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Mermaid suits from Otter Bay


Cricket, owner of Otter Bay wetsuits, makes fantastic and functional mermaid suits for sport divers.

We at Otterbay – a nickname for our beautiful Monterey Bay in California, USA – are proud to be the pioneer of a wonderful new version of sport diving. We call it Mermaid Diving.

It is a beautiful new kind of diving, where the diver wears a sleek, sexy mermaid-type wetsuit and a special mono-fin. It can be done with or without SCUBA equipment.

We quietly developed this equipment over the last few years. Hundreds of mermaid dives have been done by the first ladies using this equipment. As we found a surprising interest in mermaid diving among scuba diving women – “where can I buy such a suit?” – we decided to make this equipment available to a wider audience of experienced divers.

We encourage you to take a closer look at this new equipment, read the stories, enjoy the photos and contemplate whether this is something you may want to try out yourself.

You will find that diving as a mermaid is not scary – rather it is a delight. This equipment will transform you into a streamlined creature of the sea, the star of the show, fast as a dophin (well, not quite,but you get the idea) However, do not do it if you cannot stand in the limelight of all these underwater cameras you’ll face as a mermaid.

Otter Bay

Mermaid de Barcelona


from Barcelona Photoblog.

I don’t like Mondays


Happy Birthday, Never Sea Land


Never Sea Land is two years old today.  Who, least of all me, would have thought it would run for so long.  At one point I thought I might run out of mermaids.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Thanks all for reading, the comments, and submissions!

  —   David

Today’s mermaid


Somalian Pirates We

In an episode entitled “Fatbeard,” the South Park boys travel the high seas recruiting Somalian pirates to be more pirate-y. The boys start a pirate club at school, but when Cartman actually comes face to face with real life ones, he’s disappointed by their lack of stereotypical piratocity. In the following clip he convinces them of the life they should be living, in song!

Yar.  See the full episode here.

Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


First overnight


Over the Spring Break week Char and I did our first overnight  cruise to Angel Island’s Ayala Cove.   And forgot the damn camera.  Again.   Annika was busy that week riding herd over 16 sixth-graders as camp counselor  so we were on our own.

The exciting element was the weather, with a Small Craft Advisory posted, and winds in the bay forecast into the 25 kt range.  But we talked about it, and decided we could be OK by reefing the main from the get-go, and using our #4 (75%) jib.  We would bail if we had to.  As it turned out, we did see 20 – 25 apparent winds as we reached accross the Bay at 6 – 7  kts.  Whee!  But we never felt out of control, and Char was a champ!

 After paying our fee at the dock and a rather awkward effort of mooring, we settled in to a dinner of spit pea soup and hard tack, and enjoyed watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the newly repaired mini-dvd player.    The next morning winds were light and Easterly, so we had to resort to the motoring more than we might like to get home in a timely way.  But we were in cruiser-mode, the weather was spectacular, and it was OK.

Big Daddy

Better late than never, here is my report on our first completed race ever in Temerity, RYC’s Big Daddy pursuit race which was held back on March 15.    Crew for the day was David, guest sailor/blogger Edward (who has his own very nice report up), Annika, Char, and Michael.

The route.  After some shilly-shallying, we chose CCW, or did it choose us?  Pretty painful with the #2 up in light air, getting rolled over and over, but we were glad of it on the reach down to Alcatraz (curiously not on the map).    Char was responsible for the  upwind work in Raccoon Straight. 

Speed as recorded on the GPS.  The three legs of the race are pretty distinct.  Pretty exciting there in the end, kissing 9kts with the 0.6 oz blue kite up.  Pretty exciting getting the kite down on the wrong side, too, and entertaining the rest of the fleet in the ensuing shrimp-fest.

Crew enjoys hot chocolate race-day morning.

The next Sam Davies (?), spokesmodel for Gill junior foulies.

Char driving.

Char rocks!

At the end, we were DFL – 1, which is an improvement over DNF.  Next year we will beat 10 boats, the year after that?  We will see!

Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Dr. Strangerating

from the mind of Harry Manko.

Today’s mermaid