Temerity’s 2011 Schedule

I  got the 2011 YRA Master Calendar in the mail the other day and have been looking at what races to do for this season.    Temerity will  focus on the OYRA and SSS seasons, plus single ocean events (as much as I can manage, given constraints of time off from work and Char’s interest level, presumed low) the Spinnaker Cup, Coastal Cup, SSS  Long Pac, and Windjammers.   The SSS races are doublehanded (or singlehanded), the rest fully crewed.

Want to crew?  Drop an email to temeritycrew (at) downtothesea.org.

Don’t forget, if you do two races you get a rockin’ cool Temerity Racing ProFit technical long sleeve shirt!

Click here for Temerity’s schedule

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