Not so Illustrious


Are the US and UK navies becoming wimpified?  Judge for yourself.

  1. Faulty fridge sends warship back to base 
    One of Britain’s biggest warships was forced to retreat back to base Wednesday — by fears about a fridge.  The aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious sailed out Wednesday from Portsmouth on the southern English coast, the home of the fleet, to join multi-national operations in the Indian Ocean.   But “Lusty” had to turn back because a refrigeration unit used to store meat was in danger of breaking down.  “The sensible thing is for her to come in and get that fixed before she goes off again,” said Royal Navy spokesman Anton Hanney.  “It wouldn’t be prudent for her to go off with the chance of the unit breaking down while she was in warmer climates and then engineers would have to be flown out to her to fix it.” [full story]
  2. Herndon Climb, other USNA rituals changing

    To reduce the possibility of injuries during the annual rite of climbing the Herndon Monument, the Naval Academy may limit the number of freshmen allowed to participate in scaling the grease-covered obelisk.

    The Herndon Climb is but one of the academy’s spring festivities that is being reviewed, and some will be curtailed or even eliminated.     “Similar to how our Navy looks at all traditions in the fleet, we are evaluating the Herndon Monument Climb to ensure the event remains a valid part of our heritage but it is conducted with professionalism, respect, and most important, safety in mind,” academy spokesman Cmdr. Ed Austin said yesterday.  [story, history,  photos, YouTube]

To me, this all seems bizarre.  Wasn’t it bad enough when the stopped the tot? I can’t believe that today’s naval men are so delicate that they can’t live without ice cream, or that the US Navy has such a fear of lawsuits from the plebe’s mommys if one of their precious snowflakes stubs a toe.  If they wanted ‘safety’ they should have gone into accounting.


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