Pollo Del Mar The Golden State


NSL reader ferenc writes:

Hi David,

I really like your Never Sea Land blog, and the Mermaid pictures.
A few years ago I did an ablum cover shoot with a beautiful red headed mermaid.
Use them if you like. [More pics here.]

The model’s name is Monica the Tiki Goddess.
The band is Pollo Del Mar  http://www.pollodelmar.com
Thanks for your great blog,


We’re always happy to promote mermaids and contemporary surf bands.  Pollo Del Mar actively perform in the SF Bay Area (see site for dates); unfortunately their next gig conflicts with the Los Straightjackets concert in S.C. that we already have tix for.  Next time!

You can buy PdM’s The Golden State (which features Ferenc on guitar/bari guitar) at CD BABY, of course!

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