Three Bridge Fiasco 2010



Well, some tactical mistakes were made, but we finished, and I felt we had sailed the boat well.

I was lucky this year to sail the 3BF with my friend Tom Warren, a.k.a. War Dog, and we had a great time.

Here is the report I filed on S/A.  More pics after the break.

Skipper/mixologist – pogen
Fordeck/color commentary – War Dog

Course: CW dry.gif


Start. Managed to get through OK and on course to BH, despite lack of good timing and disorientation as to location of the X-mark. Wind from S. Set the spin early.

BH. We had overtaken a good number of Moores and E-27 who had started before us, and so were feeling pretty good. Finessed our way around BH w/o scraping any paint.

BH to Raccoon, Phase 1. Sucky suck suck. Along with one or two other boats, got stuck in a patch of dead air, hopelessly corkscrewing around with no steerage way at all. Lots of boats passed us just a few dozen yards to the E. WTF?

BH to Raccoon, Phase 2. While the bulk of the CW fleet swung way left up towards Richardson Bay, presumably looking for some better wind off the Gulch, or who knows what, we proceeded straight across, which worked out great as we beat most of them to the entrance.

Raccoon. The ebb had started, so we thought that we would do better on the shallower, Tiburon side of the channel than over by the Angel Is. shore, where it is deeper. Big mistake, we got smoked by many many boats. By now it was 13:45, we knew we were in for a long day.

Raccoon to RR. Made up a lot of time here, boatspeed very good against fleet.

RR. Stayed to the outside, detouring the parking lot of boats being set toward the beach by the current. Set the #1 jib and took off on a close reach towards TI. It was now 16:00, and a great many boats near us that are based in Richmond retired at this point — they were just too close to home!

Long haul south. Made very good time against remaing boats until we got behind TI shore, where a lot of boats further from the shore than we passed us.

At this point, there was a brief waver in our resolve to finish, but we asked ourselves and important question and received an affirmative answer. Getting dark!

And so on, finishing around 18:14, followed by a chilly and all too brief 2hr motor home!

Approaching the start.

Robert Perry’s beautiful schooner Jakatan.

We’re in there somewhere.

David puts on his game face.

These guys all went left.

8 boat pileup.

Rick on his Tempest in background.


Flying the 0.6 oz spin, Raccoon Straight.


Drew and Garrett mugging in Boomslang.


“What woud Ku do?”  Drink some more rum, and finish the damn race.

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    Kudos! Nice after action report.

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