Today’s mermaid: Post 1003

With 96 votes cast over the last two weeks in the NSL Mermaid Boobies Reader Poll, it is clear that the People have Spoken:


These results speak for themselves, and will stand without comment. (Unless you, dear readers wish to chime in.)

I also find that I have been asleep at the switch, and missed the major milestone of Post #1000.  So it falls to this, Post #1003, that we present supermodel Stephanie Seymour from 1991 as the

Best.   Mermaid.   Ever.


3 Responses to “Today’s mermaid: Post 1003”

  1. 1 will

    what a milestone. what a m’maid. congrats!!

  2. 2 Joe Rouse

    That’s the kind of mermaid that Photobucket loves….to delete. Bastards!

  3. 3 David

    That’s why you need to host your own pics.

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