Glassing the Ulua interior

I got some time to work on the Ulua on Sunday (after struggling with Temerity’s  water heater Saturday), and managed to glass the inside with the first coat of epoxy.  I’m realizing that I have spent way too much time on fussy finish details like filling and sanding tiny cracks that no one else can see.  And that I should have gotten a cabinet scraper to deal with epoxy drips rather than sanding between coats, which cost me days and days and days.  Still, it’s nice to be done with this step.  And I am going to try to see if I can get the gunnel and ama planks (both 5/16″ by 1 3/4″ or so) milled by the lumber yard, as that will save a lot of time and possible money if I mess up my nice mahogany planks.

Below:  rocking the cradle.  I tilted the cradle this way and that and glassed one side at a time to minimize dripping, which was such a big problem on the outer hull sides which were nearly vertical.  Also, I was much more stingy with the first coat, and even went over with the spreader after I was done and scraped and discarded excess.  The inside only gets two coats, as opposed to three on the outside, and I think that with a cabinet scraper and a single treatement with 120 grit in the RO sander I will declare victory.


First side (port) done.  The outside hull is taped up with plastic dropcloth for protection.first-side.jpg

Almost done with starboard side.  It is very dramatic when the glass goes transparent, exposing the wood.


4 Responses to “Glassing the Ulua interior”

  1. 1 Buck

    Oh, yeah! Looking very, very nice!!

  2. 2 Joe Rouse

    I hope you put together a step by step photo essay with your experiences up on Down To The Sea. When your done I can start mine. 😉

  3. 3 David

    Well, to be fair I would have to include all the procrastinating and hesition from all the uncertainty on how to best proceed!

  4. 4 Joe Rouse

    That will be great.

    siednote: a pit fall of posting: I should have typed you’re instead of your. Sigh…..

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