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Russian shark-boat


Some Russian rich guys exercise in luxury, some in ingenuity of their luxury. Like this shark-boat in St. Petersburg. It stayed for a few days parked near one of the city river banks then floated away driven by some another New Russian Rich Man.

So classy.  From English Russia.

Today’s mermaid


Courtesy of Look to Windward – Racing Rules of Sailing

YRA 2nd-Half Opener


NSL got to go racing again last Saturday aboard Flying Tiger 10m Centomiglia  in the YRA 2nd-Half Opener.  Starting from just N. of Treasure Island, we beat out under the Golden Gate bridge to the Pt. Bonita buoy, and then ran back under spinnaker across the City Front to the Alameda channel to finish in front of the Encinal Yacht Club.  Maybe later I will figure out how to get the speed info out of the GPS so readers can see us hitting 14.3 kts, and also some pretty fun broaches, too.  Results are here.  Since we only had 4 crew, I got to do a lot more, mostly on jib.  Thanks guys for a great day!

Top Gear Boat Challenge

Peggy showed me this a few months ago, it is still funny.

Drinking tiki torch fluid is not advised


A public service announcement from Never Sea Land

 CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More West Virginians are winding up in the emergency room for some weird, warm-weather mishaps: suspected poisoning by tiki torches and glow toys.

The West Virginia Poison Center reports that so far this year four people have been treated for drinking the refillable liquid that fuels the tropical-themed torches, popular as patio décor and a favorite for backyard parties.

The yellowish oil frequently is left sitting out and mistaken for a beverage, said Dr. Elizabeth Scharman, director of the poison center.

“People were at a picnic and thought it was apple juice and swallowed it,” Scharman said of one call the center received this year.

At least one child also swallowed the liquid after a torch had been set up lower to the ground, giving the child more access to it, Scharman said.

No one in the state has died or sustained serious injuries after ingesting the tiki torch fuel, but tragedy has struck elsewhere.

The Chicago Sun Times reported one 84-year-old woman died after swallowing the liquid, which can cause aspiration pneumonia, an inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes related to breathing a foreign substance.  more

Orca plays with dog!

Luna / L98 the solitary killer whale socializes with dog. Please note that Luna was a southern resident (fish eating orca) and was not hunting the dog for food. a composite video of Luna

To learn more about Luna please go to



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More ocean sailing — Figaro II

Corentin Douguet à bloc

Another Frenchie having fun in the big stuff.

Mini pics of the day



Craig Horsfield’s Skyweb Express, USA655 at the St. Francis YC dock after winning the first West Coast Mini 650 Offshore Race.    Congrats to Craig and his crew Tom on their achievement!

Schadenfreude of the week

TP52 boat CAM sinks off Valencia’s coast while racing in the Trofeo Reina.

More pics and info here.  Via S/A.

Today’s mermaid


“Capt. Hailborne at St. Johns, Newfoundland”



Adrian Blunt and Andy Abel in Mini CAN726 Antidote, at the start of the West Coast Mini race, Victoria BC.

Go the Minis! 

Official siteTracker, North American Mini Transat (dealer) 

Mini pic of the day


David Prono’s Clase Zero Mini USA728 Cali’Breizh enjoying the breeze in San Diego.  The inagural West Coast MiniTransat race should be underway now, with #728 as an entry, but has run into weather problems.

Photo by DA-WOODY stolen from Sailing Anarchy.

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