Mermaid tattoo gallery update


The Gallery of Mermaid Tattoos one of the most popular pages here at NSL.  Today I’ve added another 32 images.  New ones continue below.


9 Responses to “Mermaid tattoo gallery update”

  1. 1 Steve

    Bullshit there’s 0 responses to this gallery! I left a comment a month ago when mine was one of a hundred and came back today to see if there were any replies.

    What I wanted to know is, what do you think of guys with mermaid tattoos? For years I’ve been wanting one on my arm, with her tail over my elbow joint so she’d kind of articulate, because of what they represent mythologically and bonus it’s sexy. I pitched it to a few people, and heard back either “That’s perfect for you” or “That’s gay as hell only girls get tattoos of mermaids!”

    How a tattoo of a big-titted fish-woman is gay I’ll never understand, but I know it is a backwards world we live in, so what do you think first impressions will be like?

  2. 2 Anonymous

    i think if you want a mermaid, you should get one. It’s about you, not them…

  3. 3 danielle

    i think its fine for a guy to get a mermaid,
    why dont you steve get top half the pin up girl n joined with a tail nothing wrong with that go for it good luck.

  4. 4 danielle

    love the tattoos on here are fab
    but not for me i want a sexy ass mermaid on me half
    pin up girl i thinks best with a fit top body n a orange n yellow tail dont like it green makes it look ordinary shes going to be a tropical mermaid n dark with waves all arond her n long dark hair like me with misteriouse sexy green eyes ooh cant wait i live n love mermaids i wish i was as free as a mermaid n seductive as a mermaid i admire them so much even called my dog ariel lol.
    hope this idea helps anyone.

  5. 5 Mia

    I think it’s cool. Depending on what design of a mermaid you’re getting too though.. The fact that you like it simply bc it is sexy and the fact that it does represent mythology, it’s enough a reason to get it! I personally find certain designs of mermaid tattoos to be intriguing. I have seen one guy who has a mermaid tattooed on his arm. I hella dig it lol

  6. 6 Michaela

    I like tattoos, but i love mermaid tattoos! And it doesnt matter what sex you are, if you want one, go and get it! I did, and its really something that catches people’s eyes. It was the best thing i ever did

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