Stephanie Areli’s Mermaids


One of many beautiful mermaid carved wood panels by Greek artist Stephanie Areli (Flickr, Blog, Facebook).  Thanks to Fred Eagle for the find!

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  1. 1 will

    are these on a ship, in a bar, somewhere else? in the us?

  2. 2 stephanie areli

    thank you so much for adding my mermaid in your was a very nice surprice. i am glad that you like it…

    p.s. i am a self taughted wood carver from greece.i love to carve mermaids ,dolphins & boats . most of my creation can be seen on our charter boat “aegeotissa II” in greece.

  3. 3 David

    Thanks Stephanie,

    For those who are interested in your charter operation, the info is here:

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