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Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Christmas comes early for Temerity

Temerity will be benefitting from some major new gear and upgrades this fall.  Firstly, a brand new Doyle Stratis aramid-carbon main.  Oh yeah.

(Sample sail pics for reference only.  Boat not included.)

The humble chunks of plastic above are sail track slugs similar to those to be employed on the new main.  No more rolling up the main after a long day, or wrestling it into sumission on the side deck.

Next, the last part of the Nexus instrument system, the autopilot:

The AP makes single-handing practical.

The portable Garmin 476 plotter has been great, but I always wanted a new built-in plotter to replace the old B&W broken Magellan one.  This unit is broadband radar-ready, fits the existing space, and will plot AIS targets to boot.

This replacement VHF radio has DSC and even a receive-only AIS capability.    There will also be a remote speaker-mic for the cockpit so a short-handed crew won’t have to pop down below to make a call.  There is also an intercom capability so that crew on deck can holler down below.

Finally, for the apres race D&S’s I’ve laid in 2 cases of Regatta ginger beer, an essential ingredient to a day on the water.

Marisa Miller as Captain Morgan’s First Mate

This liquor brand makes the right move in featuring the stunning Victoria’s Secret supermodel as its First Mate in the Marisa Miller ‘Captain Morgan Rum’ TV commercial.

This action-packed TV spot plays on the supermodel’s sexy looks by having a scantily-clad Marisa Miller defend the liquor legend on the beach. She definitely makes pirate-ass-kicking in lingerie look good. Check out the exclusive trailer before the television debut.

Pretty entertaining, notwithstanding the dumbest looking ‘pirate’ ship ever.   I know about ‘rum-goggles’ that make the girl look better, is this a case of the girl making  the rum taste better?   She  probably does, at that.

Reverse mermaid tattoo after Magritte

Rene Magritte’s “Sirens” in a pointillism style on my back done by John Howie at Moo tattoo in Philadelphia

submitted by tuesday-johnson


Today’s mermaid


I’m looking at  a new traveller setup for Temerity.  Right now there is a 3:1 purchase with remote cleats on the coamings similar to the middle view  above.    Even sitting directly above it, it is pretty hard for me to haul it up under load, and impossible for some of the lighter crew.   I will probably go with a 4:1 to  reduce the load, and am also considering a windward sheeting setup, though there are some tradeoffs with a system like that, starting with the $600 price tag.    I’ve also looked at a lot of different schemes for mainsheets, but can’t think of anything I like better than my present setup (6:1 with 24:1 fine tune).

Some changes

I’ve made some personal changes that really don’t affect anyone else.  That is the point.  After 18 months I quit Facebook, becoming a member of the leading edge of a trend (for once).   This will give me more time for NSL, as a minor side benefit.

In the meantime, I’ve started playing Virtual Regatta, which is another time sink, but at least will teach me something about routing and racing strategy.  It’s free, and fairly compelling.   Right now the Velux 5 Oceans Race is on, and on 31 October the Route du Rhum will begin both in its real and on-line forms.

There is a bit of a learning curve to VR as well — I started about a day and a half late, and the game inserted me at the back of the fleet at around 18500th.   I had the wrong sail up for half a day, and then in the middle of the night there was a big wind shift that I did not correct for (serious players get up a couple of times a night to check on their boats) and so lost a lot of places, down to 23000 or something.   Then I got lucky for a bit, and worked back up to 18300.    Some serious inattention  and an overnight grounding (see figure below) has me again in the back of the fleet at 25394.    So I will have to write off this leg to learning, and try to do better on the RdR when it starts.

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid