Pac Cup 2010 Race Tracker and BV Party

The race tracker is on-line and showing the Pac Cup boats, which today
(Sunday) are still in their slips at various marinas around the Bay.
The trackers are separate devices installed on each boat, with their own
GPS and some sort of robo-satphone that reports on the boat’s
coordinates several times per day. The tracker website will be updated
several times per day, but with a 4+ hour delay, this delay due to some
technical limitations and also to a concern about improper outside
assistance. There are limits on what information is allowed on board;
basically only the 0900 positions from each day, GRIB data, weatherfax
data and similar public weather data are legal.

I had a good time at yesterday’s Bon Voyage Party — Paul, Rich, John,
and Sarah were in attendance. The pupus were fine, including a Hawaiian
desert I had not had the chance to sample before, the “mini cannoli”.
We also had some productive pre-race planning discussion about just how
sucky the wind was expected to be, and who should bring the soy sauce.
I got a chance to see the new Classe 40 “California Condor” she is
stunning. And I saw the Limit guys — the pro team sailing the scratch
boat, they definitely stood out.

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