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Best post?

The venerable Tillerman challenges all boat-bloggers to determine their best post of 2008 and submit to some sort of contest.  Last year NSL won a Top 10 Posts award at Proper Course for our mermaid series.  This year’s contest seems to be more slanted toward writing, and that’s a problem since NSL is more about quantity than quality, most of the time.

But here we go, anyway…. 

This post is simply the best because it demonstrates the most significant achieved milestone in the Ulua canoe-building project, and has a great pic my girls and the hull off the molds.

OK, there you are.  If readers have a different opinion, please comment!

1 Jan 09 update:  See all the submissions to Simply the Best here.

Turk’s Head


I tied my first Turk’s Head last night, with the help of my favorite ropework and sailorcraft book, The Arts of the Sailor, by Hervey Garrett Smith.  Everyone should have this book, if only to enjoy its authortative prose style.  And beyond that, it contains an entire chapter on the making of a proper bucket.

Album cover of the day


Here There and Everywhere by The Alan Copeland Conspiracy

RIP Eartha Kitt

Another Diva bites the dust, Xmas day 2008.



I love this boat. 

By all accounts, the original Coquina was one of Nat Herreshoff’s favorite boats. Designed in 1889 for his own use, this 17′ Cat Yawl stayed in the family for years. Nat’s original drawings of this exquisite design are held in the nautical archives at MIT.

Plans and instructions are available here.  She is quite a bit beyond my skill level though!

Today’s shiny mermaid


Where do they get those outfits, anyway?

Today’s lucky pirate


I hate this guy.

Mermaid cover art of the day


Billy May’s space-age cha cha, in a mermaid dress.

A 300-year-old mermaid


Friend and blogger Gavin Atkin of sent in these nice shots of a gargoyle-style mermaid in the corner of a 300-year-old building in Canterbury, Kent, England.  Cool!


I don’t like Mondays


l’Hydroptère  on her back after pitchpoling yesterday after achieving 61 kts.


Nice shots of super-tri Dogzilla, the BMW-Oracle America’s Cup Deed-of-Gift challenger, and some good coverage of the legal situation.

Link to same clip on YouTube, quality not as good. 

NSL officially supports the Sailing Anarchy Challenge.

Today’s mermaid


Will likely get her wish.

Hell of a holiday

We’re meeting Santa tonight! 

Mermaid album cover of the day


Les Baxter’s exotica release Jewels of the Sea, featuring Diane Webber (star of Mermaids of Tiburon) on the cover.  What doesn’t it have!

Today’s mermaid