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Today’s mermaid


Vatu Vara for sale

The Fijian island of Vatu Vara is for sale.  It is $75M, fresh water supply is questionable, and you will have celebrity asshat Mel Gibson as your neighbor.  Other than that it looks great.



$75,000,000 (USD)

The magnificent island of Vatu Vara is often referred to as ‘Hat Island’ because of it’s unusual shape. The island is reputed by many to be the most beautiful in Fiji. It’s unique topography with limestone cliffs covered in dense tropical jungle and the flat summit is like a cross between Bora Bora and ‘The Lost World’ of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. From the top of it jungle-clad 1,030 foot peak, to the bottom of it’s aquamarine lagoon this is 100% pure tropical paradise. All the cinematic clichés about tropical islands are here for real; and to continue the theme you even get Mel Gibson as a neighbour. He owns Mago island just 30 kilometres to the east.

Link to listing

Today’s Norseboat videos

2 Norseboats en Méditerranée
Taken: 05 September 2007
  Location:Saint-Tropez, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


Quelques bords en Norseboat 17.5
filmé penadant les “Vieilles Coques” de Concarneau en Juillet 2007 – France
  Taken: 01 July 2007
  Location: Concarneau, France

Norseboat 17.5 Voile & Avirons
Taken: 27 June 2007
  Location: Loire, France

Today’s videos of Norseboats in France enjoying some great sailing (and rowing), from mon beau bateau. 

Today’s mermaid


Salvaging Tranquility

Daughter of man lost at sea aghast as couple who discovered his abandoned sailboat claim “finders keepers, losers weepers” on her family 


Renee Leonard wanted something good to come from her father’s apparent death at sea, so after the U.S. Coast Guard towed his abandoned sailboat ashore, she decided to donate it to a worthy cause.   [….]  A few days after the donation, however, Leonard got surprising news.

Ronald and Sunshine Rathey, who found the Tranquility anchored 65 nautical miles west of John’s Pass and notified the Coast Guard, were claiming a maritime lien against the vessel.   [….]   According to a Coast Guard report, the Ratheys, who were aboard their vessel, Sundancer, reported spotting what appeared to be an abandoned sailboat at 2:25 p.m. on Oct. 18.

At 3:35 p.m. the Coast Guard launched a search for Leonard’s father, Ulyses Emanuel “Sam” Didier III. The search included a cutter, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. It went on for 28 hours.

Chief Petty Officer Paul R. Angelillo said the area searched was determined by special computer software that showed how far Didier might have drifted since he last wrote in his log, three days before his boat was found.  [….]  He said the Coast Guard asked the Ratheys to board the sailboat to find out whether anyone was on the boat. The agency also asked the couple to remain on the scene until the Coast Guard cutter Hawk arrived.

“The idea is that you want to talk to them and get a feel for what they found and you want to make sure that there’s nothing untoward. Once Hawk was on the scene, I don’t recall us asking them to remain on scene,” Angelillo said, adding that the Ratheys’ official involvement in the incident would have been about five hours.

The Ratheys, who make their livelihood fishing, contend through their lawyer that they remained with the Tranquility and protected it at a financial loss to themselves. They want to be compensated.   [….]  Frank D. Butler, the Ratheys’ maritime lawyer, said his clients “saw up at the bow that there was evidence that somebody had been trying to contend with the anchor and may have fallen over.”

Butler said his clients performed a service for the abandoned boat. Under maritime law, he said, “when somebody provides a service for a vessel, like fuel, repairs, it creates a maritime lien against the vessel.”   


 Full story via Fark

But this is real

Not nautical, but this really spoke to me.


[Stan’s house, day. In the living room, Stan and Kyle stand before the TV with guitar controllers in their hands. Nine boys from class watch them from the sofa and the floor. A game starts up. Stan and Kyle immediately begin to play and the other boys begin to cheer them on. The song playing is “Wayward Son”]


Stan, you guys are good! [Stan and Kyle more their right arms around during a power chord, then quickly return to playing. The score is 15,594 points and climbs quickly. Randy watches from the kitchen doorway]

[The kitchen. Sharon is washing dishes. Randy turns and walks towards her.]


[sounding tired]  Sharon, what are the boys doing?


Oh, Stan and Kyle bought a new video game together.


They can play guitar now?


No, no, they’re just little plastic controllers. You hit the colored buttons and it makes the guitar track on the game play.




If they spent half the time learning a real instrument as they do playing that game, who knows what they could accomplish.


Hey yeah…

[The living room. The round ends and the boys cheer.]


