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The Vendée Globe video clip

Five times round the world in just a few minutes!

On 9th November, it will be the start of the sixth Vendée Globe. Because we still have some time to wait before climbing onboard for four months of excitement, this film allows us to relive or discover why this race is so magical; the southern seas, the tiredness, a hotly contested race, the stress, cold, icebergs: in just a few pictures, revisit the Vendée Globe from yesterday to today.


Happy Birthday, Never Sea Land


Men may little note nor long remember, but this blog started one year and ~865 posts ago.

That’s a lot of mermaids!

 The readership is world-wide:

And we are now entertaining about 250 unique visitors per day:  visitors.JPG

The most popular posts and pages are:

  1. Today’s (real live) mermaid  (also has the most comments by far)
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  3. Today’s mermaid: 200th post!  (obvious)
  4. Pictures from Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show (my own photos)

 Thanks and keep reading!  

Backing up the trailer


I did pretty poorly last week backing up the Norseboat to launch, and even scraped a fender.  Way out of practice!  Here’s a frustating little game to enjoy while getting warmed up for trailer-sailor season:

My own time is too awful to even discuss.

Today’s mermaid


Foiling 18 Foot Skiff

Today’s mermaid


Ted Hardie’s beauty



Found on the Guillemont bulletin board.  link

I am stunned.  Mr. Hardie lives on the Big Island, and will get to enjoy his Ulua in its proper setting.

OC-1 surfing Fort Point

Not sure we are going to get to this level with the Ulua.

Today’s mermaid


Dumber than a stinkpotter?

Today’s mermaid


The mermaid with sword and shield is the symbol of Warsaw, Poland.

Black head

Dr. Evil’s secret agent Fat Bastard would be impressed with this marvel of modern race boat technology.. The Carbon Fiber Shitter.  Easily capable of handling one metric ton.  From a numbers game we refuse to crunch the lps/ disp/. Ratio’s.. suffice to say they are more then adequate.




From the 2008 Americas Cup of Landsailing:  Wingnut lll landsailer 59 sq. ft. class 4 solid wing with a slotted flap . 1st place class 4 2nd place class 3.

Today’s pirate mermaid


Bitchen Chicks Yacht Club


One for the ladies.

The Bitchen Chicks Yacht Club came into being in 1997 when a group of female racing pals decided to form their own “club”…one more focused of frivolity and fun than the standard male dominated Yacht Clubs. The girls became well known for their antics on and off the water and their irreverent albeit humorous slant to yacht racing.

They did win some races and and worked hard at yacht racing, earning the respect of other local sailors. Eventually they drew other women and girls to the sport locally and organized seminars by well known sailors in the areas of boat handling, racing rules, tactics as well as on the water stuff. We found that learning the ins and outs of sailing/racing can be a lot more empowering when you can learn from someone besides the dude you are sleeping with. We just want more women to sail and dig it.