Arctic Mariner expedition nears halfway point


Location: 68.38. 06N 109.37.05W
Wind: 8 – 10 Kts Westerly.
Cloudy. Light rain.

20 August, 2009

We finished early yesterday after struggling in frustrating winds, and having suffered the expectation of forecasted favourable conditions. Once landed, we scrambled up an 800ft escarpment in the vain hope of finding a radar station manned. Although there was no one present, we enjoyed incredible views from the top. We returned to the boat for a sociable dinner with French wine given to us by Phillipe. The wine was probably more chilled than Phillipe had intended and sadly we only had each other for company! We woke at 0430 to west winds but struggled with inflatable rollers to get the boat afloat as low tide thwarted our departure. We succeeded and we are now making good speed. We’ve got about 100 miles to go to Cambridge Bay, so should arrive late Friday/early Saturday.


Two Royal Marines, Kevin Oliver and Tony Lancashire, are right now making Canada’s Northwest Passage, sailing, rowing, and at times dragging their Norseboat 17.5 sail/row cruiser thousands of miles to raise awareness and money for the  UK charity Toe in the Water, a group which “aims to inspire the men and women who have sustained often traumatic injuries, including the loss of limbs, to move beyond their disability and to become re-inspired by life.” 

Good luck and fair winds! 

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