Joost: Boats on TV


Joost is a new free video-over-IP service now available in beta.  You need to download their free player application, which works as a peer-to-peer client, which is good for on-demand bandwidth, though some might worry about the security issues.  The thousands of available shows are organized into “channels”, and I’ve been having fun working my way through the shows on “Boats on TV”.  There are hundred of other channels as well.

Links:  Joost home, Boats on TV channel

Shows available at present:

  • Into the Eye of the Storm (Sydney-Hobart Race)
  • Bang the Corner (Volvo around-the-world)
  • Rolex TP52 World Championship
  • The Record Stands
  • Rolex Farr 40 World Championship
  • Sardinia Rolex Cup
  • Sailing in St Maarten
  • Scott’s Knots
  • The Life of Brunel
  • Multihulls To Mexico
  • Spinnaker Sailing
  • The Basics of Boating

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