1119. 1119 Sunny

    Just thought I shall pop it. Hi! :)

  1120. 1120 Sunny

    Pop In (haha)

  1121. 1121 mermaid chika

    ok. u RAQ person, those r 9 year old girls. you cant tell them there stupid! if anyones stupid, u r! plus, they were joking! im 13 and im writing a spell to turn me into a mermaid! so quit being a stupid jerk and leave those girls alone. idiot.

  1122. 1122 mermaid chika

    to NATASHA. cleo has hydrokinesis, rikki has hydro-thermokinesis, emma has hydro-cryokinesis, and i forgot the others name, but she has substanciakinesis.

  1123. 1123 moon

    people who belives in mermaids i will tell you this if you want to become a mermaid i could you for real. i have a sercet riecep that could turn anyone in to mermaid. its really for real and the frist thing is belive the atother things i will tell bye have to go!

  1124. 1124 mima

    this is so stypid

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  1126. 1126 Meghan

    okay, i really really really want to be a real mermaid, all the gurls posting ur a mermaid i totes believe if ur a non beluever ur loss if u hav a spell to turn me into a mermaid please email me at…. THANX!

  1127. 1127 BOBO MC> BLING BLANG

    Im seriously a mermaid. Like OMG im so serious im 19 and i wouldnt lie. Like seriously. if u dont believe me then fine, but its true. Bling Blang OUT!

  1128. 1128 Kelly

    Seriously? Four years of comments and spam on this? Wish people would troll and lurk elsewhere.

  1129. 1129 pibi tonking

    i live in ishrel!!!! so if you want my mail is ;-)

  1130. 1130 delaney

    i am a mermaid

  1131. 1131 dani

    hi I used to be a mermaid but I got stuk at shore someone found me and took me out of water my tail started to peal then i grew legs and ever since i havent been to the beach so i cant viset my mermaid freinds

  1132. 1132 dani

    some buddy please rply back soon

  1133. 1133 Sunny

    Hi, it is me, again, LOL :) . Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and an amazing New Years!

  1134. 1134 Anonymous

    there is never going to be a mermaid

  1135. 1135 crown

    WERE IS A TAIL I HAVE $ 20.00 FOR 1 TAIL SO TELL PLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1136. 1136 savannah

    ya as i im falling 4 that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1137. 1137 shara belle

    are mermaids real?

  1138. 1138 Anonymous

    the spell: a humen when dry a mermaid when wet and have a power like telekinesis and a tail the color of aqua a human when dry a mermaid when wet gills are not needed a big breath that last 30 minutes a human when dry a mermaid when wet the rain does not matterit cannot change me but a single dop of water will . go to the bathtub dark and imagine that you are a mermaid sprinkle a salt then lay in it and say the magic spell………… if this spell work leave a reply …. but the spell will work after 1 week :)

  1139. 1139 Kow

    I became a mermaid today! I have a purple bikini top and a aqua tail. I said this spell to become a mermaid:
    Mermaid magic come to me,
    I would like a tail not two feet
    Beauty be upon me
    Fish all kinds let me see
    When I’m finished in the sea
    When I’m dry my feet return to me
    (p.s. I changed the first line. It’s really “Magic spirits of the deep”)
    To do this spell you have to wear your favorite necklace and take a shower or a bath. Near the end of your shower or bath say the spell SLOWLY. Dry off and the next time you touch water you should be a mermaid (or merman)! Okay. Now, after I said this spell, I dried off and ran my hand in sink water.I closed my eyes, counted to ten, waited a few seconds and I fell down. I opened my eyes and had a tail! It was so cool! And I also have Emma and Rikki’s powers.

    Go into a shower, put your favourite necklace on and then close your eyes and say this spell slowly:
    Magic spirits of the deep
    i would like a tail not two feet
    beauty be upon me
    fish all kinds let me see
    when i’m finished in the sea
    when i’m dry my feet return to me

    Once you have said that get out of the shower and dry your self and you should be a mermaid next time you have touched water.

    1. It takes one drop so be careful
    2. It takes ten seconds
    3. Don’t be scared if different powers find you so try and use them for good
    4. DO NOT look at the full moon or who knows what will happen without you knowing
    5. Enjoy!

    There u go, no salt ;p

  1140. 1140 Runebunnystar13

    Ahhhh. Just. AHHH.
    You guys are doing everything from fighting to pretending to a mermaid who A, has infinite powers somehow,or B, turn into a mermaid by touching water. Really,you guys? Who’s going to believe that a mermaid has internet access? Even if it’s just everytime you touch water…think about it. Everytime. You touch water. It’s infinitely very impossible for you to live here.
    Now,you could just admit that you lack gills and train to be a professional mermaid,like I am,so you can put on a tail and swim.
    But all in all,let’s just be more mature,okay?

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    Hey! OMG I have not been on this blog in forever! It sucks that all of the original people no longer are on here :( Looks like they grew up haha. Occasionally, I’ll recall this website and check back in but the amount of people keeps on decreasing. Oh well. I hope everyone has a happy holiday! <3 Since I want to be all hipster, Gotta Zap! xD

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