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Today’s mermaid


Stephanie Areli’s Mermaids


One of many beautiful mermaid carved wood panels by Greek artist Stephanie Areli (Flickr, Blog, Facebook).  Thanks to Fred Eagle for the find!

The Mermaid of Isleton


NSL friend (and editor at Yacht Pals) Fred Eagle writes via Facebook

Hey David….Have you seen her? I snapped this pic for you at the Hotel Del Rio in Isleton. An awesome mermaid painted on glass behind the bar. The bar is curved and so is the glass…cool funky joint. Been the same since 1949. I didn’t have any gear with me so I will go back and get you better pics. ’til then…enjoy mate!

Thanks!  We  are prepping for a cruise up to the North Bay and as far into the Delta as we can manage, we’ll see if time and water depth hold out that far…

I don’t like Mondays


Today’s mermaid t-shirt


New Medusirena Marina t-shirt, now available at Zazzle.

Norseboats at Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan 2009

NSL friend and French Norseboat enthusiast/dealer writes…

Hello David !

News feed for your NeverSeaLand website !

8 Norseboats sailing together ! …

2 new videos of Norseboats taken during the “Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan” event in France end of may 2009 [see below].
More videos at:

And news and pictures about the Semaine du Golf and the _ norseboats participatig at:
and at:

All the Best



Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan – Samedi 23 Mai 2009

Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan – Ascension 2009

Thanks, Nicolas, those look awesome! And I see Kevin made it across the ocean to enjoy the incredible sailing with you.

Marina the Mermaid & Los Straightjackets

Medusirena Marina performing her bed-of-nails and fire-eating act last week at Hukilau 2009, to the throbbing jungle drums and wailing guitars of Los Straightjackets.   Your Correspondent can be clearly seen as the white blob in a hat on the other side of the pool at the 3:20 point.