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Royal Navy sinks even lower

Ahoy, Billionaires: The Royal Navy Is at Your Service

PORTSMOUTH, England — In 1805, British Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson set sail from this seaside town to engage Napoleon Bonaparte’s fleet off the Spanish coast. The Englishman’s victory at Cape Trafalgar established Britannia as ruler of the waves.

Today, the navy that sank Napoleon has a new gig: tending the yachts of the rich and famous.
The Royal Navy and contractors have teamed up to train yachting crews. With the rise in production of yachts, the navy has embraced the sector, teaching everything from napkin folding to fire fighting. WSJ’s Stacy Meichtry reports.

In recent months, a Royal Navy contractor has started training butlers, skippers and stewards who ferry billionaires in their pearly white pleasure boats to exclusive vacation spots. One of its first clients is the captain of Ecstasea, the 285-foot vessel of Russian oil magnate Roman Abramovich.

A descendant of Lord Nelson’s isn’t amused. “I don’t expect anyone thought of such a thing in 1805,” says Anna Tribe, the naval hero’s 78-year-old great-great-great-granddaughter. If drill instructors divulge too many trade secrets, Ms. Tribe warns, the Royal Navy risks “Mr. Abramovich and his compatriots very suddenly coming to war with us.”

But Stephen Mackay, the retired Royal Navy commander who is running the program, says he’s fighting a more immediate threat to Britain’s national security: the Royal Navy’s need for cash.

 story at The Wall Street Journal

But I Could Be Wrong

Not nautical, I just like it.  Parental Advisory, NSFW

mooooore sailing

John Spillane – We’re Going Sailing

Music for a Friday, with mermaids even.

Today’s mermaid


Nicolas from Norseboat France has sent this beauty to us, the work of French photographer  Rene Maltete.

My battleship, let me show you it



Admiral Graf Spee

The model is scratch build like a canoe using 2,54 – 10,16 cm (1 – 4 in) bass wood strips and then covered with fiberglass.
Estimated weight 318 kg (700 lbs).
The beam is 1,32 meter (52 in).
The length is about 9,1 meter (30 foot).
It can carry 2 persons.
The model is powered by a 15 hp (11,2 kw) outboard engine under rear gun turret.
It can sail 24 kilometer per hour (15 mph).
Furthermore the model has a music system build in.
While William Terra cruise the lakes of Maine he enjoy listen to Wagner.
The Commander-in-Chief in the photographs below is William Terra.
William Terra would like to see more models build in this scale.

 more pics etc. at LINK

Bob Perry’s Cruising Anarchy


Not much blogging in the last few days, I am having too much fun with Bob Perry and the Cruising Anarchy group.  A real beauty in the in works!  (Design/image property RH Perry.)

Swimming In Victoria Falls Devils Pool

The natural pools on the zambia side of the victoria falls are only accessible during the low season, and are an experience you will never forget! there are two pools, the devils pool (shown) and the much more relaxing angels pool for the timid types!

Whales’ revenge


A neat little online game where you can help whale strike back a (Japanese-flagged) whalers.  There is also a place to sign an online petition to ban all whaling.

Ulua planking done


The Ulua planking is complete, many months after I had thought it would be!  I will post more pics and discussion later.  Basically, in choosing to not just plank straight up the sides from the sheer I wound up perhaps doubling the work involved (or more).  But, I think it will look nice in the end.  Next:  outer stems, fairing, glassing.


Horsesurfing: The British-invented sport combines the technical skill of surfing with the raw power of horse riding

This daredevil duo were onto a shore winner yesterday when they hit the beach for the latest extreme sports craze – HORSESURFING.  The British-invented sport combines the technical skill of surfing with the raw power of horse riding.   A towing rope is attached to a special saddle so the surfer can be pulled through the water as the horse and its rider gallop alongside.   As speed picks up the boarder hits waves and is thrown into the air – where they can pull flips and tricks before landing back down and racing on.   Horsesurfing is the brainchild of stuntman Daniel Fowler-Prime who thought up the idea with friends when they grew bored of their existing hobbies.


Hey, I beat out Joe in posting this!

Today’s mermaid


Norseboat adventurers TV interview

Norseboat adventurers Gary and Connie Hoffman describe their trip down the Mississippi.  See also Gary’s written account with photos on the Norseboat Owners Site, and their interview on Furled Sails.

Sharks with frickin’ lasers

lasers_20080206161421.pngReports that a fifth undersea communications cable in the Middle East has been damaged in less than a week — further compromising Internet access in countries there, and knocking Iran off the grid entirely – are triggering wild conspiracy theories about who’s at fault, from Islamic extremists to the CIA. But BizTech readers can proceed with global business as planned: the reports aren’t true.

How disappointing.

Foo Fighters — Resolve

Hang in there, it takes a while to get good.