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Mt. Gaytorade

For all VALIS’s many virtues, she lack the amenty of an ice-maker. Damn. So cocktail time can be a bit challenging. Today was a perfect, at-sea, going-to-Hawai’i day, and I had about 6 hours in between watches in the afternoon. I had done my laundry, and was really thirsty. I peaked into the excellent, large capacity fridge of VALIS, saw some Gatorade, and got inspired. I drank off some of the top of a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade (standard green flavor), and back-filled with about 3 oz of Mt. Gay Sugar Cane rum. Fantasitic! And so a new cocktail cooler was born, the Mt. Gaytorade.

Mt. Gay Rum. Proud sponsor of the 2010 Pacific Cup, the Fun Race to Hawaii.

75 degrees Farenheit

75 F. That is the temperature of the water now running under VALIS’s keel as we surge through the swell 380nm from Kaneohe. Today was celebrated as the much-delayed Laundry Day. I washed my clothes in a bucket of sea water with some all purpose REI camp soap, and then rinsed by dragging the clothes in the sea by a line. And I only lost one Smartwool t-shirt!

It’s great to sit on the leeward rail and have your feet and legs go inand out of the azure water as the boat rolls in the swell.

ETA at Kaneohe is early Tuesday morning.

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Fish on!

Big day here on VALIS, 14 July 2010. We awoke to the smell of baking cinnamon rolls in the oven, to be enjoyed with a hearty cup of Starbucks VIA coffee. Then, after the engine had been run and the water warmed, in-cockpit fresh-water baths were taken by a few of the crew, Your Correspondent included, and this also afforded the chance for the first time in eight days to change my undershirt. And other things.

Under cloudy skies but warm breezes, we were averaging about 7 kts under main and poled out wing-on-wing genoa, and the fishing gear was again deployed off the stern. Two sets of tackle had already been lost yesterday and the day before, but today was to be different. As the clouds broke up and the sun began to shine, we hooked up a fine MahiMahi, measured out at 39 inches. She was filleted and is now being converted into Rich Jone’s legendary fish tacos, with Mae Plog sauce. I can’t wait.

There are anvil clouds building on the horizon in the direction of sunset, and Hawai’i, so tonight is likely to be wet and squally. But for now, life aboard VALIS is about as good as it gets.

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

July 11 — 1469 nm out

It’s Sunday July 11, and as of 0800 PDT we were 1469 nm from Kaneohe. In order to make the Luau Wednesday evening, we will have to sail these miles in 274 hours, at an average VMG of 5.361 kts (129 nm/day) or better. Plus I have my secret project in town Thursday afternoon, and hopefully meeting Bonnie on Friday.

As long as we don’t hit the dreaded dead air from the low pressure allegedly forming S of Hawai’i next week, we should be OK. But that is a big ‘if’.

Today’s mermaid

9.24 kts

10 July 2010 1730 PDT

Well, gray skys big wind and building seas have returned. We’re reaching @ 235 degM with all plain sail, wind 25kts. I scored a personal best of 9.24 kts earlier this afternoon sliding down a wave (surfing would be too good a term for it) in about 22 kts of wind.

Mmmmm, chili and rice tonight!

Today’s mermaid

VMG > 6.2 kts for 12 days

S/V VALIS is moving well now, close reaching in 15 kts of wind at over 7 kts average boatspeed, We’re over 300 nm out of San Francisco, but with still 1770 nm to go to the Finish we will need to average greater than 6.2 kts, 24 hours a day for 12 days to not be late for the PacCup Luau Wednesday night. Can we do it?

Today’s mermaid