Perils of ownership

A Catalina becomes entangled with a daymark just outside the Alameda Estuary.   Below, the mark on the chart.

In the past couple of weeks Temerity destroyed two sails (a 0.6 oz spin and the kevlar main) and developed major issues with the brand-new lower rudder bearing, necessitating a haul-out.   So I can really feel for this guy who snagged his furled headsail on a local daymark and took out his mast.   No wonder sailors drink!

2 Responses to “Perils of ownership”

  1. 1 Nick

    I saw Gary Kneeland do that to the Lightship a few years ago during an ocean race, but still…one has to wonder how you pull that off while motoring down the estuary.

  2. 2 William Schueler

    Think you need to figure out a better way to work on that rudder than to “Haul out” evey time. From your pictures & drawings I figure that you could slip a broom handle down hollow rudder shaft,then drop it out with a line secured to the “Blade” to pull it back on board. If the hull mounted bearings need work, cover the exit with a temporary patch then pump out the water left in the hull. The work inside the hull would be like standing on your head even if it was hauled out. When ready to reinstall the broom handle will guide the rudder shaft thru the bearings while you hold your breath under water. Being you have the boat on the hard, why not try this set up, if at sea this method could save your life. Good Sailing Kansas Bill

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