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Mermaid Sharkey.

I don’t like Mondays


What a deal!

Sailboat left in water over the winter.  Unknown if there is any damage to the boat.  Boat WAS 10,000us 3 years ago.  This WAS a nice boat but can probably be fixed up by someone who wants a project.  It is a 1976 P26 Paceship, 26 feet long.  The sails are in good condition.  They are stored separately along with the mast.  The mast needs work on the bottom as there was some corrosion there.  It had an inboard motor, but I’m guessing that isn’t working anymore due to the present location.

Thanks to SA for the find.

Today’s mermaid


Olson 34 pic of the day


Simon in Singapore sent in this sweet shot of his O-34 Sapphire

Hope you are well. Attached is the best spinnaker shot we have of Sapphire, taken from another boat as we were just overtaking the Hanse315 at 7am in the morning at the start of a 9 hour race. It was the first of 5 races in the recent Horsburgh Regatta in Singapore. We came in 2nd overall just a point behind the eventual winner – the Hanse in the picture.

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Erin St. Blaine, of Fire Pixie Entertainment

Olson vid of the day

Racing an Olson 911S in the 2007 Coastal Cup. A couple days and nights of epic sailing, ranging from surfing like mad along under spinnaker and moonlight, fighting round-ups in 40+ knot gusts off Point Conception, and bobbing around in a dead calm in the Santa Barbara channel.

The Olson 911 is the Carl Schumacher-designed little brother of the ’34.  And she is for sale, at a good price.

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Today’s mermaid


More shiny.

I don’t like Mondays


From The Illustrated Jules Verne, via Michael May’s Adventure Blog.

Outside the Gate


Last Saturday we had a milestone with Temerity; our first time outside the Gate.   After a long motor past the city front the winds finally came, in a nice breeze out of the North that soon veered East, so that we had to (atypically) beat our way back home.

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