(real live) mermaid reaches 1000 comments

NSL has one special post — Today’s (real live) mermaid.  For some reason, a Google search on the phrase “real live mermaid” brings this post up as the seventh item, which accounts for its popularity.

Today the RLM post reached 1000 comments, a staggering number, and one I am sure unequaled by any single post by a nautical blogger.   At the time of the thousandth comment, there were only 2001 total comments, so the RLM post accounts for exactly half.    You can see the 1000th comment here, it is fairly typical of them all.  The average age of the commentors seems to be about 11.

2 Responses to “(real live) mermaid reaches 1000 comments”

  1. 1 tillerman

    This is the most amazing post about comments on a post about a lady with no legs that I have ever read. How do you do it?

  2. 2 David

    Constant vigilance is the price of freedom.

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