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R.I.P. Phil Bolger


In the early morning hours of Sunday May 24th 2009 Philip Cunningham Bolger of 66 Atlantic Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts took his own life, out of his own free will, shooting himself in the head with his Colt 45. I awoke later to his absence and found his body on our property out of public sight. The matter is under routine investigate by the Massachusetts State Police and Gloucester Police Department.

He had observed the progression of declining mental faculties in earlier generations of his family. 


Phil’s personal life and body of work were an expression of firmly defined and ever broadened independence from deeply-entrenched conventions, intangible superstitions, and other known limitations on the free use of mind and thus sound judgment. He lived that way and decided to leave us that way.

Link to full report

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SWASHBUCKLE – Cruise Ship Terror

German metal pirates take over schooner, abduct female passenger, proclaim their prize to be Das Partei Boot.  Yo ho!

Salmon Aid


Like Live Aid, but for salmon.  Looks like a fun event for a very worthy cause.  Who doesn’t like salmon?



I’m afraid Temerity’s bottom might be looking like this – we haven’t had her dived in several months.  Get the full skinny at the SF Sailing Examiner.

Today’s mermaid


Goth mermaid avatar art by NSL reader Pebble Garden.

Gaffers and Smacks on the Colne

Great footage of traditonal boats in the UK, courtesy of NSL reader and UK circumnavigator Dylan Winter of Keep Turning Left.

Today’s mermaid


Marvelous mermaid tattoo applied just two days ago on NSL sweetheart Peggy.  After artwork found on a kayak here