David Crosby’s Mayan


For only $1M you can own David Crosby’s 1947 59′  Alden centerboard schooner Mayan, currently lying Santa Barbara.   In a recent interview, the current owner said “I started sailing when I was 11, and so I’ve been sailing 54 years. …    I wrote many songs on this boat.  Down in that main cabin there, I wrote ‘Wooden Ships,’ I wrote ‘Page 43.’ I wrote ‘Carry Me.’ “ 

As beautiful below as above, and quick on the water, she would be a delight to own and sail, although one knowledgeable source estimates she would take $4000/mo to keep in prime condition. 

Thanks to S/A for the find.

119 Responses to “David Crosby’s Mayan

  1. 1 Joe

    I saw this beauitful boat today in the Santa Barbara harbor.She is a rare one. And think of the musical history that goes along with her.

  2. 2 Deb from Michigan

    In 1996 i won a radio contest that flew me and my husband to LA, drove us to Santa Barbara and we sailed with David, his wife and their then very young son. One of the most surreal events in my life. Such a nice man.

  3. 3 Steve

    Why is he selling after all these years?

  4. 4 Randy

    He needs the bread

  5. 5 Shelley

    I lived on the Mayan for 2 yrs. in the 70′s. We sailed her to Mexico, up and down the CA coast. I wonder if he ever got the gal of Italian salad dressing I stowed poorly out of the bilges? Very sad to learn he is selling her. So MANY dear memories of my misspent (?) youth on that boat. I wish I knew how to reach David now. I think he would be pleased to hear from me.

  6. 6 Helen

    Hi Shelley,

    I am Helen, the nurse in the first Crosby book – friend of Bill Martinelli. I also lived and sailed aboard Mayan in the late 70s.

    Yeah, it is a great old tub. I had some wonderful moments on board but the best were under the sea in the SB Channel. I have a very vivid memory of diving at approx. 120 feet off Santa Barbara Is. and seeing the largest manta I have ever seen, including to date. Oh yeah, spinner dolphin pods, seals, the US Navy off San Clemente Is., the rookery on Santa Rosa Is., Abalone as big as my head, lobster as big as SCUBA tank, Joe Walsh, crazy…

    Hey, somebody out there buy this thing and invite me back. I will show you the best dive anchorages in So Cal!!!!

  7. 7 Don

    I sailed the North Channel once.

  8. 8 rudy

    hi shelley nice reading about you in davids autobiography. i really injoyed this book……….

  9. 9 Darren Zieger

    Shelly – I have an email address for the Croz … It’s not exactly classified info — it was publicly available on a CPR chat board I participated in a while back — but I don’t want to spread it around to the general Web. Ping me at darren at remixedmag dot com and I’ll pass it on.

  10. 10 Harrison Webster

    I am just trying to get into sailing and always felt in synch with David’s music and perspective. Seen many shows and always wanted to meet him and just hang, thanking him for all the wonderful music and insight. I also enjoyed his bio and hope all is well with him, given his love of sailing. All the best David/Jan

    She’s a fine ship!

  11. 11 Bob Bucks

    i remember when the Mayan was down in Tahiti in the early 70′s, when Bud Hedrick was the skipper. nice boat. nice to sail on. Crosby’s had a liver transplant, and a lot of hard livin’. at 67, it’s probably time to hand it over to another generation. probably at a bit of a premium because of the celebrity, but nice to see it’s for sale in top condition. someone on another blog rematked, ‘if walls (planking) could talk…” aye.

  12. 12 Sydney

    Hi Bud. How are you?

  13. 13 JED - Flame

    I partied many a night with Robbie on this yacht in Abaco. If only those walls could talk…maybe its better they don’t. Gorgeous yacht with a spacious deck layout in fact.

  14. 14 John Hulburd

    Too bad he put $700,000 into restoring it, when other Alder Schooners in the same condition go for about 1/4 of what he’s asking. But what’s this about “informed sources say it would take $4000/month to keep her up”? Maybe in Santa Barbara, but not anywhere else. She doesn’t need a damn thing except to be sailed and loved.

  15. 15 Leah Mink

    Long Time Gone – Best book Ive read to date. Talks about David Crosby and his love for the Mayan sailboat. Just wondering if anybody knows if the song “Southern Cross” was written for the sailboat named Southern Cross that Pat Henry owns, who sailed the boat around the world solo.

