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Ripped off from SA…

USN kicking pirate booty

somalia_pirates_wx109.jpg A U.S. Navy destroyer helped sailors who retook control of their vessel Tuesday in a deadly battle with pirates after the North Korean-flagged ship was hijacked in the piracy-plagued waters off Somalia, the American military said.  The Navy also confirmed that other American warships sank two pirate skiffs late Sunday after answering a distress call from a hijacked Japanese chemical tanker and said U.S. ships were still monitoring that vessel.

In Tuesday’s incident, a helicopter flew from the destroyer USS James E. Williams to investigate a phoned-in tip of a hijacked ship and demanded by radio that the pirates give up their weapons, the military said in a statement.

The crew of the Dai Hong Dan then overwhelmed the hijackers, leaving two pirates dead, according to preliminary reports, and five captured, the military said.

Three seriously injured crew members were taken aboard the Williams, the statement said. The captured pirates remained on the Dai Hong Dan, which the crew was returning to the port of Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital.

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See also this good post on contemporary piracy at tugster.  I haven’t blogged some of the recent pirates-in-Somalia stories, because there are no pictures!

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Pic hijacked from tugster.

Flaming tiki pumpkin says Happy Hallowe’en!


John Hanna ketch


This salty 34-foot John Hanna ketch, designed in 1928, built by Lobo Shipyards in 1958,  is for sale in my area, at a very low price.  Ratlines! Samson posts!  Gaffs! Bobstay!  Look just sweet to me.  But then, I am not getting less crazy with time.

Iraqi fisherman nets shark 160 miles from sea


A two-meter shark has been caught in a river in southern Iraq more than 200 km (160 miles) from the sea.

Karim Hasan Thamir said he was fishing with his sons last week when they spotted a large fish thrashing about in his net. “I recognized the fish as a shark because I have seen one on a television program,” he told Reuters.

The shark was pulled from the mouth of an irrigation canal that joins the Euphrates River. The Euphrates joins the Tigris River further east to form the Shatt al-Arab waterway which flows south past Basra into the Gulf.

Dr. Mohamed Ajah, assistant dean of the college of science at Thi Qar University in Nassiriya, said barriers in river estuaries usually prevented sharks swimming upstream.

“In this case, I think this animal was there for a long time but no one had managed to see it,” he said.

Locals blamed the U.S. military for the shark’s presence.

Tahseen Ali, a teacher, said there was a “75 percent chance” Americans had put the shark in the water.


Entre Terre & Mer (Between Land & Sea)

Entre Terre & Mer 

Beautiful celtic music & Britanny culture.   6 DVD series documentary & film at the same time of the Sailors, women & children’s life in the last century. 

We follow & boat equipage ” LA CHARMEUSE ” or the life of a little town in Britanny.  This one is the N°6 when the Sailors are back again after a very long fishing’s period.  It’s the story of a farmer, Pierre Abgrale who leave his land after his mother’s death & go to work near the sea.   He will decide to stay here, becoming a sailor & choose a pretty little woman Mary ( who lost her fiancée ).

Today’s (birthday) mermaid


Chris Humann’s Singlehanded Transpac page


Chris Humann, who sails out of Emeryville and is a buddy of Edward’s, was featured on NSL with his great kitecam video.  He has a very nice page on his experience in the 2006 Singlehanded Transpac, which is a little hard to find, so we are pleased to link it here.

7 Island Wonders of the World: Most Amazing, Mysterious, Remote and More


Did you know that one in every ten people in the world lives on an island? This might seem less shocking once you consider that 200 million people live in Indonesia, and another 60 million live in Britain. There is even a word for a “craze or a strong attraction to islands” – islomania! Islands have many roles in cultures and literature, from places of paradise to the last refuge of pirates. Here are seven of the most amazing islands in the world, from the greatest and grandest to the most remote, mysterious and least populated.

One day I dream of doing the Great Island Mission.


Today’s mermaid (sand sculpture)


Gallery of underwater life

Truly enormous images for whaterver you like.


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Today’s mermaid


The Last Baltic Mermaid Catching Bird Flu by Yaro

Gallery of beach pictures

A gallery of wallpaper-sized images of beaches and seascapes for your enjoyment.


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Scientist plans tail prosthetic for dolphin


Winter uses her flippers, normally employed for steering and braking, to get moving — amazing her handlers with a unique combination of moves that resemble an alligator’s undulating swimming style and a shark’s side-to-side tail swipes. But she can’t keep up with wild dolphins who can swim up to 25 mph with their tail flukes.

The solution for Winter may be a prosthetic tail. If the logistics can be worked out, Winter’s prosthesis would be the first for a dolphin who lost its tail and the key joint that allows it to move in powerful up and down strokes. Another dolphin in Japan has a prosthesis, the first in the world, to replace a missing part of its tail.

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