Pirate wenches for Friday

Yarr, a fine gallery of 68 wenches awaits ye.  This post dedicated to me mate Bilgemunky, whose radio show has been such a great inspiration during the boat-building project.


4 Responses to “Pirate wenches for Friday”

  1. 1 Bilgemunky

    Hmmm… methinks I see one or two repeats. Not a complaint, mind ya – this is still more wenches than have ever been dedicated to me in one fell swoop (or all other occasions combined, for that matter!)

    Thanks, and yarrr!!!


  2. 2 Black Roger

    Aye, and a fine collection this be! Worthy of this old salts patronage repeatedly!

  3. 3 Missouri Mo Capt of the Insanity of Aksarben

    Now, this be a fine gatherin’ of buxom beauties, right at me fingertips… I thank ye fer puttin’ ’em here, mates…

  1. 1 douglas pitassi

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