Coney Island Mermaid


Fellow blogger Bonnie, who is a bit of a mermaid herself, kindly sent today’s contribution, a mural that incorporates two Coney Island themes.


6 Responses to “Coney Island Mermaid”

  1. 1 bonnie

    I figured it out, too, that’s how she gets the old guy who’s stone-deaf from working in the engine room for his entire life.

  2. 2 David

    Uh, that one went right over my head.

  3. 3 bonnie

    Well, he’s deaf, so he can’t hear her sing?


  4. 4 bonnie

    More details (from a brain which admittedly has been taxed by overwork of late) here.

  5. 5 bonnie

    oops. decided to make the further development tomorrow’s post…

  6. 6 bonnie

    oh, why wait, it’s not going to be any less silly tomorrow.

    That’s all, gotta get back to work now. Thanks for letting me procrastinate here!

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