Gallery of mermaid tattoos

If you are pondering on what design you might like best for your mermaid tattoo, here are a few dozen samples to consider.






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133 Responses to “Gallery of mermaid tattoos”

  1. 1 Luna

    I liked this gallery but I didnt find anything to help w/my mermaid tattoo idea.

  2. 2 Danielle

    While I agree with Luna that my ideas for the actual mermaid didn’t really take shape any clearer after having viewed this gallery, I got some really unique ideas for placement that I didn’t consider before. Thanks!

  3. 3 Chrisssy

    some interesting mermaiders in here, found a few ideas to contribute to my tattoo

  4. 4 Gen Allen

    This is the awesomest gallery in the entire world and a am so inspired by these mermaid tattoos!!! I am absolutely in love with this tattoo gallery and now I can’t decide which mermaid tattoo to get, but that can be a good thing when you’re me. I am so totally going to get a tattoo this summer because of htis gallery. Awesome!!!


  5. 5 Tya Cassablanca

    All the tattoo are gorgeous but none of them attract me bcoz im looking for a mermaid with long curly blonde hair with smiling.

  6. 6 David

    Aren’t we all?

  7. 7 shae

    i am totally obsessed with mermaids and this website is a good idea, even though i havnt found my ideal mermaid tattoo yet…. this helped.

  8. 8 Cheryl

    By far the best selection of mermaid tattoos I have seen so far. It has helped with some ideas and I will recommend it to others. Many thanks.

  9. 9 Peggy

    I am going to get a mermaid that looks like me with short blonde hair…although after visiting here i like the ‘tribal’ mermaids a lot…i may go that way instead…i think i’ll get her on my calf because i’d like to be able to see her.

  10. 10 Anna

    I love the mermaids with merchildren, especially the breastfeeding one. So beautiful. I’m having one of myself and my twins in “mer -form” done in June. Thank you for compiling these awesome photos!!

  11. 11 Angelina

    Try and have a look at jasmine beckett-griffiths fairy art she has some different mermaids and also a link for all the stuff you need for the tattoo image

  12. 12 David

    See Jasmine Beckett-Griffiths site here:

  13. 13 stacey

    site was good some nice tatts, but didnt help in what design i was looking for in a mermaid tatt!!

  14. 14 jess

    didnt help at all, seen them al before im looking for a mermaid with more meaning in the eyes a more seductive look

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Helped me figure out what I don’t want. Seriously, I’m glad I stopped by for that reason.

  16. 16 harley

    wow so cool

  17. 17 Ray

    good but looking for something more abstract. seems there’s heaps of “cartoon” mermaids out there not much else.

  18. 18 Anonymous


  19. 19 Mer Girl

    As well as the others posting on this site, I too am obsessed with mermaids-my liscence plate/dashmat has mermaids on them, and I even talk with Thom Shouse (the Tailman) who makes all tails for hollywood for all mermaid movies and commercials out there (to make my own) and EVERYTHING! I am actually looking for a Tribal Knot Mermaid-and NO one seems to know how to do this…if you could add a picture of something similar, it would be GREAT! There is one picture on here that is close, but I want the whole body to be that of the fine on the black tribal-like tail of the guy’s tattoo above…


  20. 20 Mer Girl


  21. 21 Mer Girl

    My Tail won’t show on my submission! O-

  22. 22 Mer Girl


  23. 23 jose

    well…thanks…i got more ideas…well the tattoo that i have also appear here…

  24. 24 Rubi

    thats thew coolest things that I’ve ever seen in my life but unfurtanetelly itsnt the mermaid that I want =0( but anyway this is very cool couldnt be anything better!!!

  25. 25 may

    they all suck dick

  26. 26 Laura

    some are good, my favourite is the hindu inspired one, with the six arms, thats really unique and its the sort of thing im looking for…. overall none have really helped me with my ideas

  27. 27 Sharon Dixon

    Some proper really cool designs, give me loads of ideas for what I want for my new tat Shaz

  28. 28 Jenn

    My fave is still the tribal mermaid, I got her on my shoulder blade in 05… I didnt like the one with her covered up- Im glad i decided to leave her nude on me. Im getting her mirrored on my other shoulder blade but want another lovely mermaid down my back. Liked the selection, my fave was also the hindu-ish one, but definately not for my back- I just thought that was amazingly beautiful :)

  29. 29 jordana

    hey some really interesting ideas love it

  30. 30 Steve

    Awesome. Some tattoos are weird, but on the whole, awesome.

