Today’s birthday mermaid


The family of Weeki Wachee Springs would like to wish Mermaid Cyndi a very Happy Birthday today! Cyndi is one of the attractions veteran mermaids who recently was one of the premiere performers during a recent visit to Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN. Happy Birthday Cyndi!!!

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8 Responses to “Today’s birthday mermaid”

  1. 1 viva italia!!!

    thats cool & shes REALLY pretty!!

  2. 2 unknown

    is she a real live mermaid

  3. 3 Aquagurl45

    does that look real? it a person in a fish tail costume!!!!! DUH!!!!

  4. 4 viva italia!!!

    ye. shes a FAKE!!!

  5. 5 Oscar

    God, what a beautiful woman. If all women looked like her there wouldn’t be any wars.

  6. 6 Kitten A.K.A. Bethany

    Please there would be even more wars, i mean look at what happened with Helen of Troy.
    But i will admit shes hot, there are so many things i would do to that woman (when shes not in the fish tail of course)

  7. 7 Takeo

    The accident of finding this post has brihgteend my day

  8. 8 bastcilkdoptb

    I am forever thought about this, appreciate it for posting.

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