Marisa Miller as Captain Morgan’s First Mate

This liquor brand makes the right move in featuring the stunning Victoria’s Secret supermodel as its First Mate in the Marisa Miller ‘Captain Morgan Rum’ TV commercial.

This action-packed TV spot plays on the supermodel’s sexy looks by having a scantily-clad Marisa Miller defend the liquor legend on the beach. She definitely makes pirate-ass-kicking in lingerie look good. Check out the exclusive trailer before the television debut.

Pretty entertaining, notwithstanding the dumbest looking ‘pirate’ ship ever.   I know about ‘rum-goggles’ that make the girl look better, is this a case of the girl making  the rum taste better?   She  probably does, at that.

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  1. 1 Odder

    Beautiful woman. Hideous ship.
    She should steal a better one.

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