    Anybody ever see a mermaid tattoo placed over the elbow (on the part of the arm that gets tan), so that the tail articulates with the person’s arm?

    That’s what I’ve been thinking about getting, for a few years. Thing is, I’ve told it to everyone, and half the people I know say, “Steve, that is perfect for you,” but the other half says, “Girls get tattoos of mermaids. What are you a girl?”

    How ’bout some opinions from people who know what the hell they’re talking about? What do you think? We’re judged by how we look. Mermaid tat on a guy, would you think, Weird?

  31. 31 yassie minaj--e

    all of them are really great… But it still didn’t help me out with an idea

  32. 32 Derothy

    There is some amasing tatoos of mermaid but unfortunately i did not find the one that i wanted. looking for a nice mermaid tatoos with fish swimming round her

  33. 33 cg

    I do not have any tatts yet, first tattoo I want to be a mermaid I love mermaids!!!!!! please help

  34. 34 jude luhrs

    your web site is awesome !!! love to all from san francisco

  35. 35 ariellover

    If you guys want some really cool pics of mermaids check out this comic art book called mermaids there is mermaids 1,2 and 3. They are a series of some really great drawings of all types of mermaids from sultry ones to mean ones and even some really cartooney types, anyways this is where i got mine from i cant remember the name of the store but hope it helps i know i fell in love with these books!

  36. 36 ariellover
  37. 37 MerMommy

    I absolutly love this site and it gave me a great place to start for ideas on my Mermaid tatoo!

  38. 38 Merbaby

    Omg I have the same tattoo of the mermaid with the merbaby in a round circle on my back just not as big that one is huge I bet you love the detail!

  39. 39 JulieH

    If u r looking for reference material for any tattoos/drawings etc, I can recommend If u cant find what u r looking for there it doesn’t exist!

  40. 40 maria isabellara balderrama

    thats cool

  41. 41 Anonymous

    9 89uiu0hbhymhgoi bgnjklhlhyjj

  42. 42 pologrl

    This helped me a bit I really wanted to see some angery mermaids tho. That’s what im hoping to get for my first tattoo. But this really helped me see difffernt styles.

  43. 43 Pixie

    There really are some horrendous tattoos out there and terrible artists. this gallery has just made me so thankful to have an amazing tattooist who can actually draw. i know what i want and i have found nothing to help me get it down on paper. most of these people are literally scarred for life with nasty tattoos.

  44. 44 Kevin

    I’m really bummed. Got new sleve done with mermaid and octopuss etc. It was my fisrt real tat and I’m glad I got and want more, I’m not sure it came out exactly as I wanted it. I would do so many thing diffrent now that I see finished product. My tat guy says I got one more session to finish off little bits and pieces. I’m not sure I want to go back there. Anybody u know you is bomb and expirenced to help me? Please

  45. 45 Kevin

    Who’s got the hook to a fresh and bomb experianced artist I’m looking for. Does anybody have a hook u

  46. 46 valarie fancher

    There are a some very nice tattoos of mermaids. I have a mermaid tattoo i got a few months ago. I love it. I want to get more in the future.

  47. 47 TattooTony

    I love this sight!!!!! Great photos I want my mermaid tat NOW. I have been looking for the right one for about 5 years and these photos helped. Now to find the right artist. Thank you for all your work on this sight.

  48. 48 The Paserby

    hey just wanted to know who did the 13th pic and who is the model in picture #37?

  49. 49 Catrina


  50. 50 lindsay skye

    they are beautiful i wanted one for awhile. now i’m convinced

  51. 51 ELIZABETH

    Saw a few interesting ones, but not exactly what I have in mind. Good ideas though. This will be my first and I want it to be just perfect.

