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AC34 Racing Area Announced

Above is the official racing area for the Americas Cup, 34th edition, as announced by the race management organization today.   No detail beyond that shown on the chartlet — there was a statement that the deep-water channel would remain available to shipping during racing, and that is what the red no-go areas presumably indicate.

I’m a little disappointed that they did not show a little more nerve and verve, as the area doesn’t even extend as far out the Gate as Pt. Bonita.   Wouldn’t it have been cool to include at least the  Lightship and Pt. Reyes/Drakes Bay, and pose the navagators problems such as whether to edge around the Potato Patch or risk the waves and go for it?

A No-Bridge Fiasco

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Temerity made it 0/3 this year with another DNF in the Bay Area classic, the Three Bridge Fiasco.   Along with about 40% of our fleet, and about 50% of the fleet overall, we retired in the face of little wind and lots and lots of ebb current.

Our ‘strategy’, if we may dignify it as such, was to start well to the West of the pin (the X buoy near the GGYC race deck), and come in on a straight line on starboard tack, and proceed CCW round Treasure Island, Red Rock, Blackaller Bouy and finish.  The southerly wind was expected to veer westerly  as the afternoon progressed.   In fact, we started so far West of the start line that we were 8 minutes late to our start.    It only got slower after that.    Boats that headed up to Red Rock first did well and many finished.   We tried to work over to the City Front for current relief, but did not get close enough, and spent about 3 hours making figure-8s with our ground track in front of Ghiradelli Square.    At about 1300 Annika said “Dad, let’s go home and make a pie”.   We stuck it until 1500 though, and officially bagged it just short of the Bay Bridge.

I guess it is a victory of sorts though, as I had told myself that I was just going to have fun with Annika (who had flown up especially for the race) and not worry about anything else.   I got a good workout and practice on foredeck, raising and lowering the spin several times without a foul-up.

EDIT:  Below, a picture of us courtesy of our friend Paul aboard VALIS.  Thanks!

… and a shot of VALIS seen from Temerity.   Note the thoughtful deployment of the bumper cushion on VALIS’s bow-mounted WMD.

[more edit]

And it could be a lot worse.   Below, Dylan Benjamin’s Moonshine suffered a major T-boning from a boat that was drifting in the fierce current around Yerba Buena, apparently without steerage way but enough speed to ruin his day.

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

Not Hawaii Five-O?

How did I miss this?   And,  just as in the new, ‘reimaged’ Hawaii Five-O now on TV, they have Kono played by a girl.

Gender stats in sailing

It’s noticeable that more men are involved in sailing than women.   Since the Latitude 38 Crew List allows one to see the gender of participants (I can’t imagine why they think it is important),  I thought I would do a little study.   Results are as of today.


Racing Crew 189

Racing Skippers 33

Daysailing Crew 220

Daysailing Skippers 40

Cruising Crew 449

Cruising Skippers 122

The  Latitude 38 Crew List Party is at 1800 hrs March 9 at the Golden Gate Yacht Club.  Temerity Racing will be there to meet new crew prospects.

Dogzilla cometh

BMW Oracle racing DoG trimaran USA-17 “Dogzilla” being loaded aboard the Star Isfjord in Valencia, bound for San Francisco, e.t.a. March 1.   We should be in for quite a show a few weeks after that!  Pic stolen from S/A.

Today’s mermaid

Corinthian Midwinters I

Temerity is doing the Corinthian Midwinter Regatta this year.  The regatta takes place over two weekends, the first was January 15-16.    We placed 7/12 in our Division on Day 1, and 2/4 of the Olson 34s, and on Day 2 placed 3/12  for the Division and 1/4 out of the Olsons.  I am very happy with how well we did against the other Olsons!

Saturday Crew:  David, Linda, Paul E., Paul H., Fred, War Dog.

Sunday Crew: David, Steve, Paul H., Fred, Ralph

Photos by Fred, except those not by Fred.

Our tracks.   Day 1 in blue, Day 2 in yellow.   Note the drifting back and forth in front of Alcatraz, and the retrograde motion entering Raccoon Strait on Day 1 — it was very light

War Dog sets the pole as we head downwind.

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Today’s mermaid

Today’s mermaid

AC34 Cup Match final dates announced


Probably not going to get much work done in September 2013.

“Sailing Solo” with Max and friends

Last night I attended a talk by Max Crittenden, Commordore of the Singlehanded Sailing Society, on solo sailing at the Bayview Boat Club.  I was put on by Sailing Education Adventures, a group I had never heard of before, but seems very worthy.

Here are my takeaways from the talk, “Sailing Solo – the Bay and Out the Gate at your Glove Tips”, points made by Max Crittenden and Rob Macfarlane

  • Don’t fall off the boat.   Really.   Don’t fall off the boat.
  • Don’t get hurt.   If you get hit it the head, consider lying there for a while.
  • Do a 360-degree scan of the horizon for traffic before going below, and upon returning from below.
  • Jibing the spin alone can be a 20 min process.  Plan and route accordingly.
  • Check out “screeming meemie” wake-up alarm clock used by truckers.
  • Get a two-compartment dog dish, make a tether for it.    Wash it out by dragging behind the boat for 20 min or so.  You don’t need anything else to eat out of.
  • Get a spinnaker net (done).
  • Practice singlehanding techniques with a safety pilot.  But do practice.

Countdown to 3BF 2011

Temerity will once again be racing in the Three Bridge Fiasco this coming Saturday, January 29, and who knows, maybe this year we will even finish!    I’m flying in a special rockstar driver, and starting to look at tides and weather.   There were 312 boats registered for this edition of the 3BF as of this morning.  It is a pursuit race, and our start time based on our PHRF rating of 99 is 10:27:45 Saturday morning.

The 3BF is one of the most iconic sailing events on the calendar.  From the SIs:

The starting line is between the orange marker on the Golden Gate Yacht Club race deck and buoy “X” off Golden
Gate YC. Boats may start in either direction.
The three course marks are YRA 16 (“Blackaller”, yellow cylinder “C” 0.2 nm east of Fort Point), Red Rock, and
Yerba Buena Island. Boats shall round all three marks, in any sequence and in either direction.
The finish line is the same as the starting line. Boats may finish in either direction.

The huge number of entries, the wealth of choice in course, the usual light air and heavy tide all contribute to the Fiasco Experience.

This time of year it seems there is always a massive something-or-other, and for 2011 it will be an ebb, supplemented by the freshwater outflow from the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.  Here’s an animated grapic of the current pattern, I believe it was generated using Coastal Explorer:

Viewed another way —  at a single point roughly equidistant from Yellow Bluff, Angel Island and Alcatraz Island:

But there may at least be some wind…

 828 AM PST TUE JAN 25 2011


Here’s hoping!