World shipping lanes


Wilderness? Only 10% of the land area is remote – more than 48 hours from a large city

The world is shrinking. Cheap flights, large scale commercial shipping and expanding road networks all Wilderness? Only 10% of the land area is remote – more than 48 hours from a large citymean that we are better connected to everywhere else than ever before. But global travel and international trade and just two of the forces that have reshaped our world. A new map of Travel Time to Major Cities – developed by the European Commission and the World Bank – captures this connectivity and the concentration of economic activity and also highlights that there is little wilderness left. The map shows how accessible some parts of the world have become whilst other regions have remained isolated.

Still plenty of places not to get hit by a freighter.  Thanks to S/A for the find.  LINK

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  1. 1 MrPanetela

    Thank you very much this is one of the best maps in existence I’ve seen in a long time. Very informative and useful to facilitate thinking on such matters. I only wish more like them existed.

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