  52. 52 lisa laili

    all the tattoos r fantastic, but i’m looking 4 the 1 that can touch my heart… i didn’t find it here….. :(

  53. 53 Sam

    i want a sexy pin up mermaid design for a tattoo on my whole left side of my stomach will go nice with my almost 6 pack! lol u lot got any ideas where i can find a pin up style mermaid designs with like sea shells/ fish n water designs?? thanks if ya lemme no cheers :)

  54. 54 kd

    some of these designs could have been done a bit better, but it depends on your taste, everyone has different taste, i got some ideas on how i want mine done, so this site has helped, and what not to get done. lol

  55. 55 GigiKitty

    With all honesty, 70% of the pictures here were horrible :/ uqhh, idk if it’s just me but MY fantasy of a mermaid is drop dead gorgeous, beautiful, Kim Kardashian body with a seductive face. Many of these looked like my drawings from third grade, many looked manish or just plain out ugly. BUT some were truly awesome! I liked the ones that were either traditional American tattoo styles or the ones that looked real [;
    Also, I don’t like “stamp” tattoos. You know, random tattoos all over the body, it looks like someone got bored and drew on themselves. Sorry, I’m rarely a critic, but when I am it’s because I take the subject seriously and personally (I’ve had an obsession with Mermaids my whole life).

  56. 56 GigiKitty

    Also, I don’t think you should JUST base your tattoo on pictures from the internet (worst resource for almost anything in my opinion). A truely beautiful tattoo comes from one’s imagination and spirit [; Don’t look for insperation from someone else’s design, they CAN however play part in your idea, but it shouldn’t cosume most or all of it. Just a thought to dwell on [:

  57. 57 Kylie McGee

    I was toying with the idea of a mermaid tatto since I’m a Sailor’s “enchantress”,I liked the silhouettes and I think it may be interesting to do a mermaid tattoo in a version of myself.

  58. 58 Unique

    I found the perfect mermaid for my tattoo! I am going to make a few changes, of course (I feel tattoos should be original). I wasn’t able to find anything close to what I wanted anywhere else. I have been looking for a week. This gallery is great!

  59. 59 Wanda Denise

    my daughter wants a mermaid tattoo on her left leg/ankle, but she’s very selective. Not sure what she wants it to look like, something that looks real, not really cheesy, with sea shells and sea horses, but not too fantasy looking. Something with the tail being blue/green, her fave. colors. So I guess I didn’t find anything of closeness to what she would like. but the artwork was good.

  60. 60 kristin smith

    These are some cute mermaids. I have one on me already. One thing I noticed is everyone’s looking for a mermaid to copy off of others. But in the tattoo world its about taking your ideal to a artist and having them create it for u. Unique tattoos are way cooler then something someone else has. Just saying!


    i have 6 mermaid tat’s all named after ex-wives & girlfriends.

  62. 62 Matthew Holtom

    please send me some tattoo designs of mermaids for men and some old towns and churchs and ravens and skulls and the devil leading to dog on war and a tattoo designs the 4 horse man of apolsit that all and thank i hope its trouble.

  63. 63 ngaz

    hi there my names ngaz, and i have been into mermaids since i was four years old, jus wana knw hav u ever designed a island grl looking mermaid tattoo an would u be able to design mine an how muj wuld it cost jus for your design please not to deer lol thank you

  64. 64 Anonymous

    This gallery really makes me start to re-think my mermaid tat idea. Horrendous Gallery. Where is the talent.

  65. 65 DFA

    these tattoos are shit are these all back yaurd jobs??? weres all the colourful mermaids… ?????????
    I actual cant beleive some of these are from professional tattoist ???? no help at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66 CHICKEN

    These tattoos were pretty horrible! I mean one picture looked like the girl was taking a dump and another looked like the mermaid had hemorrhoids!

  67. 67 K

    As others have said, I wouldn’t go for any of these particular tattoos but I do want a mermaid…very difficult to find something that fits my ideas in my head and I cannot draw at all so I can’t ‘get it out’ ahhhh!

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  86. 86 Hank

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