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Big waves

78 Supersize images of supersize waves for your desktop or just to enjoy.


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Team Alinghi bites teh Big One, practicing for the DoG fight. Via S/A.

Today’s mermaid


Bus pirates

Gallery of whales

Mostly orcas.

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Today’s Mexican mermaid


Can be seen at La Paz, Baja, Mexico.

Gallery of jellies and undersea life

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Daisy Cutter


Mini-Transat 6.50 Daisy Cutter looking good in the Spinnaker Cup, before the wind died and it all went sour. 

Deep down, I really really want a Mini.

Norseboat pic of the day


“Sunset on Mobile Bay” by Shepard Partridge

Today’s mermaid


Mmmmm….   beer.

Return to Tomales Bay

Over a long weekend of April 17 – 20 the Searavens returned to Tomales Bay for a camping and sailing adventure.   Our last trip is documented here

The approach to the mouth of the bay, overlooking Dillon Beach and the campground.

Searaven under tow.

Annika communes with a windswept boulder.

Nick’s Cove launch site in the misty morning chill.

Moody shot, under oars in the still morning.

Hog Island abandoned castle.

A lone baby seal on the sandspit.  He did not look at all well.

Searaven anchorage, Hog Island.

Leaving Hog Island, the sun comes out.  Later the wind picked up enough to start blowing whitecaps.

The happy explorer.

Secret beach, Point Reyes.   The previous day we had seen elk on these slopes through the spotting scope of a friendly fellow camper.  Next year, load the tent on Searaven for a real beach camping trip?

Dolphin gallery

A big gallery of wallpaper-sized pics of our friendly buddies.

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Today’s mermaid


British sailors trapped by French port blockade


Protestors have blockaded a French port, preventing thirty British yachts from leaving the country.

Over sixty British tourists have been trapped in Cherbourg for a week, and attempts to flee have been met with a barrage of flares and missiles.

French fishermen are protesting over the spiralling costs of diesel by drawing a steel cable across the mouth of Cherbourg harbour. Their actions have threatened to spark a diplomatic incident, with a Conservative MP demanding the French ambassador be called in.

So far British sailors have made two attempts to escape. The first, by a diving boat, was successful, despite the vessel being chased by fishing boats and bombarded with a hail of glass bottles.

“The Dunkirk spirit just caught on and we went for it,” the captain, 43-year-old Steve Johnson, told The Mail on Sunday.

A second attempt was thwarted after a boat was set on fire by a flare launched by protestors. The fire was quickly extinguished, and no-one was injured.

French police have so far made no attempt to quell the protest, according to the trapped sailors.


Who do those French fishermen think they are, French farmers?

Today’s mermaid