  16. 16 Steve and Tinker

    I sailed as mate with Robbie Smith, Captain Nasty, recently departed, God rest his soul, for several years during the 80′s while David was doing some unfortunate time in Texas. I met, courted and married my wife of 20 years. So many irreplaceable memories including shipmates, such as Schooner Pete, John Bredin, The Bag Lady (my wife’s mom) Stuart Nesbitt, Wiz and Leslie and so many other characters, spear fishing and living the good life. Unfortunately Captain Nasty took the heat for the upkeep, or lack thereof, mainly due to lack of funds. The sailing world will dearly miss Captain Nasty as I am sure David will looking back on times they had together. I don’t think any of us would trade those times for anything. I guess one of my highlights with David was riding in the back of his pickup truck to get some lunch in Santa Barbara. P.S. David, remember the burlap bag of cats? !!! Oh well. Best wishes to all. From the Fore Peak Geek. Steve and Tinker Forkush
    P.P.S. John Bredin I’m still in possession of the Brian Smith thruster you gave me in the Abaco’s. Still ride it to this day!!!

  17. 17 Duff Hendrickson

    I remember Mayan in Lahaina in 1973. There was also George Walker’s schooner Flying Cloud, and Peter Fonda’s ketch called Tatoosh.

  18. 18 Ryon

    Just a quick note to let John Hulburd and all to know she was sailed today.

    She’s beautiful, and very well cared for, and loved.

  19. 19 Laure
  20. 20 emmett

    I grew up on this schooner sailing with my father before David Crosby bought it.It was Sepieo II back then.Pop used run scotch whisky in from the Bahamas and drink with Hemingway in Key West.I always wondered what happened to this wonderful boat.I understand the way she is retrofit with double plank and epoxy systems she will be around a long time.I wish I could buy her

  21. 21 Warren Buck

    I remember Mayan in the Abacos in 1981-82 or there abouts. Robbie used to single hand her in and out of Marsh Harbour with motor (the motor was no operable). My ex and I joined Robbie to sail her from the Bahamas to Elizabeth City Virginia. What a fine sail at sea even though the bilge pump was also not operable. We sailed aawy from dock in Marsh and up to dock in Virginia with even a bump. Great boat. sorry to hear that Robbie passed – we spear fished a bit together as well.

  22. 22 Warren Buck

    forgive the mis-spellings and such. I would love to buy Mayan if i could.

  23. 23 paul sullivan

    I’m just reading David’s book and this boat is a very interesting portion of the tale! As an aside, He comes across as a lot nicer man than his image would have you believe!

  24. 24 Brooks

    As a sailor, Crosby fan (as CSN…and Y fan), and a laid back guy who would love to have been a part of the Mayan scene back in the day, I have to say that I hope Mayan goes to someone who will give her all she deserves. That includes more stories to keep within her bulkheads and planks. Crosby’s a helluva guy and I hope his boat continues to sail on for many years. A beautiful Alden like that has plenty of life left in her.

  25. 25 Steve Johnson

    Working on a massive project with a major video production company here on the Olympic Peninsula (Puget Sound, WA) and with a world-class screenwriter to assemble the means necessary to acquire both the Mayan and the WN Ragland, hopefully BEFORE they both slip into the “party barge” circuit. While the planned agenda for these two amazing vessels descends through many layers, first and foremost will be taking care of both the world’s oceans (through direct loans of the vessels to Scripps Institute, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Cousteau Society, and Sea Shepherd, as well as a major commitment to what I call “activist curation” – which simply means providing state-of-the-art R & R for those ocean warriors who put their lives on hold to go fight the good fight with the aforementioned organizations – they deserve it!

  26. 26 Maryann


    I sailed on the Mayan in the Abacos in the early 80′s; it was the best; Capt Robbie was great; I did not know he passed, so sad to hear that; I neaver knew life could be so wonderful as sailing at night over the gulfstream by the stars… and the lobster, and spear fishing and the Cove where we anchored at the Artist’s foundry… so many beautiful times and elegant people… and rave week at Marsh Harbor… I was so lucky to be be a part of it; if any one remembers me, please leave a message here? I was the thin blond as part of the crew; I knew Robbie and the Mayan out of Jupiter where I canoed on the Intracoatal WW; I sailed twice on the Mayan and another schooner owned by the name of a red haired guy named Jerry; Camilla was Robbie’s girlfriend at the time, and also some other lady another time; I remember Scottie from California, also crew, and Pete. also crew. All fabulous people.

  27. 27 Maryann

    Oops, I meant Race Week, not rave week…

  28. 28 Annie Post

    I was on the boat in spring of 1970 with Graham Nash and David Crosby. Graham was dating Joni Mitchell at the time and was learning to play the guitar intro to Suite Judy Blue Eyes (no, he wasn’t the one who played it (David was) but he was faking it really well.

