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Today’s merfolk


Some rare reverse mermaids.

On the hard


Temerity is on the hard at Svend’s, getting some very expensive holes drilled so as to accomodate the new Nexus NX-2 intstruments that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.  So no sailing for a bit, but great things to come next season!

Today’s mermaid


Submitted by NSL reader Paul, thanks!

Today’s mermaid tattoo


Twenty years after getting her to walk out on her undersea life, Prince Eric and Ariel are still married. But for him, the magic is long since gone. To be honest, it was the fin that did it for him. With legs, she’s just a redhead in a seashell bra.

Sure, they still do it every now and then. But he’s got to close his eyes when they do, so he can picture her the way she was then. With the fin.

from Ugliest Tattoos

Today’s mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Stoorn: Varför har det inte börjats ännu?

Videohälsning från Thorbjörn som berättar om status på projektet.


Stoorn is an innovative tourist attraction. Its enormous height of 45 metres makes it an impressive creation in glulam. The facility is set to become a centre for commercial tourism and adventure activities, with a focus on forest and wildlife. Stoorn will be home to a restaurant, exhibition venues, a concert hall and modern conference facilities. Its location at the top of the 510-metre Vithatten Mountain offers visitors an expansive view of the mountain ranges and the sea. This conspicuous wooden construction has the prerequisites to become a structure of significant national symbolic value.


Today’s mermaid


Rapid Transit

(pic lifted from S/A)

I saw Rapid Transit, the new Antrim 49 at the dock in Berkeley.  I was there to attend the Pacific Cup 2010 prep seminar, and she exicited some comment among the attendees, though none of us got the class right.  She is not a Classe or Open anything, I think. 

Jim Antrim is also my naval architect — he is designing a new rudder for Temerity.  So in some part, my boat will also be an Antrim.

Designer: Antrim Design

Builder: Berkeley Marine Center

Mass mermaid watch


Thanks to Peter Mello of Sea*Fever for this important alert.  There will also be a 36-foot-long trout at this event, a must-see!

An Amsterdam based Mermaid is due to make her appearance at our HOOSAC RIVER LIGHTS IIa Event which is scheduled for Saturday, October 17 (OPEN STUDIOS WEEKEND) from 8 to 10PM.  Light Artists Inhye Lee, Rikayo Horimizu and Ganesh Ramanathan have been following Mermaid Beatrice over the past few weeks.  It appears that Beatrice has followed a fleet of Dutch ships into New York Harbor and up the Hudson River to Albany.  They came as part of last week’s massive celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage.  Apparently instead of following the ships back down river Beatrice has gone north a bit to the mouth of the Hoosick River (known as the Hoosic, Hoosac and Hoosuck up here) and is making her way to North Adams to see the Sol LeWitt Exhibition at MASS MoCA.

Today’s tropical mermaid


Today’s mermaid


Wretched news for Hinckley


It seems that Hinckley, America’s premier luxury yacht builder, may become the victim of rapist private equity firms.

Debt Trips Up Hinckley, Venerable Yacht Maker

Hinckley — which has been making boats since 1928 and is known for classically designed, beautifully constructed sailboats as well as sleek, easy-to-maneuver powerboats — is under financial pressure. It has significantly reduced its work force — from about 625 employees at its peak in mid-2008 to 305 at the end of August. The layoffs, in turn, have affected Southwest Harbor businesses, some locals say.

Like other yacht makers, Hinckley lost substantial business when the economy turned sour. But Hinckley’s problems can also be traced to its sale to one, and then another, private equity firm over the last dozen years. With each sale, it took on more debt, which became onerous when business slowed. And the culture also shifted from a family-owned business to one controlled by outsiders.

Story at NYT

Mermaid Marina on the radio, and some great news!

All in a Day’s Work: Marina the Mermaid  (click pic to listen to the radio interview)

Buried in this article is the incredibly good news that Marina will be back at the Wreck Bar eventually! 

Marina Duran-Anderson calls herself a “retro-tainer.”  She bellydances, swallows fire and dances at Polynesian pop performances such as the Hukilau, an annual tiki convention in Fort Lauderdale.

She may be most well-known for her Marina the Mermaid act.  Every Friday, Marina would swim in the hotel pool of the Yankee Clipper hotel.  While you enjoyed happy hour, you could watch a mermaid or two languidly swim from porthole to porthole of the Wreck Bar.

That was until the hotel shut down for renovations this summer.

Marina had many devoted fans, although she and her fellow mermaid performers never saw them: “I don’t know how many people the Wreck Bar holds, but the funny part is that we  don’t get to see people when we perform because we’re in the pool. We hear them.  We hear from the bartender that the place was packed, but when we’re done and we dry off and we come back down, they’re all gone.”

The good news is that the hotel, now known as the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel, reopens in early 2010 and Marina will be back at the Wreck Bar.    For now, listen to our story (at the top of the post)  as you await the return of Marina the Mermaid.

You can also check out Marina’s website to find out what else she’s up to these days.

Below: a compliation of Marin’s Wreck Bar footage

Today’s mermaid tattoo