Moby Dick redux


Could be good, could be bad, Hollywood’s inability this century to come up with anything new; relying instead on making 8-figure-budget movies based on comic book characters, old TV sitcoms, and of course remakes, err, reimagings of old movies.   There is a new version of Moby Dick in the works, to be directed by Russian action film maker Timur Bekmambeto, of Wanted fame.


The rumored story line tinkerings are already making me uneasy, but one good piece of news is that six traditional whaleboats have been built over the past summer by our old friends at Norseboat, Ltd (pic above).  They look great, and I hope the CGI whale doesn’t destroy them all so that some will find a good home after filming is completed.

Now, if only they would get cracking on the movie version of In the Heart of the Sea!

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  1. 1 Meg

    Cool whaleboat pix! But they might be making them for the German miniseries version that’s about to start filming in Nova Scotia, directed by the “Sea Wolf” guy. Bekmambetov’s CGI version is not in production yet.

    I’m looking forward to the “In the Heart of the Sea” movie too–Ed Zwick’s version is supposedly going into production late this year–but if you need an Essex fix in the meantime, the German funeral doom band AHAB just released an album based on the ship’s story!

  2. 2 David

    UPDATE. Kevin Jeffrey, President of Norseboat, informs me “It’s the German mini-series with William Hurt as Ahab and Ethan Hawke as Starbuck. The sea scenes will be filmed in Malta…sounds like a fun trip!”. So that clears up that.

  3. 3 Buck

    The whaleship Essex was an incredible story – probably too scary for the cinemagoers of years past. Maybe today they could do it.

  1. 1 Er bläst wieder (und wieder) « Moby-Dick™

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