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Giant kites on ships aid global warming


A high-tech version of the traditional sailing ship is the latest bid to halt climate change.

Two German companies have teamed up to create a kite system that uses wind power to pull enormous ships.
The kite flies up to 300 metres high to harness powerful prevailing winds and tug the 10,000-tonne ship forward, helping its diesel engine cut fuel consumption by 20 per cent.


The 132-metre ship MV Beluga SkySails will make her maiden voyage across the Atlantic next month, pulled by a giant computer-guided kite tethered to a 15-metre high mast.

The kite flies up to 300 metres high to harness powerful prevailing winds and tug the 10,000-tonne ship forward, helping its diesel engine cut fuel consumption by 20 per cent.

The inventors, Beluga Shipping and Skysails, aim to get 1,500 ships fitted with kites by 2015. 

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Heavy Seas, Pt. 3


Heavy Seas, Pt. 3 now up at Dark Roasted Blend — a must-see post of pictures, text, movies.

Outriggers of Waikiki

A nice feature of Waikiki beach is the presence of all the outrigger canoes.  Most are used to take out parties of tourists for short trips, some are serious club boats.





Paddling at sunrise.


Lashing detail.  Cotton blend is preferred; over 100 ft are used in a single canoe. waikiki-outrigger-106.JPG


Below, the canoes of the Anuenue Canoe Club, run by paddling legend Nappy Napoleon, who this past October did his 50th Molokai-Oahu (the Molokai Hoe) race.  Staggering.


Stubby one- or two-person canoe. waikiki-outrigger-110.JPG

Departing for training.

Paddleboards are cool, too.

Weekend wahine


Since Joe’s postings have been sparse of late.

Dynamic SEAL extraction

Because nothing is more irritating than an impacted seal.

Warsaw mermaid


City of Warsaw coat of arms.  Nice!

Lala’s 2008 calendar


Now you know what to get yourself for Christmas.

Avalailable at The Lala Store, or TikiBarTV.

Mermaids of Kapahulu



Seen at a sculpture studio on Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, right down the street from Island Paddler.

Oh no!


I have been sent to Hawaii on business this week, so won’t be posting for a while.

I know, it sucks, but someone had to go.  😉

Men with big oars


A photo gallery on Flickr.

Neverland’s Mermaid Lagoon

From Peter Pan (1953).


These mermaids are friends of Peter Pan and they are very interested in his stories. They are resentful of Wendy and try to drown her although Peter insists they were having fun. They are frightened away when they hear that Captain Hook is rowing nearby. The mermaids appear to be in their mid-teens and one of them has red hair leaving some to believe she was the inspiration for another Disney character, Ariel.

Wave of the day


From a Fark photoshop contest.

Fish on Friday


Today’s mermaid


Dolphins woo females with bunches of weeds


A new study shows that male dolphins carry pieces of plants and twigs to impress females, rather than simply playful behaviour as previously believed.

Object-carrying as part of sexual display is rare in the animal kingdom, with only humans and chimpanzees doing anything similar.

The fact that the habit has been observed in isolated populations of dolphins in river dolphins in Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia suggests it has either been passed on through generations or evolved separately in different groups.

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