Christmas comes early for Temerity

Temerity will be benefitting from some major new gear and upgrades this fall.  Firstly, a brand new Doyle Stratis aramid-carbon main.  Oh yeah.

(Sample sail pics for reference only.  Boat not included.)

The humble chunks of plastic above are sail track slugs similar to those to be employed on the new main.  No more rolling up the main after a long day, or wrestling it into sumission on the side deck.

Next, the last part of the Nexus instrument system, the autopilot:

The AP makes single-handing practical.

The portable Garmin 476 plotter has been great, but I always wanted a new built-in plotter to replace the old B&W broken Magellan one.  This unit is broadband radar-ready, fits the existing space, and will plot AIS targets to boot.

This replacement VHF radio has DSC and even a receive-only AIS capability.    There will also be a remote speaker-mic for the cockpit so a short-handed crew won’t have to pop down below to make a call.  There is also an intercom capability so that crew on deck can holler down below.

Finally, for the apres race D&S’s I’ve laid in 2 cases of Regatta ginger beer, an essential ingredient to a day on the water.

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    Wow, nice! Happy Christmas 🙂

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