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Marina the Mermaid Month — Final Day


And so we bid adieu to Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid for now.  Aloha!

Today’s mermaid


In her element.

Roxy Sailing

Vid from a few days ago.  Sam presently at #4, though she owes #5 Saffran 50 hours of redress time.  Go the Sam!

Today’s mermaid


Mermaid on the rocks.

Local outriggers


Orchid Outriggers is a tour operator on Morro Bay on California’s central coast.  They also build the outriggers they use for the tours.

The Hawaiian term for a 2-seat canoe is koholu’a. The Orchid Outrigger is a modern fiberglass composite translation of a design developed and perfected perhaps a thousand years ago. It was not our intent to improve or modernize this classic design. Hawaiian canoe builders developed and refined the small outrigger canoe to a state of functional perfection long before Cook would “discover” their islands. It is hoped the Orchid Outriggers’ Koholu’a will be seen as a humble evolution of a small Pre-contact Hawaiian outrigger canoe with all the utility, seaworthiness, and graceful harmony of the original.

If I’d known about these, who knows, I might never started on the Ulua.  I’m not sure what they weigh, or cost, and they can’t be sailed.  I had considered a Huki OC-1, but they only carry one person and are quite expensive.   These look like a better choice for most tourers, and a very attractive alternative to the ubiquitous roof-top kayak.

Today’s mermaid


“A little more scary looking”

A Fiasco in the making


Annika and I will be doing the Three Bridge Fiasco next Saturday as our first race with Temerity (don’t ask me about the Great Pumpkin fiasco).  This iconic SF Bay event has a record turnout this year, with over 320 boats signed up.  It’s a pursuit race, which means that there is a staggered start based on one’s rating, and from the start line on the City front the course runs from the Blackaller buoy (near GG bridge), Yerba Buena Island (Bay Bridge) and Red Rock (Richmond Bridge).  The ‘fiasco’ part comes from the huge, diverse fleet, and the fact that you can round marks (and cross the start/finish line) in any order and in any direction. 


It’s going to be pretty interesting at the start with so many boats.  Our start time is 10:27:45 AM, about an hour from the first start at 09:30:00, and around that time there will be something like 6 to 8 boats crossing per minute, plus dozens in the vicinity waiting their turn.  Oh, yeah. 

Today’s mermaid


Marina, with groovy outdoor tiki speaker cabinets from Tiki Rick.

Today’s mermaid


Marina, on duty at the Wreck Bar.

Today’s mermaid


Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid.  Pic from her calendar.

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Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Esky lifeboat saves two


Note: ‘esky’ is Australian for ‘big ice chest’ or ‘plastic cooler’.

Two Burmese fishermen survived almost a month floating in a large esky after their small wooden boat sank in the Torres Strait two days before Christmas.

The designer of the esky may have intended it to be just a portable cooler, but it features time and again at the centre of incredible tales of ocean survival.

The pair, aged in their 20s, are recovering in the Thursday Island Hospital, off the tip of the Cape York Peninsula, the Seven Network reported. […] The men said 18 other people were on board a 10-metre wooden fishing vessel when the boat sank.

Thanks to S/A for the find.

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