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Jim Gaffigan: “Sometimes I think I’d want to be someone who owns a boat”

Today’s mermaid

Princess of the Sea – The Monster and the Mermaid

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Today’s mermaid

Kidnapped mermaid


Well we missed this costume opportunity this past Hallowe’en, but there’s always next year.  Detailed info and more pics at instructables.


NSL has been upgraded from WordPress 2.1 to 2.8.5, the first upgrade since the blog was initiated in April, 2007.   One motivation was to enable me to upload “Today’s Mermaid” posts en masse; other motivations are more obscure.

In backing up, I learned that NSL has a bit more that 1 GB of hosted content.  That’s a  lot of mermaids!

Today’s mermaid party


Arnold BöcklinDas Spiel der Najaden

So very wrong