  29. 29 Shelagh LaBiche

    What a beautiful schooner. It was a privilege to spend time on the Mayan. I was on it the briefly in the summer of ’73 when David had it docked in Hawaii. Stephen and Manassas was playing on Oahu. We were back and forth between Oahu and Lahaina in Maui. So glad to hear that David kept it all this time. Fond memories, beautiful seas, great music and one of the most beautiful sailboats ever!

  30. 30 Shelagh LaBiche

    Bette Milder was playing at a little club on Oahu that summer of 1973. It was just when she was starting her career. I was with my friend, Janis Lily from New York via New Orleans and her boss told us to go check out her friend Bette Milder. She was fabulous! Thru all of that is when we were introduced to Chris Hillman and Stephen Stills and wound up on the Mayan. Great group of guys!!!

  31. 31 BillU

    Just finished David’s autobiography found at the library. Great fun to read all of these memories after seeing the love for the Mayan in the book. Envy you all.

  32. 32 Captain Wildman James of Jupiter

    Ahoy Mates! To many tales to tell and all great ones of the 80′s and the 90′s with the people and crews of the ” Mayan Schooner “. Here’s a fun one! The Myan was moored in front of my marina in Jupiter,Fla Many
    a days in between voyages to and from the Abaco’s. I was watching the news in the local bar and the head lines were repotted, that! Singing
    Star David Crosby had broke out of jail and stole a rental car and
    was armed. He was last scene heading West from Texas with a strange
    female. They showed the license tag of the stolen rental car. The next
    morning I came up from my boat to open up the marina. There was a
    lone car in the parking lot. I walked out to look and it had a Texas license tag. I said to myself! Watch this be fuck’n Crosby’s get away
    car and laughed to myself. Down at the our water front party table were sitting two of the ugliest people I have every seen. It was David and
    his girl. The first thing David said to me ! You got to hide me, man,
    the cops are after me. Can you get me out to my boat. They both were
    well on their ways on a big time coke high. I said the first thing you got to do Dave is turn your car around so the license is not aiming
    out to highway US1. The next week was exciting for all us locals with
    Crosby in hiding and Dom & Nasty convincing Dave to turn himself in.
    All and all this story had a happy ending and the Cops letting Dave
    slide with probation and a ankle bracelet with coke sniffing dog to guard him from access. It’s a great life we all lead and it’s amazing
    how boats bring people together. Some day I’ll finish this two hour
    story with many more tales of the sailing schooner MYAN, her beloved
    owner Dave and Captain Robby Smith / Nasty. Peace & Love from Wildman James Walters ( boodle hopper@mac.com )

  33. 33 Kane'o

    Just drinking some Granache and looking at wooden boats on line when I found this. Wow what a fine vessel she is and nice to see she is a kept woman at her tender age! I believe my cousin Johnny Barrick was fortunate enough to come aboard a long time ago. Anyone out there ever party with him on land or at sea?

    Fair winds Mayan Fair winds!


  34. 34 Anonymous

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  36. 36 Don Calif

    Knew Robby (Capt’ Nasty) Bag Lady, Wiz, etc in the early 80′s.
    Crosby showed a few times with the Mayan.
    Recorded an lp’s worth of Robby’s songs at my studio in Santa Barbara.
    Cool times.

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  40. 40 frank

    So I see that the Mayan’s been sold. Anyone know who the buyer is?

  41. 41 Dale

    I heard a rumor that it might be in Santa Cruz?

  42. 42 Hershel

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  44. 44 frank

    Hmmm, I guess a better way to phrase it Dale, would be where its new homeport is. I’ve always liked the Mayan, a vintage schooner of the Alden tradition, and a great sailboat overall, especially for the tropics.

  45. 45 Beau Vrolyk


    Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Beau Vrolyk and my wife, Stacey, and I had the great privilege of becoming MAYAN’s caretakers a few months ago. Currently, MAYAN is having a little maintenance work done, but eventually she shall have her home port in Santa Cruz, CA, USA.

    We have established a blog to make it easier for folks to learn what MAYAN is up to, and some of her history. If you’d like to lend a hand in documenting that history, we’d love to hear from you. Just head over to http://schoonermayan.blogspot.com and have a look around. You can also reach me directly at beauvrolyk@gmail.com

    In the future MAYAN will cruise the S. Pacific, Hawaii, Mexico and the Pacific Northwest.


    Stacey & Beau

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