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Diane Webber, Mermaid of Tiburon


Sadly, Diane Webber, figure model, playmate, and star of the immortal classic  Mermaids of Tiburon passed away at age 76 last summer.  NSL shares some clips from the film in memorium.

Mich Des on VG carnage

Two months after the start of the sixth edition of the Vendee Globe, there are only 12 out of 30 competitors in the race. Why such a high abandon rate?

I don’t think it’s higher than normal: there are approximately 40% of the boats still at sea [only the edition 1996-1997 has been worse, with only 37.5% of the competitors remaining at the finish, Ed]. On the Paris-Dakar, only 25% of the cars finish and it surprises no one. In 2002, the carnage year for the Route du Rhum [only three of eighteen trimarans finished safely, including that of Desjoyeaux, who won the race], in a recent F1 Grand Prix of Brazil that was run in the rain – driving race cars in the rain, how ridiculous an idea, really … – only three drivers crossed the line. Two of them got on the podium, while the third one went directly to the hospital. And the race, with impressive resources, only lasts an hour and a half, not three months! So why shouldn’t we, “Raiders of the Extreme”, as some see us, not be entitled to this failure rate? I always said loud and clear that breakage – even if it is no fun – is an intrinsic part of our sport. Anyone who believes that all sailboats must finish a race is a clown! Moreover, when something happens to us, it is saddening for the fans back home, but it’s good for business. We get blamed on one hand but it gets commercialized on the other! So what can you do

Michel Desjoyeaux

Sea hag

Pretty cool clip from a deleted scene from 1984’s Splash.   Thanks to Medusirena for the find.

Outrigger sailing canoe pic of the day

Traditionnal Polynesian sailing outrigger canoe regatta at Venus Point, Tahiti.

Beautiful shot of Tahitian va’a taken using kite areal photography (KAP).   More great stuff here.

Today’s mermaid


Get the calendar, and other goodies.

Mermaid tattoo gallery update


The Gallery of Mermaid Tattoos one of the most popular pages here at NSL.  Today I’ve added another 32 images.  New ones continue below.

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NSL uses ClustrMaps (see sidebar on left) to do hit tracking — they reset one’s map and stats once per year, so I thought I’d best archive the stats while I remember.  (Thanks to Richard for the heads up.)  We’ve been getting an average of  358 visitors per day, per the above numbers.

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Today’s mermaid


More Orion slave-girl action.  Look closely at the ankle.

Today’s mermaid


Rowing for pleasure

A replica of “Argo”, the mythical ship that bore Jason and the Argonauts on their heroic quest for the Golden Fleece, sails in the Corinth canal in Korinthos, some 80 kms west of Athens on July 2, 2008.

One for Chris.  Found at The Big Picture.

Best of both worlds

Land and Sea.

Marina and The Tikiyaki Orchestra.

Shot at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reminiscent of the underwater performances that took place at the Yankee Clipper in the 1950’s and early 60’s, it is a Marina’s nod to classic Ft. Lauderdale attractions during the golden age of tourism.

Pollo Del Mar The Golden State


NSL reader ferenc writes:

Hi David,

I really like your Never Sea Land blog, and the Mermaid pictures.
A few years ago I did an ablum cover shoot with a beautiful red headed mermaid.
Use them if you like. [More pics here.]

The model’s name is Monica the Tiki Goddess.
The band is Pollo Del Mar
Thanks for your great blog,


We’re always happy to promote mermaids and contemporary surf bands.  Pollo Del Mar actively perform in the SF Bay Area (see site for dates); unfortunately their next gig conflicts with the Los Straightjackets concert in S.C. that we already have tix for.  Next time!

You can buy PdM’s The Golden State (which features Ferenc on guitar/bari guitar) at CD BABY, of course!




Melpomene’s Daughters


Reader Peter Grosse from Germany also alerted me to this alluring image, Melpomene’s Daughters by Tiziano Baracchi.

In the beginning there were just two of them.

Half bird and half woman, singing on sea-cliffs they lured sailors to their death. Later, they exchamged feathers for scales, changing their appearance but not their dietary habits.

O Sailor, if you hear a sweet song over the waves  beckoning you, turn back before it is to late…

Personal piece, my aim was to go back to the ancient predatory idea of the classical siren.

Why is the rum gone?

A remix.