Mer-guy smashes underwater swimming record

mer-guy.jpgDave Mullins claims he is an “unusually slow” swimmer, but with lungs burning and legs aching he smashed the world record for an underwater swim without a breath not once, but twice.

Yesterday, the Wellington man swam 244 metres underwater on one breath, blitzing a record he set on Friday by 18 metres.

Using a mono fin, Mullins swam nonstop for four minutes and two seconds, completing nearly five lengths of the 50-metre Naenae pool.

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2 Responses to “Mer-guy smashes underwater swimming record”

  1. 1 tim spitz

    Who Cares?
    If you’re going to use bizarre, bullsh**t equipment (a “mono-fin – give me a break!!), it doesn’t count for ANYTHING AT ALL.

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