Dude, listen to that video crowd! They love us! [a shot of the cheering CG crowd on the TV]


[walks up to Stan] So you boys like this music, huh?


Yeah, dude. It’s Guitar Hero.


Stan and Kyle are really good at it.


Well you kids wanna see something really cool? [the boys pay attention] Check this out. [walks away and picks up an electric guitar, and plugs in the amplifier. He puts his right foot on top of the amplifier and begins to play “Wayward Son” a half-step up]

Once, I rose
above the noise and confusion

Just to get a glimpse
beyond this illusion.

I was soaring ever

But I flew too high.
Though my eyes could
see I-


[irritated, interrupting] Dad? Dad! What are you doing?!


[brightly] I can actually play a lot of these songs on a real guitar. You want me to teach you boys how?


Uhh, that’s gay, Mr. Marsh.


Yeah, that’s stupid, Dad.


But… But this is real.


Real guitars are for old people.

Post-Thanksgiving random image gallery

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Today’s mermaids


Herbert James Draper Ulysses and the Sirens (1909)

Norseboat pic of the day: Flâneries provençales en duo voile-aviron


C’est à la fin du mois de juillet que nous nous sommes retrouvés, Natsiq et Etoile Polaire, 2 petits sisterships voile-aviron Norseboat, pour aller flâner, le temps d’une journée, le long des côtes varoises.

Objectif : faire une petite randonnée, naviguer dans les quelques faibles risées d’une belle journée d’été et aller retrouver des amis dans une crique pour y pique-niquer …

Norseboat sisterships Natsiq and Etoile Polaire on a sail off the French Mediterranian coast.  More pictures and text here.  Thank to Nicolas Galais for the link!

The Mermaid of Zennor

The people of Zennor had long wondered at the beauty of a richly-dressed lady who attended divine service at the church. None knew whence she came, but when she fell in love with Matthew Trewella and lured him away, tongues began to wag. Neither was seen again for many years, until one Sunday morning the sailors on a ship anchored near Pendower Cove were surprised to see a mermaid rising from the water, and recognised her as none other than the mysterious visitor to Zennor Church. She asked the captain to raise his anchor, as it was barring the entrance to her house. Her likeness can be seen to this day carved on a pew-end in Zennor Church. [source]

Never Sea Land encourages you to make use of Corwall Tour ( for your visit to the mermaid!

Sea turtles lay over 100 million eggs on Costa Rica beaches

(Source: AP) 

The community members of Ostional are allowed by the government to harvest up to 1 million sea turtle eggs to sell throughout Costa Rica. 

Ostional is one of a handful of beaches around the world where the Olive Ridley sea turtle arrives in mass to lay their eggs, with more than 100 million eggs laid over the week long nesting season. 






Powerboating, Darwin style

Man ejected from yacht dies in Gulf

BRADENTON BEACH — A Sarasota man died in a boating accident in open waters in the Gulf of Mexico off Bradenton Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Henry Ogden, of 5650 Bentgrass Drive in Sarasota, was thrown from the bow of a 42-foot yacht carrying eight people and he was run over, according to Gary Morse, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife.

“Approximately 4 p.m. this afternoon, there was a 42-foot cruiser operating out in the Gulf of Mexico with eight passengers on board that was involved in jumping boat wakes,” said Lt. Jon Dobbs of Florida Fish & Wildlife. “One of the passengers was ejected out of the vessel and impacted by the vessel.”

The man suffered “severe lacerations,” according to Morse said.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing, Dobbs said.

Full story link via Fark

Volitan “Flying Fish”

The Volitan, or the “Flying Fish,” is a concept design for a boat that would run green over the great big blue. It harnesses both the power of the wind and the Sun, using solid sails and an array of panels along its wings to trap solar energy and keep the ship’s battery charged. The Volitan’s wings are controlled by an onboard computer, which tracks light and wind direction to maximize the boat’s performance by turning the wings appropriately. The computer can also perform actions such as folding the wings up against the hull when weather conditions get rough.

Full story link

The Admiral Benbow

The “Admiral Benbow”, Penzance, Cornwall, U.K.

Admiral Benbow is remembered in pubs scattered throughout the English speaking world, and in literature in the opening scene of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The Admiral Benbow Inn, Penzance, is one of the most interesting.

And, as you will learn from the very comprehensive Brave Benbow site, there are at least a half-dozen pubs and inns in the UK that commemerate the great sailor and sea-fighter.  The Admiral is also the topic of a very stirring eponymous song, of which my favorite interpretation was done by Paul Clayton.

Diving with great white sharks

Nice footage, not too crazy about the music.