Jelly-fish sea home


¬†Jelly-fish 45, designed by Giancarlo Zema is a floating dwelling unit for up to six persons. It’s spacious dimensions are 10 metres high with a diameter of over 15 metres. The Jelly-fish 45 would be ideally situated in sea parks, atolls, bays and seas rich in flora and fauna. The Jelly-fish 45 allows the sea dwelling owners to live either above or below sea level in perfect harmony with the ocean environment.

It consists of five levels connected by a spiral staircase. The top level is 5.6 metres above the sea level and has been kept for study rooms. The next lower level is situated at 3.5 metres above the sea level and contains the night time zone while the next lower level at 1.4 metres contains the daytime zone with a kitchen and bathrooms. The lowest living level at 0.8 metres above the sea level is semi-submerged and has been kept for the guest room, bathroom and technical spaces.

Maximum diameter – 15 meters
Accomodation – 6/8 beds
Main structure – high density fibreglass
Deck surface – solid teak

Cost Р$USD 2,500,000 

link via Neatorama

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