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Morning Light

Roy Disney’s film Morning Light, in which a crew of teens with no ocean sailing experience crew a TP52 in the 2007 Transpac, opens October 17.  Looks like a must-see.

Mini pic of the day

Hey, that could be me!  I talked to the girls this weekend, they are still glad we bought our Olson 34 Temerity, rather than a Mini.  I still think they are super-cool though.  And we are still a bit nostalgic for Searaven

Maltese Falcon arrives in SF Bay

Tom Perkin’s Maltese Falcon, arguably the biggest sailing yacht in the world arrives under the Golden Gate bridge Saturday, September 27 1400 hrs.  We were on the water Sunday, but didn’t make it up to Belvedere, by all accounts of the traffic jam on the water that was a good choice.

Today’s mermaid


I don’t like Mondays


Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Pirates Seek $35 Million for Ship

Breaking news on real-world piracy…

Stolen cargo . . . pirates have seized a Ukrainian freighter off Somalia carrying 33 T-72 tanks, similar to those in this photograph.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Somali pirates in a hijacked ship carrying more than 30 battle tanks were steaming toward a notorious pirate den on Saturday, and they vowed not to release the ship until a $35 million ransom was paid, Somali and Kenyan officials said.

According to Mohamed Osman Aden, a Somali diplomat in Kenya, the Ukrainian-owned vessel was headed to Xarardheere, on the barren Somali coast. Xarardheere is an isolated fishing village that has thrived on organized crime and has frequently been used as a pirate hide-out.

Mr. Mohamed said that while the cargo in this case was extremely unusual — 33 Soviet-designed T-72 tanks and a large supply of ammunition and grenade launchers, all intended for the Kenyan military — the tactics were pretty typical.

“These guys just want the money,” he said.

He predicted that the pirates would reduce their ransom demand to $1 million to $2 million, though Ukrainian officials have not said whether they will pay any ransom at all.

The Kenyan government said in a statement on Saturday that it “does not and will not negotiate with international criminals, pirates and terrorists and will endeavor to recover the hijacked ship and military cargo.”

American warships in the Indian Ocean were closely tracking the ship, and a Russian frigate, the Dauntless, was on its way.

Diplomats in Kenya said Saturday that military operations involving several countries were being discussed but that the plan was to wait a few days before considering a strike.

The hijacked ship’s crew is mostly Ukrainian, and already worried family members have contacted the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry asking what they can do.

The hijacking occurred on Thursday evening when pirates in three speedboats attacked the Ukrainian cargo ship, the Faina, which was in Somali waters about 200 miles from shore, en route to Kenya.

 full story at NYT

Today’s mermaid: Post 1003

With 96 votes cast over the last two weeks in the NSL Mermaid Boobies Reader Poll, it is clear that the People have Spoken:


These results speak for themselves, and will stand without comment. (Unless you, dear readers wish to chime in.)

I also find that I have been asleep at the switch, and missed the major milestone of Post #1000.  So it falls to this, Post #1003, that we present supermodel Stephanie Seymour from 1991 as the

Best.   Mermaid.   Ever.



Here’s a shot of Razzberries, sistership of our Olson 34 Temerity.  She competed in the 1998 Single Handed Transpac,  arriving 5th on elapsed time and finishing 2nd in her Division.  Skipper Bruce Nesbit still races her actively out of Richmond Yacht Club.

Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Aircraft carrier in lego



Wow.  More pix here.

Get your ‘uke on


Wine Country ‘Ukulele Festival
St. Helena, California    October 10 – 11, 2008

A celebration of the ‘ukulele and the rich cultural heritage of the Hawaiian Islands, open to the public with proceeds to benefit Nimbus Arts, a not-for-profit corporation supporting art and music in the Napa Valley

Way too many activities, music, dancing, and food to detail here — check it out! Thanks to coruscate at Tiki Central for the find.

Don’t they know it’s TLAP Day?


VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — The front yard of a house in a tony British Columbia neighborhood is a little less welcoming for pirates now.

Architect Andrew Dewberry and a crew of friends spent Saturday dismantling the pirate ship tree house he’s had in his Vancouver yard for two years. He said he had no choice after a court ordered it to be removed for not complying with city bylaws.

Dewberry had to explain the situation to his sons Jack, 9, and Sam, 7, before the tree house came down. He said, “They’ve had a lot of joy with the tree fort.”

Jack, who stood with a friend and watched the dismantling, said, “We wanted to sleep in it over the summer one time, but we didn’t get around to it and now we can’t.”

In July, the judge in the case admired the workmanship of the ship, complete with plastic cannons, in a perch 6 feet up a large, leafy tree in front of the family’s home. But the judge said its merits were irrelevant to whether the tree house violated city bylaws.